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What Does Sea Moss Taste Like? Find Out About Its Flavor

Have you heard of sea moss gel recently making rounds on social media? This superfood is a gel made of sea moss that has won people’s attention worldwide. With over 190 million views, this ingredient is certainly trending. What does sea moss taste like?

Does it taste good? Are there benefits to taking it? These are among the questions that this article will answer.

brown bunch of sea moss on the white background.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is one of the many types of algae or seaweed.

Due to its natural carrageenan content, sea moss is a go-to thickening agent.

Manufacturers have long used sea moss to thicken food items such as ice cream and yogurt. Vegans and vegetarians also use this edible sea plant as a gelatin replacement. You can find carrageenan in meat products as binders and tenderizers as well.

Health buffs have turned to sea moss gel as a healthy additive to their smoothies.

Sea moss is vegan and gluten-free, which is why it is suitable for even those with diet restrictions.

One of the most important things you must remember is that sea moss absorbs whatever is in the water. That said, you should ensure to get your sea moss from sellers who get their products from clean waters.

What Color Is Sea Moss?

With its name, you probably think that sea moss is green, like the color “moss green.” Well, that’s partly true, as there are green varieties of sea moss. However, this seaweed also comes in the following colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • red
  • purple
  • yellow

Sea Moss Types

There are hundreds of different types of sea moss in the ocean where they thrive. But only two of them are popular in the culinary world.

Here are two of the most common types of edible sea moss:

Irish Sea Moss

Irish sea moss, or Chondrus crispus, is a red algae species.

It grows on the coast of North America, continental Europe, and the British Isles. This kind of sea moss loves colder climates.

The fronds of the Irish sea moss can grow up to 10 inches long, and color can vary.

But it is most commonly deep red or deep purple. In this color, it bears some resemblance to red leaf lettuce.

Each moss grows individually and has a single stem that branches out like a fan. Because of this, some say it looks like curly parsley due to its curly and frilly leaves.

Other names for Irish moss include the following:

  • carrageen
  • carrageen moss
  • curly moss
  • gristle moss
  • curly gristle moss
  • pearly gristle moss

Jamaican Sea Moss

Jamaican sea moss or Genus gracilaria grows in warmer temperatures. That said, it is abundant in almost all coastlines except in Antarctica.

This type of sea moss has flat fronds and grows in clumps. Its branches are long and slender, unlike the Irish sea moss’ thick, fan-like branches.

The color of Jamaican sea moss also varies depending on the environment.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a purple Jamaican sea moss which people often mistake as Irish.

Remember that not all purple sea moss is Irish; some can be Jamaican.

What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

Since sea moss is from the sea, it has an ocean-like taste. This flavor is similar to oysters and clams but just very subtle. Mild earthy notes are also present.

Due to the subtle flavor of sea moss, you can easily pair it with many other foods. And eating it with strong-tasting foods will mask its taste.

When blended into smoothies and other beverages, sea moss becomes tasteless. If you find eating sea moss alone challenging, there are plenty of ways to make it more palatable.

Forms Of Sea Moss

Fresh Sea Moss

If you live near the ocean and have access to fresh sea moss, you can consume sea moss as-is. You must wash them carefully as they get exposed to different elements in the sea.

To consume fresh sea moss, you can eat them raw or incorporate sea moss in your recipes. When cooking them, you do not need to worry about a change in flavor.

Fresh sea moss tastes very subtle, so it should not affect the flavor of your final dish. The biggest effect would be texture because of sea moss’s thickening properties.

Dried Sea Moss

People either use dehydrators or drying racks to dry sea moss. Both these methods work, but if you’re in a hurry, using a dehydrator is a much faster process.

If you do not have the time to wait, you can readily buy dried sea moss.

Dried sea moss is widely available in health food stores and online retailers.

To prepare dried sea moss for eating, you only need to rehydrate it by soaking it in water.

Sea Moss Powder

To make sea moss powder, you take dried sea moss and grind it until it turns into a powder.

What does sea moss powder taste like? It has a very mild flavor.

You can put it in almost anything and forget it’s even there.

Using it as a substitute for dried and fresh sea moss is also a great idea.

Sea Moss Capsules and Gummies

Unsurprisingly, sea moss capsules are also taken as supplements. That said, you can find capsules containing this seaweed.

These are the go-to for people who want to get the benefits without actually eating them.

Sea moss gummies are also available and often come with additional flavoring.

Sea Moss Gel

The sea moss gel is probably the most popular form of sea moss out there.

As mentioned, celebrities jumping on the trend made it more appealing to many. We’ll discuss it more below.

What is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss gel is a mixture of sea moss and water blended until a gel forms. You can eat sea moss gel on its own.

Similar to sea moss powder, sea moss gel is a great thickener.

For this reason, you can also use it to improve the texture of your runny soup or stews. Or add it to your meal or drink for an extra nutrition boost.

Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram story showcasing a sea moss smoothie.

These activities created hype around the product, resulting in many Tiktok videos. The videos are of people trying the product out.

Like any other food product, some people liked consuming sea moss gel. However, others did not enjoy eating it as much.

What is Sea Moss Gel Good For?

Sea moss gel is not labeled as a superfood for no reason.

This gel has an abundance of vitamins and minerals that have many health benefits.

Sea moss gel, like its main ingredient, sea moss, is a good source of iodine and tyrosine. It is also rich in fiber and prebiotics.

Sea moss gel contains phytochemicals as well. On top of that, it boasts a carotenoid called fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin is an antioxidant, and as such, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

This gel is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It contains vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Sea moss gel also has selenium, folate, and manganese.

When eaten in moderation, adding sea moss to your meals can help form part of a balanced diet.

What Does Sea Moss Gel Look Like?

Sea moss gel looks like a cloudy jelly. Some formulations are runny, like a very thick smoothie or slime.

Some versions are thicker and firmer, like a jam. Others still have bits and pieces of sea moss, so there are also chunky types of sea moss gel.

The colors vary as well. Without any flavoring or coloring added, sea moss gel is translucent white.

But since commercial flavored versions came to the market, sea moss gel can be any color already.

For instance, strawberry-flavored sea moss gel has a red color. Meanwhile, a gel flavored with blueberry has a deep purple hue. Obviously, a mango sea moss gel is yellow.

What Does Sea Moss Gel Taste Like?

Unflavored sea moss gel tastes like sea moss, just milder due to the additional water content.

Some people say it is tasteless. But those with a sensitive palate still find that it has a very subtle earthy, and ocean-like flavor.

This taste only appeals to a few, and its slimy and sticky texture does not help either.

For this reason, people have devised ways to make it taste better. Some add sweeteners like agave nectar and honey. To mask the taste, people also often add lemon to the mix.

However, the most popular way to make the gel palatable is to mix it with sweet fruits.

Among the popular flavors of sea moss gel are the following:

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Raspberry
  • Apple

Flavored sea moss gel definitely tastes better. However, you should read the label carefully before eating the flavored ones.

Doing so will ensure that you won’t consume unhealthy additives. These ingredients will defeat the gel’s nutritional value altogether.

Sea Moss Gel Recipe

Making sea moss gel is easy! Here’s a recipe you can follow to get your hands on the trending superfood:


  • Dried sea moss
  • Spring water


  1. Clean your sea moss with water until it runs clear. Be sure to inspect the fronds carefully to ensure that you’ll remove dirt and debris that may have clung.
  2. Soak your cleaned sea moss in spring water for a minimum of 12 hours. If you have more time, you can soak it for 24 hours for maximum absorption. After soaking, your sea moss should have doubled in size.
  3. Remove the sea moss from the water and place it in a blender. Add spring water, depending on the consistency you prefer.
  4. Pour the blended mixture into airtight glass jars and refrigerate.

How To Eat Sea Moss Gel

By The Spoonful

As mentioned, some people enjoy just eating sea moss gel by itself. However, if you don’t like the taste of sea moss, you may find it challenging to eat it this way.

But eating the flavored gels like you do peanut butter would be a joy.

Add To Smoothies

Next to eating it like a snack, putting some into your smoothie is the easiest way to get your daily dose of sea moss gel. Unflavored sea moss gel is perfect for smoothies. But the flavored gels can make your smoothies richer.

If you are making a mango smoothie, adding mango-flavored gel will enhance your drink.

Include In Sauces

You can also use sea moss gel in your sauces. Use it as a thickener instead of cornstarch, and you’ll have a more nutritious sauce. Try it with salsa, and you’ll never go wrong.

Make Puddings

Sea moss gel is an excellent vegan alternative to regular gelatin. That said, you can make desserts like pudding and mousse using sea moss gel. It’s a great way to enjoy your desserts without consuming animal products.

Use In Jams

To thicken your fruit jams naturally, you can use sea moss gel. It will lend a nice texture to your jams and make them more decadent. Using flavored sea moss gels in jams that use the same fruit also works wonders.

Bake Loaves and Bread

Did you know that you can also put sea moss gel into your dough? Well, now you know. This technique works because sea moss gel is also a good egg replacement. You might have to tweak your original recipe to achieve the same texture, though.

Put on Top of Toast

Mix sea moss gel with honey and top your toast with it. The honey masks the mild salty and ocean-like flavor of sea moss gel, so you’ll not taste it at all. Eating this toast is like eating regular toast with honey, except you get more benefits.

How To Store Sea Moss

Keeping raw or fresh sea moss in the fridge would be best. This way, it will stay good for at least two weeks.

To prolong its shelf life, you can freeze fresh sea moss. Frozen fresh sea moss will keep for around three months.

Dried sea moss, on the other hand, spoils faster when refrigerated. That said, keeping it in an airtight container at room temperature, away from moisture, is best. Stored this way, dried sea moss stays good for one to two years.

You should store powdered sea moss in similar conditions as dried sea moss. When kept from moisture, sea moss powder keeps its quality for two years.

Sea moss gel is best kept in the fridge at all times. Doing so will make it last for at least three weeks.

You can also keep sea moss gel in the freezer to maximize its shelf life. Frozen sea moss gel lasts for three months.

Methods of Growing Sea Moss

When buying sea moss, you will often encounter different terminologies. You may see words like wildcrafted, ocean-farmed, pool-grown, and organic. These terms may not be very clear if you’re trying sea moss for the first time. Worry not; we’ll explain them one by one.

Wildcrafted Sea Moss

When sea moss comes with the “wildcrafted” label, it means it came from the wild. This label tells that the sea moss grew in its natural habitat before harvest.

Because of this, wildcrafted sea moss has access to the elements in the sea, which can be both good and bad.

Growing in the sea means that the sea moss could get naturally present nutrients in the ocean. For this reason, wildcrafted sea moss is nutrient-dense.

But if the sea is somehow polluted, there is a risk that the sea moss might have absorbed contaminants as well. Because of this, wildcrafted sea moss can contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Due to this possibility, it is important to know where your sea moss came from.

Ocean-Farmed Sea Moss

Ocean-farmed sea moss, on the other hand, is still grown in the ocean. What makes them different is that they are not from the ‘wild.’

Instead, they’re grown by people in designated areas of the sea. These sea mosses grow in nets and ropes for easier harvesting. While they still have access to the sea’s nutrients, they have limited exposure.

Therefore, they aren’t as nutrient-dense as wildcrafted ones.

Pool-Grown Sea Moss

The most inferior type of sea moss available today is pool-grown sea moss. As the name suggests, these mosses are grown in large pools – an artificial environment. For this reason, these are also called “fake sea moss.”

Those who grow these mimic the sea’s conditions by adding salt and other chemicals to the pool waters. Some growers even go as far as replicating the ocean’s waves.

Needless to say, pool-grown sea moss lacks nutrients. Worse, they may even have chemicals that may cause you harm.

Sadly, pool-grown sea moss is abundant. After all, this kind of sea moss is easier to grow and harvest. As a result, pool-grown moss is also cheaper and, therefore, more affordable to more people.

Organic Sea Moss

The term “organic” means that the products were grown without artificial substances. That said, if your sea moss has an organic label, it tells you that it is free of synthetic chemicals.

This label, however, does not automatically mean that the sea moss is “wildcrafted.”

Remember that sea moss cultivators can grow sea moss without the aid of chemicals, even in pools. In that case, the sea moss might be organic but still of inferior quality.

Where To Buy Sea Moss?

You can buy dried sea moss from health food stores. Some large retailers with an extensive supplement aisle might also carry it. The most convenient way to purchase sea moss, though, is by ordering online. With it, you can do proper research and read reviews to ensure the authenticity of the sea moss.

Is Sea Moss Supposed To Taste Fishy?

Yes, you should taste hints of a fishy flavor in sea moss. This fishy taste is subtle, but it will still be there. A slight fishy taste is good, as it must have come from the sea rather than a pool.

What Are The Cons Of Taking Sea Moss?

One disadvantage of taking sea moss is the risk of ingesting heavy metals from the sea. The possibility of consuming too much iodine is also there. This risk is especially high for those who take sea moss every day.

Does Boiling Sea Moss Kill Nutrients?

Maybe. There are claims that boiling sea moss makes it less healthy. But experts are yet to prove if this is true so this topic is still highly debated. Choosing to boil it for your sea moss recipes depends on your preference.


With the popularity of sea moss across social media, you might wonder, “What does sea moss taste like?” When eaten raw, sea moss tastes slightly fishy. People often compare its flavor to clams and oysters.

You can buy sea moss in different forms: gel, powder, and gummies. Sea moss gel tastes like a milder version of raw sea moss as it contains more water. If plain sea moss gel tastes unpleasant to you, there are different flavors you can try instead. Sea moss powder has a subtle taste too. You can easily mask it by combining it with other foods, though.

Give it a try, and you might find your new favorite superfood!

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