About Flavorful Home

We believe in the power of real food and also believe in the power of consistency. 

All of our recipes are made with seven real food ingredients or less (not counting water or salt). 

By simplifying your kitchen and your meals, you make room for MORE. More time and energy for your family, more energy to pursue your dreams. 

Most recipes using completely unprocessed nutrient-dense ingredients; almost all recipes are refined-sugar-free and naturally gluten-free.

Flavorful Home is about living everyday life joyfully. Families are supposed to be enjoyed and cherished, and the beauty of simple shared meals shared will be the most treasured memories for years to come. 

Why 7-Ingredient recipes?

  • It speeds up grocery shopping since it takes less time to locate these items at the store
  • it’s easier to remember the whole recipe
  • the more we cook at home, the more nutrients we introduce to our bodies. 

We hope that you can find some useful information here or get inspired by some recipes. Leave a note, and we’ll be sure to reply. Happy cooking!

About Natalia

Natalia is a busy mom and simplicity seeker. She is passionate about practical wellness and intentional living. She grew up in Siberia, lived in West Michigan, and now resides in Texas. Throughout all of her life changes, the one thing was consistent, the nourishing food. No matter what country or continent you are in, the best connections are built around the table with yourself and your loved ones. 

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