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Here you will find extra food tips and tricks. From best ingredient substitutes to more useful information to help you keep cooking! Visit our recipe search page If you are looking for more recipes and ideas.

glass jar filled with spice Fenugreek

Only a few fenugreek seeds are needed to perk up your meals. But what do you do when you are out of fenugreek and already bustling around your kitchen? You’ll need to know a…

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tabletop with varieties of vegetables

Have you ever wanted to learn more about food that starts with I? This list of foods beginning with I is here to help you! Enjoy looking over this list and learning a little…

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tabletop with different food and vegetables

When thinking of food that start with F, what immediately springs to mind is fries, French toast, or a good old Frappuccino. These are a worldwide favorite. But there are many other foods beginning…

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tabletop with a mix of vegetables and food

How many foods that start with E come to your mind? Maybe eggs, eggnog, espresso are all that you can think of. We’re here with a long list of foods from breakfasts to main…

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tabletop with several shallots

Raw shallots are tasty little vegetables in the onion family that instantly spice up any dish they’re included in. They’re perfect for savory dishes that require an onion or garlic flavor. If you’re fresh…

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three different packages of cream cheese

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your tub of cream cheese or box of cream cheese only to notice it’s past the expiration date. So, what do you do in these circumstances? Below you’ll…

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bottle of marsala wine on the counter

Have you ever decided to make chicken marsala, veal marsala, or a marsala sauce without the alcohol in it? Whether you don’t enjoy the taste or have an alcohol sensitivity, there are a few…

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two cans of Wilton brand meringue powder

Baking expertly decorated cupcakes is no joke. Adding a small amount of meringue powder assists in this task and creates perfect royal icing. If you’ve run out of meringue powder and still want smooth,…

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two small bottles filled with yellow powder labeled Nutritional Yeast

If you’ve ever created a vegan “cheesy” dish, you have likely consumed nutritional yeast. For those looking to avoid dairy due to intolerances, this product has been a lifesaver. Below is a substitute for…

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tablespoon filled with miso paste

Miso paste is an exciting ingredient to cook with – especially if you’re diving into the world of Asian cuisine. Unfortunately, not everyone is fond of the fermented flavor included in miso paste. Take…

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measuring spoon with spice, glass bottle with dry spice labeled Oregano

Most people think of oregano when cooking Italian dishes. While it is a great way to spice up pizza or pasta sauce, it’s also an excellent spice to add when you want a bold…

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open package with tarragon spice and measuring spoon full of dried herbs

There’s nothing better than a homemade bearnaise sauce spread over a grilled steak. Tarragon is an essential ingredient in this delightful dish. Take a look at the list below to find the best substitute…

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