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white bowl filled with grey-colored buckwheat flour, package with flour next to the bowl.

Buckwheat flour has a strong flavor and lovely texture, making it a favorite for pancakes. Despite its name, buckwheat flour does not contain wheat. On some occasions, it can be challenging to find this…

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table with plates filled with spuntini appetizers: salami, sliced cheese, olives, grape tomatoes, crackers

If you plan to dine out at an Italian restaurant, the menu will often include Italian food with some unknown names. Be sure to ask about the spuntini options. This word refers to a…

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sliced pork belly on top of cutting board

Pork belly meat is not only one of the most tender meat cuts, but it is also the most flavorful and extremely tasty cut. Since this meat is more on the expensive side and…

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cutting board with sliced halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese has gained popularity among professional chefs and home cooks alike, thanks to its versatility and distinct taste and texture. In this article, you will learn about how to pick the best halloumi…

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brie cheese wheel on top of the wooden cutting board

Brie is one of the most loved cheeses in the world. It is a favored cheese for grilled brie sandwiches, and cheese boards, and is used as a cooking ingredient in many gourmet dishes….

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large plate with fresh sliced vegetables and dish with hummus

It is common to buy a big tub of hummus to enjoy and have some leftovers later. It is also a common mistake to leave hummus on the countertop overnight. You are now wondering:…

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glass jar filled with pineapple juice, sliced and whole pineapple, glass bottle with juice

There are many reasons you might need a pineapple juice substitute. Perhaps you’re making a recipe that calls for pineapple juice, but you don’t have any on hand or are not able to find…

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table top with swiss chard

If you are looking for a swiss chard substitute, there are a few options that you can consider. You already know that green, leafy vegetables are healthy; plus, they’re a great addition to almost…

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table top with white bowl with stewed tomatoes and fresh whole tomatoes

Imagine you are just about ready to cook your favorite dish and discover that the last jar of stewed tomatoes is gone. What should you do? Read our article to find out what to…

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skillet with spaghetti in white creamy sauce and measuring cup filled with heavy cream

Choose the perfect heavy cream substitute for pasta from our list of recommended substitutes so you do not miss out on making your favorite pasta dish. Pasta is an Italian dish enjoyed all over…

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cast iron skillet filled with stuffed peppers topped with cheese

This article will teach you how to reheat stuffed peppers in four effortless ways! Stuffed peppers are delicious, not that hard to make, and perfect as leftovers! Some might even agree that leftovers warmed…

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small log of goat cheese next to cutting board served with crackers topped with white cheese and jam

Need recommendations for a great goat cheese substitute? We’ve got you! Goat’s cheese is a popular ingredient in many cuisines because of its creamy texture and sharp flavor. If you are one of the people…

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