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Cooking Cleanup Simple Tips

The reality check is that when we cook mostly at home, then there will be dirty dishes daily! Once coming to this realization, it’s a good idea to keep it simple from the start and to be very intentional about it. Set up some ground rules that will keep the process sustainable in the long run.

These practical tips below help to reduce the number of dirty dishes and will help to keep cooking at home more pleasant and joyful.

1. Embrace one-dish meals.

It could be one pot, sheet pan, one bowl dish. A Dutch oven is a great helper in our household. Find some recipe inspiration here.

2. Use some parchment paper.

It’s a breeze to clean sheet pan after simply removing the used parchment paper layer.

3. Serve in the same dish.

Serving food in the same dish keeps food warm and cuts on the amount of dirty dishes later.

4. Rinse at the same time as you cook.

This way, after dinner, you will only have some dinner plates to wash. It’s so much easier to rinse blender right away than let it sit on the counter and wash it later.

5. Same knife use.

Just rinse and wipe in between cutting.

6. Use a large pyrex cup for mixing.

Great idea to invest in some large Pyrex cups and use these as a mixing dish.

7. De-clutter and organize.

Keep your KITCHEN ORGANIZED AND SIMPLIFIED! This way, it will be easier to come back to the same state daily and start fresh. Less clutter = less cleaning. It’s more joyful to care for items that you are excited to use daily. Do check every three months and pack away what hasn’t been used. After six months, if it’s still not used, simply donate it. Check some tips on the most used items in the kitchen here

8. Invest is Pyrex storage containers.

These containers are the best, you can store and reheat food right in it, and it saves time and eliminates the need to use more dishes. Also, great for lunches on the go, since these are leak-proof as well.

9. Meal Prep.

Meal prepping on the weekend helps to reduce the amount of dishes during the week. 

12. Only use dish-washable dishes.

Use only dishes and utensils that could be “dish-washable.” This way sink won’t be overflown with “wash only by hand” items. 

13. Use a timer.

Just set the timer for 15 minutes and see how many dishes could be done in that amount of time. This habit helps to break the procrastination and seems to be effective in finishing tasks focusing on the time block. 

14. Create a positive experience.

Turn negative into positive. The sink full of dishes means your family had nutritious meals to eat.  To make washing dishes more exciting, get some inspiration, and create some joyful habits around this experience. Maybe turn your favorite podcast on or music, light the candle, get your tea steeping for after. Just setting up 10-15 minutes to cleaning dishes every night such a great motivation for the next day to start fresh and exciting again. 

15. Be Realistic.

On some crazy busy and hectic days, maybe it’s best to skip doing dishes or cooking at all and do something really simple like “no-cook” meals. 

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