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Cover for article showing bowl with cottage cheese and ricotta cheese.

When you make a quick cottage cheese vs. ricotta cheese comparison, you may think they’re just the same cheese. They look the same and have almost the same purposes, after all.  They’re both soft,…

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Wooden board with poblano peppers

What if your favorite Poblanos aren’t available, and you need a Poblano pepper substitute for your recipe? No problem, because there are plenty of peppers you can use as a replacement.  These peppers are…

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Purple bowl filled with chicken salad.

No matter how much we love to prepare our food using fresh ingredients, sometimes a canned chicken comes in handy. Do you know that you can make 30 easy canned chicken recipes? Canned chicken…

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Washed kale inside the glass bowl.

It seems like kale is a vegetable you’ll either hate or love because of its strong flavor. If you’ve never tried it, it’s only normal to wonder, “What does kale taste like? And why…

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Yellow bowl with quinoa salad

Trying a recipe that requires quinoa? Don’t worry if you don’t like its taste or forgot to restock your quinoa supply. There’s a lot of quinoa substitutes to choose from.  Depending on your diet,…

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Sliced feta cheese topped with olive oil and black olives.

If you’ve never eaten feta cheese, you’ll probably do a quick Google search for ‘What does feta cheese taste like?‘. You may not even realize you’ve tried this type of cheese before.  You can…

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White bowl filled with turmeric with measuring spoon next to it.

You can easily recognize a dish that uses turmeric. Have you ever been curious and asked, “What does turmeric taste like?“ Those familiar with turmeric would know how it bursts with the unique flavors…

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Wooden spoon filled with ground sumac spice.

Not everyone is familiar with sumac spice, let alone know about sumac taste. With its beautiful red color and nice citrusy flavor, more people should be using it for cooking. Sumac is a versatile,…

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Bunch of radishes on the gray background.

What does a radish taste like? Let’s learn about this flavorful ingredient and how you can use it in your cooking.  It’s one of those vegetables you can eat raw, and it offers a…

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Plate with rice and Korean meat cooked with Bulgogi sauce

If you like the flavors of bulgogi but don’t have it on hand, there are plenty of ingredients that can work as a bulgogi sauce substitute. As a result, you can still achieve the…

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Open can of sardines, above image.

It’s a pretty standard and affordable fish that’s a favorite of people all over the world. Still, not everyone is a fan of its fishy sardine taste.  Its strong fishy taste can quickly put…

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Close up image of the Boursin cheese package

Cheese lovers will be familiar with the Boursin cheese taste. But if not, you’re probably wondering what Boursin cheese tastes like and if it’s really as good as people say.  Well, you won’t need…

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