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Real Food Lifestyle Tips

Life is about balance, and for each person, that balance might look different. For sure, when we feel good, we make better choices, and eating real food will help us feel good. 

This blog, real Food Philosophy, is not a diet but a sustainable lifestyle of eating mostly real food cooked at home without avoiding any food groups.

In the processed world, it’s often hard to recognize what is real food and what is not. Usually, it’s the processed food that has screaming bright labels with beautiful words promising beautiful things. Real food often comes without a label because it’s only one ingredient. At first, real food shopping might take some extra time, but later shopping will get easier and take less time, simply because there won’t be any desire to go to the food isles with processed food. 

THREE Tips to define Real food when grocery shopping:

  1. Think about what food is “live and spoilable” and comes from Earth? What food is created by people and can lay on the shelving units without going bad for a long time?
  2. Imagine what our great-great-parents would buy if they would be grocery shopping with us.
  3. Read the labels. Can you pronounce ingredients on the package and know what these words actually mean? Can you remember these ingredients a couple of minutes later? Stick to a rule, not buying food with more than five ingredients on the label, and make sure that these 5 are actually food. 

FIVE Tips to keep Real Food lifestyle long-lasting:

  1. Keep it simple. Plan simple meals. Focus on the main dishes. Use salt,  spices, healthy fats, make it tasty and flavorful, eat what you love. 
  2. Stock the pantry with staples and have these readily available to avoid last-minute grocery shopping and avoid the “hangry” stage.
  3. Do simple meal prep for a week ahead, just simple basics, nothing too complicated, and nothing too much time-consuming. 
  4. Learn how to keep grocery shopping on a budget. 
  5. Clean kitchen daily, so every day starts from a clean slate. This habit will help keep this lifestyle long-lasting since you’ll be more excited to start cooking the next day. 

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