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Foods That Start With C

Hey, here’s a pretty simple challenge for you! What is a food that begins with C? What did you think of? Let’s guess, coffee, cookies, chocolate, or a nice canapé? Have you got anything else? No? Not to worry, though, if that is all you can think of. We’re here to help you!

Read the entire list of foods that start with C, to not be caught out next time. Let us start with something pretty simple, something you might eat pretty often, but might not have necessarily thought of.

Foods that start with C

A List of Delicious Foods That Start with C


So, we are going to begin our list of foods starting with C with a fairly well-known food item: chicken. Everyone’s heard of chicken, whether they eat it or not. Chicken is a pretty popular food the entire world over. Due to the worldwide popularity of chicken, a wide variety of chicken recipes are available. Whether or not you like chicken sandwiches, roast chicken, or chicken fried rice, you can definitely find a favorite recipe according to your taste.

Chicken can be made by a range of methods, including frying, grilling, baking, barbecuing, and boiling. Pre-made chicken is also a widespread fast food item. The bones are not to be eaten as they are, as they splinter and are thus considered hazardous to health. However, you can boil bones to make a nice chicken broth or chicken soup. White wines are usually preferred along with the meal.


In the category of snacks that start with C, chocolate is undoubtedly the most popular snack. Someone might not necessarily like the average milk chocolate sold most commonly, but they might appreciate a dark roast, or a more unsweetened version, or chocolate mixed with something else like peanut butter or caramel. Nuts are also a popular addition, but as many as allergic to nuts, it is not the most widely-eaten option. Many foodstuffs ask for the addition of chocolate, such as cakes, mousses, brownies, puddings, candies, and cookies.

Chocolate is often molded into specific shapes to give as gifts on certain special occasions such as Easter. It is also used in hot and cold drinks, such as hot chocolate and chocolate milk. Chocolate is also involved in certain alcoholic beverages, case in point: chocolate liqueur, crème de cocoa, and chocolate martinis. Just imagining the richness of chocolate melting on your tongue can make your mouth pool with water!


Hey, what’s this now? Another food starting with C? Yes, it is! A canapé is a type of hors d’oeuvre, which might be familiar to you from cocktail parties. This small finger food is meant to be finished off in a single bite and is often spicy or savory. It consists of a puff pastry, cracker, or a small piece of bread topped or wrapped with something savory or spicy.

The topping might be something like a piece of meat, foie gras, cheese, fish, or caviar. Canapés can be served hot or cold.


Can you think of another snack starting with C? Cookies, yay! Also called biscuits, these snacks or desserts are made all over the world, in a vast variety of flavors. Cookies are also made in a variety of shapes according to your fancy or unique shapes for special occasions, such as Christmas tree cookies for Christmas.

Commonly made flavors include chocolate chip, sugar, lemon, peanut butter, and gingerbread. Other, less common flavors include asparagus and nuts cookies, garlic and chocolate cookies, shortbread potato cookies, and avocado and chocolate cookies. Let us know if you have ever tried one of these unusual flavors!


Who hasn’t heard of this food starting with C? Cabbage is a leafy green, red, purple, white, or pale green-colored leafy vegetable used most commonly in foods such as salads. One of the most popular recipes for cabbage is sautéed cabbage. You can sauté your cabbages with a variety of flavors such as apple cider vinegar and olive oil, or lemon and garlic. Cabbage can also be fried in some dishes.

Other ways to include cabbage in your diet include coleslaw, cabbage stew with sausage, cabbage stuffed tortillas, toppings for sandwiches and tacos, cabbage cake, or cabbage pudding. Coleslaw is a great side dish alongside burgers or spring rolls. You’re sure to enjoy all of these.

Clam Chowder

What is another food starting with C? That’s right, it’s time for clam chowder! Clam chowder is basically the clam-containing version of chowder soup. Apart from clams, this soup typically contains salt, pork, onions, and chopped potatoes.

Clam chowder is typically served with oyster crackers or saltine crackers. Different recipes call for different ingredients. For example, the Manhattan-style clam chowder contains tomato, turning the soup a nice tomato-red color. Other vegetables are also added, along with optional thyme as seasoning. In another version, dairy is added. In yet others, dairy and tomato are added, or both are omitted.

Clam chowder is a delectable dish, containing the pork’s saltiness and smokiness, contrasting with the mild bitterness of the clams. The dairy-containing version is thicker, heavier, and has a creamier consistency.


Guess the next drink or food starting with C on this list? Hint: most people can’t start their day without this. Yes, you are correct, the answer is coffee! Can you taste its dark bitterness on your tongue already? Can you smell its tantalizing aroma, simply the smell of it energizing you so that you feel more alive already? Do you prefer a caffé latte or espresso or something else entirely? Tell us how you take your coffee!

Coffee is usually served hot, or ice-cold as iced coffee. Cream, milk, sugar, and sugar substitutes are often used to minimize or enhance the inherently bitter taste of coffee. Many people also prefer a simple dessert, such as a pastry or a doughnut, along with their coffee.

Cinnamon rolls

Do you feel like having a magical picnic out in the park? Don’t forget this picnic food beginning with C! Cinnamon rolls are a favorite as a snack or a dessert. They are also called cinnamon swirls, cinnamon buns, cinnamon snails, or cinnamon Danishes. After the dough is rolled out, the cinnamon mixture is spread on it, folded into a roll, cut into pieces, and then baked. As such, the individual pieces have a charming look, contributing to its name of ‘cinnamon swirl’ or ‘cinnamon snail’. It can now be turned into a sweet snack or a spicy snack at this point. Add a sugary glaze or icing or simply powdered sugar for a sweet version. A cream or cheese frosting can also be added.

For the spicy version, you can eat it with chili. Another spicy type increases the cinnamon content, added before baking, to such an extent that the roll is quite zesty and hot. This version is commonly made in Canada.


The following food starting with C is cauliflower. This is an important food for adding in your diet. You can do that today, either as a replacement for legumes and grains, or otherwise. For the former, consider a homemade pizza dough containing mashed cauliflower instead of grains. You can also order it from some restaurants nowadays! For the latter, the white edible flesh of the cauliflower, a. k. a. the cauliflower head, can be eaten raw, steamed, pickled, grilled, fried, oven-baked, and boiled.

Popular recipes including cauliflower include Roasted Cauliflower, Cauliflower Tots, Cauliflower Soup, Honey Garlic Cauliflower, and finally, this Indian dish, Aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes). You’re undoubtedly going to love them all!


Next up, let’s talk about casserole. A casserole is typically a baked dish with three main constituents: some kind of meat (chicken, beef, ground meat, or fish), some type of vegetables (peas or beans), and a binding agent (flour, pasta, or potato). Cheese is often added as a topping. This food starting with C can be served either as the main dish or the side dish. For convenience, the casserole can also be served in the same dish within which it was baked.

Many dishes with other names are also, by definition, casserole. Examples include the Lancashire hotpot, timballo, shepherd’s pie, cassoulet, or moussaka. In the UK, the terms stew and casserole tend to be used interchangeably, though they are not the same thing according to the definition.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese, another popular food starting with C, is a fresh cheese curd product with cream and non-homogenous texture. Its taste can be described as salty and mild, with a bitter tang. The words ‘curds and whey’ in the popular nursery rhyme most probably refer to cottage cheese. It is distinguished from other cheeses by the addition of a dressing of cream to the curd grains in the manufacturing process.

This dressing is primarily responsible for the unique taste of cottage cheese. This food starting with C, is not aged in the process of its creation. Its uses with various foods such as on toast, cottage cheese with fruit, granola, as a dip, in salads, and as a replacement for mayonnaise are undoubtedly why it is popular. Cottage cheese is made nowadays with concentrated non-fat milk or reconstituted non-fat dry milk.


Often claimed to be the perfect health food, this food starting with C has a seemingly infinite amount of health benefits, as befits its nickname. Carrots are available in many colors, including classic yellow or orange, white, red, and exotic purple. They are also nice to munch on for a little healthy snack while working, studying, or simply watching TV.


While widely popular as a vegetable, this food is actually a fruit by botanical classification. This cylindrical green fruit starting with C also has many health benefits, as it contains a considerable amount of water within. Cucumbers are perfect for eating as a cool and refreshing snack within the boiling hot summer months. It is also a common ingredient in salads and sandwiches, adding a delightful little crunch.

Cucumber has a lightly sweet but still mild flavor. The rind has an earthier taste, but many people prefer to leave it on as it adds flavor and texture.


Next up, we have cod. This fish is quite popular as a food, and is one of the most commonly used fish in British “fish and chips”. It has a mild flavor and its white flesh is dense and flaky. Its soft liver is either canned or fermented into cod liver oil. Cod can also be salted if you are not eating fresh.

In recent years, cod has been overfished, so it is expensive now and many dishes use other white fish as an alternative to cod. But many dishes still include cod as an ingredient, including Jamaica’s national dish, ‘ackee and saltfish’, along with ‘bacalaito’, from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


Another fruit starting with C is cranberries. This fruit has a distinctive dark red color when matured, and is white or pale pink when not matured fully. Cranberries are a winter fruit when growing naturally, instead of a greenhouse.

They are not often eaten raw due to their naturally bitter taste. Instead, cranberries are sweetened or cooked and then dried to lessen some of their inherent tartness. This fruit is also made into a cranberry drink or sauce, which is then served with the turkey at Thanksgiving.


And with cranberries, we conclude our list of foods starting with C. We hope you enjoyed reading through this list, from picnic foods and vegetables to desserts and snacks. Next time you’re stuck on what you take for a picnic or want to surprise your guests, you can pick foods starting with C from this list. This list is, of course, not comprehensive by any means, so do tell us if you know any more foods starting with C!

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