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Best Eden Cheese Substitute, 12 options to try.

Eden cheese is not as famous in the US and other parts of the world. In most cases, you have to reach for an Eden cheese substitute. There’s no need to worry, though. There is a huge selection of cheeses that can replace it.

Eden cheese block on of the parchment paper.

What Is Eden Cheese?

This processed cheese has a milky, creamy, and rich flavor. Plus, it has a smooth texture similar to Velveeta cheese.

If you’re recreating a Filipino recipe, chances are, you’ll come across Eden cheese. After all, it is one of the most popular brands of processed cheese in the Philippines. Upon its launch in the Philippines in 1981, Eden cheese quickly became a household name.

Eden cheese is a cheese spread from the brand Mondelez International. This brand is a predecessor of the popular food corporation Kraft Foods.

Eden cheese is available not in wheels but in blocks. It is a soft cheese, so much so that it sticks to your knife when you slice it.

If you ever need to grate it or cut it into thin slices, you will need to put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before use. This way, you get a harder texture that’s easier to grate and slice.

Do note that you should not leave it in the freezer until it gets frozen. Doing so will affect its texture once it thaws.

Eden boasts great melting abilities, making great grilled cheese sandwiches.

You can use this as an ingredient in cheese sauce. Grated Eden cheese on top of sweet-style spaghetti is also a Filipino favorite.

Eden cheese is quite difficult to find in most parts of the US. Even large Filipino stores don’t always have them. You are better off ordering Eden cheese from Amazon and other online retailers.

Best Eden Cheese Substitute

1. Velveeta Cheese

Velveeta cheese, like Eden cheese, is a processed cheese food from Kraft. Your go-to cheese in a mac and cheese recipe, Velveeta, is also among the best Eden cheese substitutes.

Velveeta cheese has a saltier taste, but its texture matches that of Eden’s. For this reason, Eden is one of the best Velveeta cheese substitutes.

When it comes to color, though, Eden has a light yellow hue, while Velveeta has more of an orange shade. The swap will be visually noticeable, but the dish will still look appealing.

Velveeta is a common household item in the US, so you may already have it in your fridge. If not, you can find Velveeta in almost all stores. Velveeta is not only accessible but also affordable.

2. Cheddar Cheese

Another easy replacement for Eden cheese is Cheddar cheese. Mild cheddar cheese is best because it has a closer flavor and texture match to Eden – not too salty and smooth. Now, if you only have sharp Cheddar cheese on hand, that can also work.

But you should note that sharp Cheddar is much more intense. You might have to adjust your recipe to reduce the amount of cheese. This way, you don’t end up with an overwhelming cheesy flavor.

For a closer appearance to the original, opt for white Cheddar instead of orange Cheddar. White Cheddar has a similar light yellow hue.

3. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is an easy substitution for Eden cheese. After all, it is widely available. You’ll probably find it in almost every grocery store.

It has a similar salty taste but is not an exact flavor match to Eden because it is tangy.

Use it in dishes where a little tanginess won’t matter. For instance, you can replace Eden cheese with feta in a salad recipe and still get great results.

Do note that, unlike Eden cheese, feta does not melt well – it just softens. So, skip this cheese when a recipe calls for melting Eden cheese.

4. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is a lumpy, white cheese. It is rich and creamy, just like Eden, so it does a good job as an Eden cheese substitute where the flavor is important. Ricotta does well in sandwiches and sauces.

Due to its neutral and mild taste, ricotta is a versatile cheese. It does not have the same melting ability as Eden cheese but blends well with other ingredients.

The lumpy texture of ricotta is perfect for people who want some lovely chunks of cheese in their food.

5. Swiss Cheese

If you want something with a great melting ability like Eden, look no further than Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese, specifically Emmentaler, is the iconic cheese with large “eyes” or holes.

Like Eden cheese, Swiss cheese does not lack when it comes to flavor. This cheese packs a great creamy taste but with less sodium. It is not as salty as Eden and, therefore, a better choice for those watching their salt intake.

And as mentioned, it can step in for Eden when your recipes call for melted cheese. Swiss cheese does great in a cheese fondue, especially if you don’t mind its slightly nutty taste.

6. Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is also among the best Eden Cheese substitutes. This cheese is one of the most popular, so it is pretty accessible. Gouda comes in wheels, but most retailers sell them in pre-cut portions, so you won’t have to buy the whole wheel.

Regarding texture, Gouda is firmer and drier than Eden cheese. But once it melts, the difference becomes minimal because this cheese melts beautifully.

The biggest difference between Gouda and Eden is that Gouda has a distinctly sweet taste. For this reason, there will be a slight change in the flavor of your dish.

7. Mozzarella Cheese

Another alternative for Eden cheese is mozzarella. Once heated, it becomes stringy, giving you that satisfying cheese pull in your dishes. This texture differs from Eden’s, as Eden melts into a pool of cheese once heated.

Note that mozzarella has a subtle flavor instead of Eden’s salty taste. That said, your cheese dish might taste blander than usual.

But the good thing is that mozzarella cheese is perfect if you find Eden cheese too salty. Or if the other ingredients in your recipe are already too salty.

8. Fontina Cheese

Fontina is a table cheese you can use to replace Eden cheese in recipes. It is also a good melting cheese, so it will do good in cheese dips as Eden does. The biggest consideration is that Fontina’s nutty taste is not present in Eden.

This nutty flavor can make your dishes taste richer and more unique. Depending on the recipe, you can choose between young and aged Fontina.

For grating, opt for aged Fontina, as it has a harder texture that won’t crumble against a grater. For recipes calling for softer cheese, go for a young Fontina.

9. Pepper Jack Cheese

A popular variant of Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack makes a great Eden cheese alternative, too.

It melts well and packs a great flavor that can bring a twist to your dishes. Pepper Jack is spicy and complex, whereas Eden cheese is salty and simple.

This kind of cheese has specks of different spices and chili peppers, so it can also be hot. The hot and spicy flavor of this cheese works well in most dishes. Pepper Jack is the perfect alternative if you want some kick with your cheese dishes.

But when feeding children, you are better off with other options on this list.

10. Edam Cheese

Edam cheese hails from Edam, North Holland. This cheese is famous for its flat-edged ball shape and red paraffin wax coating.

Edam has a mild flavor and a similar creamy texture. Because of this, you can use Edam to replace Eden cheese in most dishes.

Aged Edam cheese is firm and has a sharp flavor, while young Edam is softer and milder. Choose the type that works best for your dish.

It is worth noting that Eden cheese has a variant labeled “Queso de Bola Flavor.” Instead of being in a ball shape, though, this one comes in blocks.

11. Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere cheese is a Swiss cheese with a nutty but rich and creamy flavor. If you don’t mind a bit of the nutty and grassy taste, this cheese is a viable Eden cheese substitute.

You can eat it with your sandwich and melt it in your sauces and dips. Opt for the young Gruyere for a milder shift in flavor. Aged Gruyere is earthy and might change the flavor profile of your dish too much.

It is more expensive than Eden cheese, but the flavor complexity it offers is well worth its price.

12. Cheez Whiz

If your recipe asks you to melt Eden cheese, you can use Cheez Whiz instead. Cheez Whiz is a processed cheese dip from the same company as Eden.

This dip is like a paste, which you can spread on your sandwiches for a cheesy treat. You may also use Cheez Whiz in a mac and cheese recipe, just like Eden cheese.

Note that Cheez Whiz is not solid, so you do not need a long time to melt it. Just a bit of heat will turn Cheez Whiz into a flowy liquid.

13. Appenzeller Cheese

Appenzeller cheese hails from Switzerland, so it is also Swiss cheese. This cheese comes from cow’s milk and has a mild aroma and smooth texture.

One thing special about this cheese is that it undergoes a brining process. The brine recipe is a secret but includes yeast from local wines and an assortment of herbs.

This cheese has a nutty and fruity taste that is unlike Eden cheese. Despite this difference, Appenzeller is still a great Eden cheese substitute.

Is Eden Cheese The Same As Edam Cheese?

No, Eden cheese is different from Edam cheese. Eden cheese is a processed cheese food, while Edam is a real cheese. Also, Edam cheese comes with a paraffin wax coating. Meanwhile, Eden cheese comes in blocks like Velveeta cheese. Despite these differences, Edam cheese is a great alternative to Eden.

Is Gouda Cheese Similar To Edam?

Yes, although Gouda and Edam are two distinct kinds of cheese, they share a similar flavor profile. These two kinds of cheese also melt well, so you can use them in sandwiches, sauces, and dips. For this reason, you can use Gouda instead of Edam and vice-versa in most recipes.

Is Edam Similar To Gruyere?

Yes, Edam is similar to Gruyere in many ways, but Edam is milder than Gruyere. Plus, Gruyere cheese has some grassy notes that can develop an earthy flavor as it ages. Nevertheless, you can use Edam and Gruyere interchangeably in most dishes.

Is Eden Cheese A True Cheese?

No, Eden cheese is not a true cheese. Its label reads “processed cheese food,” meaning that only a certain part of Eden cheese is real cheese. Eden cheese contains other ingredients responsible for its long shelf life.


If you’re looking for an Eden cheese substitute, you won’t end up disappointed. After all, many other kinds of cheese can step in for this creamy, rich, and salty cheese. The best alternatives are Velveeta Cheese and Cheddar. They do not taste far from Eden and have the same melting abilities. Both are easy to find in grocery stores and relatively cheap.

You can try feta, Pepper Jack, or Gruyere for a more complex swap. These types of cheese can lend a twist to your dish and make it more interesting and flavorful. Other alternatives not mentioned on this list include cream cheese and American cheese.

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