Discovering the new food and flavors when traveling with my family is a must. We love checking local food options and searching for tasty fresh cuisine and culinary experiences. It’s the big part that makes the whole traveling exciting. Visting Maui didn’t disappoint; the tropical climate and fertile grounds produce the tastiest fruits, and fresh fish caught daily are widely available at many restaurants. I am already looking forward to going back someday and exploring new and visiting our already discovered favorite places. Here are my Maui’s best healthy eats.

maui real food eats

We stayed in West Maui, close to Kaanapali Beach, Napili, and Lahaina areas, so mostly these areas were explored by us since the goal for this time-off vacation was to recharge and relax. I was surprised to find that food is so much more expensive in Hawaii. The grocery stores we visited to buy some basics while visiting Hawaii were: Whole Foods (so close to the airport), Foodland Farms and, my favorite store Farmers market & Deli in Lahaina. The Farmer Market store also has an outside market open several days per week that was enjoyable and interesting to visit.

While staying on Maui, if possible, renting a place with a kitchenette would be a great convenient option. Simply being able to boil some eggs, make granola bowl or chop the salad would also save the time and money as well. We didn’t do it this time, but for the next time, it would be a great idea to plan. I was still able to make avocado toasts using local fruit with some home-brought Trader Joe’s “Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning.”

Even though we are trying to choose generally healthy organic foods when available, it’s not always possible, and we are ok with it. Consistency over perfection! The did adopt one habit several years ago that works for us when we travel or eat out by ordering several main dishes and separate serving plates and sharing food. This way, we can put on the individual plate only food that we would like to try and have portion control without the need to finish the whole meal.

On Maui, we did find a healthy combination of tasty plus healthy foods you feel good after, and I want to share these with you. Starting with the most favorite experiences we enjoyed, plus some tips:

1. Kimo’s Maui

This place located in the Lahaina, and we loved it so much that we came back the next day. They offer fresh seafood and local favorites. We tried chef’s special fish baked “Kimo’s style,” lobster topped fish, Huli Huli chicken, and steak. They also offer you the tastiest carrot muffin before you even place an order. Everything was delicious.

Tip: Call in advance and book a “seaside” table for the time before sunset. The view of the harbor and the whole atmosphere are fantastic. Truly the Bucket List experience!

Tip #2: Save the receipt, and the Hula pie dessert is on the house the next time you visit. Hula pie is an ice cream pie with macadamia nuts and chocolate fudge, so tasty and plenty to share for four.

maui healthy eats

2. Alchemy Maui

Super cute cafe with turquoise warehouse building behind, where they make local Valley Isle Kombucha and bake sourdough bread. The menu offers paninis and tacos served on sourdough bread and sourdough tortillas, as well as several options for gluten-free bowls.

We tasted several flavors of kombucha, all were delicious but vanilla lavender was the most favorite. The bread is made using organic flour and traditional fermentation process without anything artificial. We tried their fresh-catch fish tacos, avocado toast, Maui cheese-steak panini, pastrami panini, falafel wrap, and banh mi bowl.

Tip: They close at 4 pm.

maui real food favorite eats

3. The Gazebo

This place was recommended by locals to have breakfast. We enjoyed Big Kahuna and Maui omelets,  kids loved famous macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup and whipped cream.

Tip: We tried to beat the crowd and get the table..several times, the line is long even at the opening hour. One good samaritan shared a local tip with us, call in advance, and order breakfast to go, skip the line by going around and enjoy the breakfast by picking some beautiful spot on the beach.

4. The Sea House

I feel like this place was a hidden gem. It’s located a couple of minutes from hard-to get-in Gazebo, the views are show-stopping and jaw-dropping but no lines. You get to sit almost on the beach, so close to the ocean. They offer delicious breakfasts. We tried artichoke omelet, Molokai sweet potato frittata, and kalua pork.

maui healthy eats

5. Monkeypod Kitchen

This place located in Whaler’s Village. They support local produce and organic farming. The menu offered grass-fed beef, hormone-free poultry, many fish choices. Pizzas were made with organic flour and locally grown ingredients. We enjoyed ahi tuna tacos, pork tacos, and pizza.

Tip: Go at happy hour, pizza and appetizers are half off.

maui healthy eats


6. The Fish Market

This market offers fresh fish to pick up and cook at home and also have a small area to order cooked food to go.

maui healthy eats

Tip: This place is small, with only a couple tables outside, so the take-out was the best option for us.

7. Tante’s Fish Market

This place was our first time eating Maui’s food on the way to our destination from the airport. The restaurant offers fresh-catch seafood and local vegetables. We ordered local specials: Hula chicken, mixed island plate, and stuffed mushrooms with lobster & crab. The harbor views with lots of boats and ships were breathtaking.

8. Moku Roots

A local vegetarian cafe in Lahaina with a focus on zero waste and sustainability. They offer a menu with locally grown produce. We tried falafel wrap, vegan mac & cheese, raw pad thai.

Tip: If ordering to go, please be prepared to come back the following day. They will give your food packed in stainless steel containers and charge the fee that will be refunded once containers are returned. We didn’t mind it, and it was a great concept, plus it’s healthier not to have hot food touch the plastic.

maui real food favorite eats

9. Choice Health Bar

This a small kiosk in Whalers village. It’s a great place to grab some healthy dessert or snack to go. We tried the acai bowl, brownie and strawberry smoothie.

maui real food favorites

10. Tasting locally-made famous “Pono Pie.”

A Pono pie, the local dessert made with Bread Fruit that was a must to try on my list. This Pono Pie comes in different flavors; it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. This dessert could be found in several stores around the island; we spotted it n the fridge section in Farmer’s Market store and the Hilton Hotel coffee shop.

maui healthy eats

11. Visiting Farmer’s Market

Just because I think it’s fun to go to the farmer’s markets and see what is growing locally and also see the people and their interactions. They didn’t have many organic options. I bought some macadamia nuts, avocados, and locally made banana bread.

maui real food eats

12. Visiting Local Farms

We run out of time to do everything that sounded interesting. These are the great options for the next time:

Visiting local Punakea Palms Coconut Farm

Visiting Dragon Fruit Farm in Lahaina

maui real food finds

Other, not food-related things to do on Maui:


Shopping in Lahaina district

Visiting Vladimir Kush Gallery

Whale watching in season, from November through May

Enjoying the beach walk at sunrise