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Food That Starts With I

Have you ever wanted to learn more about food that starts with I? This list of foods beginning with I is here to help you! Enjoy looking over this list and learning a little about each food.

Some of these foods might be something you have never heard of, and it is guaranteed that you have had some of these before, but without a doubt, all of them are to be enjoyed wholeheartedly. Now without further ado, let us begin the I list!

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A Luscious List of Foods Starting With I

Ice cream

Right off the bat, we have ice cream! It’s a hot summer day, and your air conditioning is broken. Oh, dear. What to do now? The answer is obvious! Go out for ice cream! Everyone adores this cold creamy delight from the depths of their hearts, and most try to have it at every available opportunity. Even in the coldest of winters, people still enjoy this classic treat. It is also a very popular comfort food.

Ice cream is available in a vast variety of flavors, beginning with the classics, chocolate, vanilla, mango, strawberry, straight to the more exotic flavors, such as coffee and donuts ice cream, ginger pineapple ice cream, lemon poppy seed ice cream, and cereal and milk ice cream. No, this is absolutely not a joke, all of those flavors are totally real! With the right tools, you can even make ice cream at home.

Irish coffee

Time for coffee! But not just any plain ole joe, this is Irish coffee. If you haven’t ever had some, it’s time to go now! This absolutely delicious confection contains hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and a little sugar, and is topped with cream. You are supposed to drink the coffee through the cream.

You can definitely taste the sweet and fruity Irish whiskey throughout your glass. The unique taste the whiskey creates by combining it with coffee makes this drink a very popular one. You must not miss out on this one!

Iodized salt

Next up on the list of foods beginning with I is something no food is complete without. For most people, iodized salt is the only source of iodine in their diet, something which is very essential in the human diet. So, the next time you are at the market, do consider buying iodized salt instead of regular salt, in case you don’t do that already.

Instant Noodles

The next food on our list of foods starting with I is instant noodles. This is a very popular food item for people who work a lot or are too lazy to cook. Mind you, these noodles aren’t just for the lazy – they’re also quite scrumptious! They are available in a selection of flavors and tastes, such as chicken, beef, shrimp, tomato, curry, etc.

You can also add a little extra to your noodles, by cracking an egg in it, adding in some roasted chicken, putting in some cheese, loading it up with soy sauce or barbeque sauce, or boiling it in broth instead of water. All of the methods above are tried and true. Do tell us if you know any more!

Ice cream cake

If you love ice cream, then you are definitely going to deeply appreciate the next item on the list of foods starting with I, which is ice cream cake. Ice cream cake basically cakes with ice cream as the filling.

It can be made in a couple of different ways, including a Swiss roll shape (called Arctic cake in the UK), or a basic layer cake. You can of course make this with a diversity of flavors, making a simple chocolate sponge cake, and filling in any complimentary ice cream flavors as filling.

Iced coffee

Next, let us speak of iced coffee. Feel like you need a dose of caffeine, but not really up to drinking something hot? Iced coffee is your answer! This drink is exactly what it sounds like. It is incredibly yummy. Iced coffee has all the goodness of regular coffee, but it is served cold.

There are two main methods for making iced coffee. For the first method, you brew it hot, the way you normally do, and add any sweeteners or condiments you want, freeze it, and enjoy it later on.

The other method is to brew the coffee cold. For this technique, you brew the coffee using cold water or milk. After brewing, add your extras along with ice and enjoy! Tip: you can add chocolate for extra oomph!


Name a fruit beginning with I. Icaco, of course! This fruit originates from tropical Africa and America, along with the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and southern Florida. This fruit is also called paradise plum, cocoplum, and abajeru.

The skin of this fruit is pale pink and matures to a beautiful purple color. The flesh inside is a pale creamy white. The seed of the Icaco fruit is also edible and is said to have a slight almond-like taste. Icaco itself has a mild taste, and can also be made into jam.

Iceberg Lettuce

This lettuce beginning with I, itself may be unfamiliar, but it is guaranteed that you have had this before. How come? This lettuce is the very lettuce used in fast food burgers and diner salads. Iceberg lettuce is also called crisphead lettuce.

The lettuce itself has a rich leafy green color and crunches under your tongue like nothing else. It also has very high water content, making it a refreshing choice during boiling summer weather. The mild flavor of iceberg lettuce makes it a perfect base for many salads and other recipes. It also has a long shelf-life, so you can store it for a longer period of time as compared to other lettuces.


What list of foods beginning with I is complete without icing? Icing, also called frosting, is what is used to decorate the tops of cakes. There are many different types of icings, including fondant, buttercream, glace icing, and royal icing.

The icing itself can be enriched by various ingredients such as butter, cream cheese, chocolate, and flavorings. Edible dyes can also be added for a specific theme. The icing can be further decorated by sprinkles, nuts, edible inks, etc. Icing can be drizzled over cake or applied with a knife or spatula. Thicker icings, such as fondant, can be cut into shapes as desired.


Next on the list of foods beginning with I, we have idiyappam, also known as string hoppers. This dish is a breakfast food originating from Sri Lanka and the Indian states of Kerala, Tamil, and Nadu, but it is also popular in Indonesia and Singapore.

The main ingredient is rice flour, which is then pressed into noodles, and then woven into a flat circular shape. It is then steamed. It can now be served as a savory dish by serving with curry or a stew. Idiyappam can also be served as a sweet dish by adding gur or grated coconut. This food is also sold as street food in some areas.

Illawarra plum

And here we have another fruit to add to the list of foods beginning with I. The Illawarra plum is native to the eastern coast of Australia. The fruit is a large purple-black berry that has a grape-like texture, and a mild flavor, somewhat like a blueberry, which is enhanced by cooking. It can be something of an acquired taste.

The fruit can be eaten raw, of course, but the flavor is heightened by cooking the plum comprehensively. The Illawarra plum is deliciously poached and can be served as a dessert. It is also well suited to jams, pickles, and jellies. A sauce can also be made.
The tree of this fruit is also considered ornamental in some areas of Australia.

Irish soda bread

Here’s another food item starting with I! Irish soda bread is the type of bread made without yeast. The bread rises by the combination of buttermilk or sour milk and baking soda, both traditional ingredients of this bread along with flour and salt. The advantage of baking this bread is that it does not require the time-intensive labor and temperature control required for regular yeast-using bread.

The texture of this bread is described as crumbly and moist. Coarse flour is used. Other whole-grain varieties may be added to create an array of bread. Best of all though, this bread needs no kneading! In fact, you may very well harden your bread by kneading it.

Iron Goddess Tea

Next up, we have Iron Goddess Tea. It is also called Tieguanyin. It is a Chinese tea originating from Anxi, in the Fujian province of China. Nowadays, it is grown in both Anxi and Taiwan. This Oolong-like tea has a very distinctive flowery aroma and a mildly sweet taste. Iron Goddess Tea also has its similarities with green tea. This tea has a moderate amount of caffeine, and you’re sure to fall in love at first taste!

Ice apple

This fruit beginning with I, the ice apple, is native to the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia. The fruit has many other names such as palmyra palm, doub palm, tala or tal palm, wine palm, and toddy palm. Ice apple has a skin of blackish brownish color in maturity (green before). Its flesh has a sweet sugary taste and looks like ice, giving rise to the name of ‘ice apple’. Its flesh has also been described to resemble the flesh of lychee, with a similar texture.

Ice cream soda

The highlight of foods beginning with I is the ice cream soda (or ice cream float). All lovers of ice cream and ice cream cake are definitely going to love this as well. But what is ice cream soda? Basically, ice cream soda is an ice-cold drink made up of ice cream and either a soft drink or a mixture of carbonated water and flavored syrup. You can top it up with whipped cream.

A huge variety of flavors can be made, by simply varying the ice cream flavor and the flavored syrup. For example, the chocolate version contains chocolate syrup, flavorless carbonated water, and chocolate ice cream. Do remember to order this beverage the next time you’re out!

Ice pop

Another icy item on the list of foods starting with I! You’ve almost definitely had this frozen dessert when you were younger. If you haven’t had this in a while now, go out and relive your childhood memories. This item has an assortment of names, some of which you might be more familiar with, and others, less. Ice pops are called freezies, freeze pops, ice lollies, ice poles, ice blocks, ice drops, ice golas, ice lollies, popsicles, and ice candies. This yummy dessert is basically flavored ice frozen on a stick. Ice pops also have many flavors available, from chocolate and strawberry to mint chocolate chip and coffee.

Irish cream

On the list of foods beginning with I, we now have Irish cream. Irish cream, a very rich and flavorful cream liqueur is made up of cream, Irish whiskey, and other flavorings. Grape wine is substituted for Irish whiskey in a variant. Irish cream is white in color. Its alcohol content is around 15-20%.

It is served by itself, or in mixed drinks, and is also put in Irish coffee and hot chocolate. It is also used as an ingredient within desserts. Within the EU, Irish cream is a protected geographical indicator product that must be produced in Ireland. It is guaranteed that you will adore it from the deepest recesses of your heart.

Italian Ice

Another frozen dessert on the list of foods starting with I is Italian ice. This lovely treat is sometimes made from fruits or fruit juices and other times, it is made from natural or artificial food flavorings. It might sound a bit like a Slurpee, but it is denser than that. It is somewhat similar to snow cones or sorbets but differs from a typical sorbet in that it contains no egg or dairy ingredients. It is also fat-free.

Common flavors include watermelon, strawberry, orange, lemon, mango, and blackberry, etc. Adults can also mix Italian ice with an alcoholic beverage of their choice.


This soft savory rice cake is the next food item on our list. Idli originates from the Indian subcontinent and is well-loved breakfast or dinner food. They are popular in Sri Lankan cuisine as a breakfast item. The main ingredients consist of de-husked fermented black lentils and rice. A health befit of the fermentation process is that it breaks down the starches, so they can be more readily metabolized by the body.

Unaltered idlis are naturally mild in taste, so condiments are very essential. You simply cannot eat idli without condiments. Popular ones include chutney and curry, as spicy as possible! Idlis are also altered to make the idli itself sweet or savory. Add sugar to make it sweet, and add spices such as mustard seed, ginger, coriander, cumin, or chili peppers for savory idli. Idli also comes in stuffed variations, with fillings of masala, carrot, lentils, and potato.


Now on the list of foods starting with I is imarti. This orange-yellow sweet originates from the Indian subcontinent. It is made by deep-frying lentils batter in boiling hot oil in its characteristic circular flowery shape. It is somewhat similar to jalebi, another food from the Indian subcontinent, but drier, thicker, and less sweet.

Saffron gives it its beautiful color, and the essence of the rose may be added to give it a rose-like fragrance. After being fried, the imarti is dipped into a sugary syrup till it absorbs the syrup and increases in size. It can be served hot or refrigerated. Children and adults alike line up for this treat.


Next up, let us talk about imqaret! This traditional Maltese sweet, of Arabic origin, is made from pastry, filled with dates. They are supposed to be diamond-shaped, but nowadays they are also sold in rectangular shapes. Imqaret is very popular in Malta as street food, and are usually served with a scoop of ice cream, though they can be served alone or with a dusting of powdered sugar.

The imqaret is deep-fried and prepared by putting in the filling and folding. The smaller imqaret pieces are cut after this step, as the imqaret pieces are actually quite long. Aniseed is added mainly for its aroma and partially for the taste. Other spices include cardamom, garlic, cinnamon, and cloves. This treat is also well-known in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria by a different name.

Final Words.

And this concludes our list of foods beginning with I. We hope you enjoyed reading through it. You definitely knew some of these foods before, but some of them are certainly new for you. Here’s to hoping that this list helped expand your palate and that you have discovered some new foods beginning with I!

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