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Food That Starts With F

When thinking of food that starts with F, what immediately springs to mind is fries, French toast, or a good old Frappuccino.

These are a worldwide favorite. But there are many other foods beginning with F that you might think you don’t know, but you actually do. Maybe you’ve even had some of these before…

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List of Food That Starts With F


On the list of foods beginning with F, fries belong to the very top. Simply the thought of them makes the mouth water. Fries are a universal favorite, loved equally everywhere. They’re served with a variety of things, such as salt or pepper, or with a side of ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, barbecue sauce, or any other sauce.

The most common method of preparing fries is cutting a potato into even strips, then frying it or baking fries in the oven. The crispiest French fries are made by blanching them before frying them. You simply dunk them sliced in a boiling pot of water. Leave them in the liquid for 3-5 minutes, just till they go from shiny to matte, then quickly remove and place them in cold water in order to halt the cooking process. Then pat them dry and fry in your fryer or as you normally would.

French toast

This tasty breakfast food is made of sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs and milk, with sugar added for a sweet dish. It is then pan-fried. To add flavor, the vanilla extract may be added. Almond, hazelnut, or coconut extracts are other additives for corresponding flavors. For the savory version, a pinch of salt or pepper is added instead of sugar, and it can then be served with sauces.

Make this one of your foods starting with F more delightful by adding some of these toppings. French toast can be topped with syrup, fresh fruit, peanut butter, or Nutella. For a savory-sweet combo, use bacon or ham ‘n’ cheese. Another wonderful topping is mozzarella and honey.


Being vegetarian and vegan, falafel is popular in both circles. It is protein-rich and fiber-rich food. Falafels are deep-fried patties or balls made from either fava beans or ground chickpeas, sometimes even both, plus fresh herbs and spices.

It is a traditional Middle Eastern dish and common street food throughout the Middle East. Its exact origins are highly debated, but a commonly accepted answer is Egypt. It is a hearty and savory dish, using spices such as cumin, coriander, cayenne, cardamom, red chili powder, salt, and black pepper. Combinations differ by recipe.

Traditionally, falafel is served in a pita pocket, wrapped in a flatbread, or added to a mezze plate or a salad plate. Falafel waffle cones are slowly becoming popular at hot food trucks. Falafel is often served with Tahini sauce, cucumber sauce, cilantro sauce, or hummus.


Fig is a perfect snack that starts with F. It’s an edible fruit of a tree native to the Mediterranean and western Asia. The most enjoyable way to eat figs is simply removing the stem and taking a bite. However, you may also peel it and remove the seeds.

Dried figs are also delicious. In regard to taste, a fig is sweet and fruity with a honey-like sweetness. Figs are used in desserts, milkshakes, and jams. If you are looking for a new way to incorporate figs into the menu, try this baked brie with fig jam.


Suffice to say, a fruitcake is exactly what it sounds like; a cake made with fruit. The sponge has pieces of candied or dried fruit embedded in it, added while mixing up the cake batter. Nuts or spices may also be added for additional flavor.

The cake may also be soaked with spirits as a preservative or to add flavor. Popular types include medium sherry, dark rum, whisky, brandy, or orange-flavored liqueur. When liquor is added, a fruitcake may remain fresh for many years. It is not normally iced or frosted, given its rich nature.


Who doesn’t love a nice icy frappuccino on a hot summer day? This sweet drink doesn’t contain much caffeine, if at all, so it’s could be perfect for those with hypersensitivity or allergy to caffeine.

A frappuccino is basically an iced cappuccino blended with milkshakes and other flavors. You can also make a caffeinated version of the frappuccino by adding instant coffee before blending it in with the rest of the ingredients.

You can top your frappuccino with whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel or mocha, crumbled cookie, or coconut flakes.


It is an Italian dish, egg-based and enhanced by cheeses, meats, or vegetables. A frittata is similar but not identical to an omelet or a quiche. It has no flour crust, so gluten-free eaters may enjoy it in peace. Frittatas may be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and tastes just as good warm as it does cold or at room temperature.

A simple mixture of dairy and eggs is added with the filling of your choice, cooked and baked as needed, and you’re done! It’s an easy-to-make meal, and not too much time is needed either.

Suggested fillings: ham and asparagus, sausage and peppers, smoked salmon and capers, turkey, and green bean casserole, etc. If you are looking for recipes, try this Mediterranean frittata, salmon frittata with cream cheese, or this easy frittata with sausage.

Fruit salad

A fruit salad is a dish made up of a couple of kinds of fruit and is served in its own juices or syrup. It is served as an appetizer, a dessert, or a side salad. When served as an appetizer or a dessert, it is named a fruit cocktail, or a fruit cup (when served in a small container).

Often used are ingredients such as strawberries, watermelon, oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, and pineapple. Recipes may also use various kinds of nuts, certain vegetables, yogurt, whipped cream, honey, etc. This dish might also have been on your list of foods beginning with F. The preparation is excessively simple. Cut up the fruits, add a dressing as called for by the recipe, mix well, and enjoy!


A Frankfurter is a thin sausage made of mixed pork and beef, with a casing of sheep’s intestine. It is highly seasoned. The characteristic taste is developed by a method of low-temperature smoking.

Occasionally, Frankfurters are not cooked but rather heated in hot water for a very short time interval. They can also be broiled or grilled. Traditionally, they are served with horseradish, bread, mustard, or potato salad.

They are popular street food in America and are called hot dogs. Outside Germany, frankfurter is a common name for boiled sausage.


You’ve definitely had this type of pasta before, but you might not know that you’ve eaten it. While it is most common in Tuscan and Roman cuisine, it is certainly not outside the realm of our diets. This pasta is sometimes mistaken for either fettucce or fettuccelle, but the former is a bit wider and the latter a bit thinner. However, all three are altered forms of the same pasta, differing only in length.

Traditionally, fettuccine is made from scratch and fresh at home, but dried fettuccine is also available at stores. One well-known dish using fettuccine pasta is Fettuccine Alfredo, but other less well-known recipes are certainly no less tasty!


Feijoa joins the list as a fruit that starts with F. Its green, elliptical, chicken egg-sized fruit might just be exactly what you’ve been craving this spring season. This fruit is native to southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, and Colombia.

Feijoa is cultivated in mild, dry climates. The names commonly used for it include feijoa, guavasteen, and pineapple guava. It has a pleasantly sweet and pineapple-like flavor. Its fruit can be eaten fresh by scooping out the insides and can also be made into jams and jellies.

It may also be dried or crystallized. Its skin can be eaten but is too bitter for the human palate. The skin is commonly used for fruit teas, to which it adds its unique flavor.


Next up, we have fritters. This delectable finger food, which can be either savory or sweet depending upon its filling, has certainly earned its place on the list of foods beginning with F. It’s eaten worldwide, from Asia to America and Africa. It also has a variety of names, ranging from ‘akara’ in Nigeria to ‘pakora’ in India and ‘tempura’ in Japan.

Fritters are served with a variety of fillings as an accompaniment to fish and chips in Britain.

The method is actually pretty simple; mix your fillings and the flour in one bowl and beat eggs in another till stiff peaks form. Then fold the mixture into the eggs, mix well, and fry in portions. You may fry in a pan, in a deep fryer, or you can make fritters in the oven.

Savory fillings include chicken, squid, seafood, beef, and potatoes, etc. Sweet fillings include apple, banana, pumpkin, and peaches.

Fish ‘n’ Chips

And now we have fish ‘n’ chips, a British classic. This dish originates from England, though it is a popular takeaway option in many English-speaking and Commonwealth countries. Fish ‘n’ chips are sometimes regarded as the national English food.

The types of fish most commonly preferred for fish ‘n’ chips are haddock and cod, and sometimes pollock, depending on the region of Britain.

The batter used also varies; it is normally a simple water-flour mixture along with a little baking soda and vinegar, but beer or milk may be substituted for the water. The type of beer used also changes the flavor of the batter.


Flip drink joins the list as alcoholic drinks that start with F. It’s basically the name for a class of mixed drinks. It contains fortified wine or a spirit, an egg (either whole or just yolk), and sugar. This drink used to be served hot but over time, it began to be served cold, with ice added.

According to Jerry Thomas, a well-known bartender, and author of the 1862 “The Bartender’s Guide”, the egg should be beaten well and the drink is to be made smooth by pouring it back and forth between two containers. However, the flip is not very popular nowadays due to the health risks associated with raw eggs, such as salmonella.

Feta cheese

And now we’re off to have a bit of cheese! The most renowned cheese in all of Greece is a soft white briny cheese made from milk from sheep and goats, which have been raised on local grass. The local environment is what gives feta cheese its particular taste. Feta cheese is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, meaning that only the cheese produced in some specific regions may be called feta cheese.

The cheese produced from sheep’s milk is tangier than the cheese from goat’s milk, which is milder in flavor. This type of cheese has no holes in it and it is produced in blocks. It is firm to the touch but may crumble when cut.

Funnel cake

And we’re back to desserts that start with F. Funnel cake is a fried-dough dish popular in North America, mainly found at carnivals, fairs, and festivals, and among street vendors. This dish derives its name from its method of preparation. A funnel cake is prepared by squeezing the batter through a funnel into hot oil to achieve the dizzying pattern characteristic to funnel cakes.

If you’ve ever had the Indian ‘jalebi’ or the Iranian ‘zulbia’, this may seem familiar to you, as both those desserts are based on funnel cakes. While normally served plain with simply powdered sugar on top, funnel cakes may also be topped with honey, fresh or dried fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, custard, or cinnamon.

Ferrero Rocher

Who hasn’t had (and loved) this Italian chocolate? Not many, if any at all, that’s certain. Who can resist this deliciously smooth milky chocolate wrapped around an interior of wholesome hazelnut within the enveloping crispy wafer? Its wrapping is also wonderfully elegant and tasteful with the glittering golden foil. The clearly written brand name makes it easy to tell fake Ferrero Rocher from real!

Fuji Apple

The list of foods beginning with F couldn’t possibly be complete without mentioning the Fuji apple. People with a sweet tooth may rejoice, for the Fuji apple has a very satisfyingly sweet flavor. It also very crisp and juicy. Are your teeth now aching to bite into its firm red-over-yellow exterior to reveal an equally firm, fine-grained, creamy-white interior?

The Fuji apple was originally created as a cross between the Virginia Ralls Janet apples and the Red Delicious, both American apple varieties. Its name was derived from its ‘birth’ town, Fujisaki, in Japan. The fact that the Fuji apple has a long shelf-life, up to a year with refrigeration, certainly contributes to its popularity. These apples are also best suited for making apple pie, roasting, and stewing.

Foie gras

This dish is French by origin. Even today, it is considered a delicacy. Foie gras is essentially the liver of a duck or goose fattened by gavage, according to French law. Mallard ducks are most commonly used to make this dish. Foie gras is usually described as light, rich, and buttery, very unlike the liver of a normal goose or duck. The dish may be served on its own, or as a side to some other food, such as steak, or it may be prepared as a parfait, pâté, or mousse.

Fried rice

While we’re at it, let’s give a mention to fried rice too. It’s a dish of cooked rice that’s then stir-fried in a wok or a pan or could be cooked in an Instant Pot. It is usually mixed with vegetables, eggs, meat, or seafood. Various cooking oils such as vegetable oil, sesame oil, olive oil, or even butter or lard are used to grease the wok or pan to prevent the rice from sticking to the pan.

This food is wildly popular in South and East Asia and is a staple food of Malaysia and Indonesia. Fried rice, when made at home, is normally made with leftovers, leading to many different variations.

A seafood version of fried rice is very popular in Thailand. Fried rice is also a common street food in Asia, Indonesia in particular. This dish may be served with various sauces or seasoned with salt, spices, chopped chili, cucumber, sliced tomato, sprigs of parsley, or coriander leaves.

Filet mignon

Filet mignon! This somewhat expensive dish is also called some other names, such as Fillet, Tenderloin Filet, or Tenderloin Steak. This ultra-juicy, tender meat simply bursts under the teeth, sending its subtle meaty flavor straight to the tongue and hitting that sweet spot. This succulent dish certainly lives up to its reputation.

To prepare, cut the meat into 1- to 2-inch-thick portions, then grill and serve. Other recipes call for frying in a pan, broiling, or roasting. Filet mignon is also often cooked wrapped with bacon, so as to not let it dry during the cooking process, as this cut of meat is low in fat. High heat is the usual method for cooking, but another method calls for searing both sides of the meat on high heat and then cooking on low heat, to cook the meat all the way through.

Final Words.

Now that you have a long list of foods starting with F, may you never lose on trivia nights! Wow your friends and enjoy their expressions. You’re finished with the list; how many words did you know already and how many were new? You must try out all these foods to enjoy an assortment of different flavors.

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