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mason jars filled with lemonade and topped with fruits

Both pink lemonade and regular lemonade are refreshing drinks. For this reason, many can’t help but compare them. But is there a winner in the pink lemonade vs lemonade battle? Or should we not…

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serving board with raw steaks

In this article, we’ll have a battle between New York Strip vs Sirloin steaks. Not everyone is familiar with steak cuts, let alone the differences between these two. This guide will give you an…

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Bowl filled with cooked crawfish cocktail

Are you wondering, what does crawfish taste like? How do you eat this shellfish? This article will share with you interesting facts about crawfish. We’ll also answer common questions you may have about this…

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wooden cutting board with goat cheese wheel

You may be familiar with cheese that comes from cow’s milk. Cheesemakers can use milk from other animals, too, including goats. What does goat cheese taste like? Goat cheese is a great ingredient to…

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black bowl served with bright red kimchi.

What is special about kimchi? Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented cabbage, radish, and various other vegetables. What does kimchi taste like? It has a unique flavor that combines salty,…

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Table with ripe sliced mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen is an incredibly versatile fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or dried, juiced, eaten as a snack, or added to desserts and other dishes. It’s a delicious and beneficial addition to any diet!…

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Plate with sliced fresh artichoke showing bright pink center.

Artichokes are delicious and healthy vegetable that can be included in many different meals. They may look intimidating, but under their tough exteriors are soft hearts full of flavor. What do artichokes taste like?…

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Cooked crab served with butter and sliced lemon

Crabs are one of the world’s most delicious and expensive seafood. From Cajun-seasoned boils to steamed spider crabs, this crustacean’s flavor is limitless. So, it’s not surprising to ask: what does crab taste like?…

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Table top with butternut squash sliced in half

When it comes to seasonal flavors, the butternut squash’s versatility is unbeatable. From pies to purees, there’s nothing this squash can’t do. But what does butternut squash taste like? And how is it different…

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green ceramic dish with cornichons

In this food guide, we’ll be exploring what you can use in place of cornichons. We’ll share with you the best cornichons substitute ideas and tips on using them in your dishes. What are…

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sliced open lychee fruit

What does lychee taste like? Is it sweet? Is there another fruit with a similar taste? This article will answer all of these questions. If you’re unfamiliar with lychee fruit, you might ignore it…

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Bush with growing boysenberry

Did you know that boysenberries are a modern plant? In fact, they’re a mix of four different berry types. There’s a fascinating history behind this flavorful fruit. But the most crucial question is: what…

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