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What Does Beet Juice Taste Like? Is it Tasty?

What does beet juice taste like? In this article, we’ll explore the taste of beet juice and discuss its flavor profile. We’ll also give some ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Beet juice has gained popularity recently due to its numerous health benefits. However, the main question still remains. Some describe it as earthy, sweet, or even slightly bitter. If this is your first time hearing about this drink, you’re about to discover more.

Glass with bright beet juice and fresh beets next to it.

What Are Beets?

Beets, or beetroots, are root vegetables. They are the fleshy taproot part of the beet plant. You can eat them raw or cooked.

Beets have a crunchy texture when raw, similar to carrots. When cooked, they turn soft and buttery.  There are different beet varieties; red beets are the most common.

Red beets have a vibrant reddish-purple color that leaves a stain on your hands.

The good thing about this color is that they can also make your food look great. In fact, people use beets to dye other food items like eggs and pancakes as a natural food coloring.

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What Do Beets Taste Like?

What Is Beet Juice?

Beets are notoriously healthy, but most people are not fans of eating them. Why? We’ll tell you in a while.

But here enters the beet juice. For most people, drinking beet juice is a much more pleasant experience than eating beets.

To make beet juice, you need to use fresh beets. You may or may not leave the skin on, as they are edible. Pulse them in a blender and then strain them using a fine mesh.

What you’ll get is a vibrant drink that is full of health benefits. It’s no myth that beets are a superfood, and that said, beet juice is an incredibly nutritious drink.

What Does Beet Juice Taste Like?

So, what does beet juice taste like? Well, there is not one word to describe the taste of beet juice. After all, the flavor profile of beets is complex. It is a combination of different flavors.

The first thing you will notice when you sip this colorful drink is that it tastes like dirt. Yes, dirt.

Beets have this extremely earthy flavor because they are full of geosmin. Geosmin is an organic compound you’ll also find in the soil. That said, it follows that beet would taste like soil.

You’ll find the earthy notes in beet juice similar to what you can taste in spinach and lettuce. After all, these foods also contain geosmin.

The earthy taste of beets is so strong that most people avoid eating them, making them miss out on the benefits these vegetables offer.

When you get past the earthy and vegetal notes in beet juice, you’ll notice that it tastes sweet. Beets contain natural sugar that influences their flavor.

This sweet taste balances the earthy flavor, so some people can drink this juice on its own without any additives.

Beets also have some tangy notes that are more noticeable when raw. Cooking the beets make their naturally sweet taste shine more, making this sour flavor take a backseat.

Lastly, beets may also have bitter flavors. The thing is, when the beets do not get enough water, their bitter taste gets stronger.

How to prepare beets for juicing

Here are some simple steps to follow when making your own homemade beet juice.

  1. Select Fresh Beets: Choose beets that are firm, smooth, and free from any soft spots or blemishes. Opt for organic beets if possible.
  2. Wash and Trim: Rinse the beets under cool running water to remove any dirt or debris. Trim off the beet greens, leaving about an inch of the stem intact.
  3. Peel: Some people prefer to remove the outer skin for a smoother texture and milder flavor. To peel the beets, you can use a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife.
  4. Cut into Cubes: Chop the beets into smaller chunks or slices that are suitable for your juicer’s feeding chute.
  5. Juice the Beets: Feed the beet pieces through your juicer, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to collect the beet juice in a container or pitcher.
  6. Strain: If you prefer a smoother juice without pulp or solids, strain the beet juice through a fine mesh sieve or a nut milk bag to remove any remaining solids.
  7. Serve or Store: Fresh beet juice is best enjoyed immediately to retain its flavor and nutritional benefits. However, if you need to store it, transfer the juice to an airtight container and refrigerate. Consume within 24 to 48 hours for optimal freshness.

Important Note:

Beets have a vibrant red color that can stain surfaces and clothing. Take care to handle them carefully and clean any spills promptly to prevent staining.

Beet Juice Nutrition

As mentioned, beets are a superfood. That said, beet juice is a bounty of nutrients with health benefits. For starters, beet juice is an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Beet juice contains vitamin C, iron, and zinc as well. Vitamin C is linked to lower blood pressure, while iron helps with overall blood flow.

Aside from these, they also have vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and folate.

You’ll get phosphorus, copper, and selenium, too, from beet juice consumption.

Beet Juice Culinary Uses And Recipes

Beet Pickle Eggs

One of the best recipes that use beet juice is egg pickles. Pickled eggs are sweet and sour, so they make a great appetizer.

The beet juice adds flavor and dyes the eggs a beautiful reddish-pink hue which adds appeal to the dish.

To make beet pickle eggs, you need to make hard-boiled eggs first. Peel the eggs and set aside.

Then, make the soaking mixture. Bring beet juice, sugar, water, and vinegar to a boil. Place the hard-boiled eggs in a jar and pour the mixture over them. Refrigerate for a day before serving.

Beet Bread

You must not miss making pink bread with beet juice if you love pink things. This simple recipe uses beet juice, flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and shortening.

It yields a loaf of bread that’s not only pretty to look at but also contains the health benefits of beets. The best thing? It only takes an hour to bake.

Pink Pancakes

Another great recipe where you can use beet juice is in pancakes. Level up your breakfast game by adding beet juice to your pancake batter.

This recipe is a great way to incorporate beet juice into your meals, as you will barely taste it.

And it makes your pancakes pink, so you’re sure that even kids will love them. Feeding beets to kids has never been this easy.

Beet Pasta

Here’s another Instagrammable food item that uses beet juice – beet pasta.

Make your pink pasta dough using beet juice, flour, salt, and olive oil.

Knead the dough and let it rest, then cut it according to your preferred size. You may even make a ravioli if you like.

How Can You Make Beet Juice Taste Better?

If you just cannot disregard the strong, unpleasant taste of beets, we’ve got you.

You can add other food items to your own beet juice to mask its earthy taste.

Here are the top ways you can make beet juice taste better:

Add Other Fruits or Fruit Juices

These fruit juices make the beet juice taste better and bring their health benefits to the table.

  • Apple juice is one of the best ingredients you can add to beet juice. This fruit juice is sweet, so it does an amazing job of overpowering the taste of beets. Add apple slices to your blender when juicing your beets to make a milder version of beet juice.
  • Another option is orange juice, which can add a pack of citrus punch to your beet juice.
  • If you love sour drinks, adding lemon juice is another option.
  • Bananas and berries are also good options to sweeten and mellow the flavor of your beverage.

Use Vegetables

You may also opt to use other vegetables to alter the flavor of your beet juice.

  • Carrots are a top choice for this. They add a sweet and vegetal taste, making the taste of beets more bearable.
  • If you love your greens, then kale is a good option for you, too. They will help cut down the earthy flavor of beets.
  • Lastly, you can also use some ginger to balance the taste of your drink. Ginger will add spicy notes that will cancel out the dirt-like taste of beets. And, of course, all these vegetables will make your drink even healthier.

Add Some Herbs

Make your beet juice taste pleasant with the help of herbs.

  • Try using some mint leaves to add a refreshing menthol flavor that will meld well with the flavor of beets.
  • Spearmint and peppermint are your top choices; both are widely available and pleasant-tasting.
  • These herbs will provide a cooling effect to your nutritious beet juice, mellowing the earthy beet flavor.
Is Beet Juice Bitter?

Sometimes. Beets are naturally sweet and earthy. But they can also be bitter if they grow without access to enough water. If your beet juice is bitter, it just means that you did not get the best beets out there. But the great thing is you do not have to drink it alone. Add other fruit juices to mask the bitter flavor, and you’ll be able to enjoy your beet juice better.

Is Beet Juice Sweet Or Tart?

Both. Beet juice can have a slightly sweet or earthy flavor. At the same time, it may also have a somewhat tart taste. Different factors affect its flavor, including the beets’ ripeness, the soil condition on which it grew, and access to water. Of course, what you add to the mix will also change its taste.

Can You Drink Straight Beet Juice?

Yes, you can drink beet juice straight. Note that beet juice has a strong taste that most people find off-putting. If you can drink it straight, go for it. If not, add water or other fruit juices to make the beetroot juice taste better. Do note that some people should avoid drinking beet juice; consult your doctor first.


Beet juice is a pretty, red-purple drink that offers many health benefits. But despite this, beet juice is not as popular as other juices. It has a unique taste profile that combines sweet, tangy, and earthy flavors. Sometimes, beet juice tastes bitter, too.

Aside from consuming beet juice as a drink, you can incorporate it into your meals by adding it to your recipes. You can make beet-pickled eggs, beet bread, pink pancakes, and pasta. Overall, beet juice offers numerous health benefits and countless culinary possibilities.

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