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Garlic Powder Vs. Minced Garlic: What is the difference?

Garlic is one herb no kitchen can live without. Let’s see if garlic powder vs minced garlic is best for your cooking needs.

Today’s food guide will focus on the pros and cons of garlic in its many forms. You’ll also learn how and when to use it in any recipe.

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Garlic Powder Vs. Minced Garlic

There is no clear winner in the garlic powder vs. minced garlic contest. The only significant difference between the two is their form.

Garlic powder is a pulverized version of fresh garlic. Meanwhile, minced garlic is freshly chopped garlic. Each form has its pros and cons and different ways of using it in the kitchen.

When it comes to deciding between garlic powder and minced garlic, there are a few things you should consider.

Garlic powder has a much longer shelf life than minced garlic, making it better for storing over long periods. It also has a more concentrated flavor, as it is made from dehydrated garlic, so you can use less to achieve the same level of flavor as with minced garlic.

Minced garlic, on the other hand, is more versatile and has a fresher flavor that many people prefer. It is perfect for adding to sauces, soups, and stews. It is also easy to add as a garnish, either cooked or raw.

Ultimately, the choice between garlic powder and minced garlic depends on what type of recipe you’re making.

Garlic powder can provide convenience and intense flavor, while minced garlic adds freshness and versatility. Both are important ingredients that can take your cooking to the next level!

What is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder consists of dehydrated garlic cloves. Producers would first dry the garlic cloves and then grind them into powder form. Due to its granular size, garlic powder has the most intense flavor.

Garlic powder is a key ingredient in garlic salt. That garlic salt is ideal for seasoning fries, chips, or salads.

People often mistake granulated garlic for garlic powder. These two products differ. Granulated garlic has a sand-like texture. Meanwhile, garlic powder offers more powder or flour-like texture.

measuring spoon filled with powdered garlic

Pros of using garlic powder

There are many pros and cons to using garlic powder in dishes. It’s a versatile ingredient with a consistent flavor throughout the cooking process.

Garlic powder is the best choice if you don’t want the flavor to affect the texture. It’ll dissolve easily in soups, sauces, or marinades.

Since it’s packed in bottles, it’s easier to use and less messy.

Cons of using garlic powder

The downside to using garlic powder is that it’s not fresh garlic. You won’t get the same punchy flavor as you would with fresh garlic cloves.

Also, since it’s a commercial product, it may be full of preservatives.

Taste and Flavor

Garlic powder is more mellow compared to fresh garlic. It has a concentrated flavor with slight hints of sweetness. When you add it to recipes, garlic powder maintains a balanced flavor.

When To Use Garlic Powder

Aside from fresh garlic, powdered garlic is one of the most common spices. You use garlic powder when you want to add a garlic flavor without affecting the texture of your dish. Due to its fine texture, garlic powder dissolves instantly into the dish.

Garlic Powder In Recipes

There are many recipes where you can use garlic powder. Since it’s a common spice, it’s a must-have addition to marinades, sauces, and dry rubs.

Here’s how you can use garlic powder in your dishes.

Seasoning Mixes.

One of the most popular uses for garlic powder is seasoning mixes. In fact, garlic powder is present in almost any seasoning mix bottle. You can use this mix for any recipe. This includes soups, pastries, and vegetables.

Spice Rubs.

Another use for garlic powder is dry spice rubs. You can use it on beef, lamb, pork, or chicken. Garlic powder has punchy, spicy, and garlicky flavors that will be hard to replace.


Garlic powder can also serve in marinades. It’s a must-have for barbeque, where you’ll want savory, meaty, and smoky flavors. This spice is essential in making ribs, grilled steaks, and roasted fish dishes.


You can also substitute garlic powder for fresh garlic in pasta sauce recipes. This will add the much-needed punchy flavor without the bits of garlic floating in the sauce. It’s important to note that this won’t work with all pasta dishes. For example, like Aglio olio, fresh garlic is the main ingredient.

Benefits of Using Garlic Powder

Since garlic powder is a processed version of fresh garlic, it will not have the same amount of nutrients. However, it still has plenty of health benefits. Like garlic cloves, powdered garlic contains vitamins C, B6, iron, and calcium.

Garlic powder may help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Its vitamin content may help boost the immune system. It may also contain antioxidants.

What is Minced Garlic?

Minced garlic is chopped fresh garlic in very fine pieces. You can make minced garlic in the kitchen, but you can also buy it in grocery stores. Minced garlic comes in many forms.

You can buy them dried, preserved, or infused in oil. Other minced garlic products have added spices to make seasoning mixes.

Whole garlic clove and minced garlic on the cutting board

Pros of using Minced Garlic

The best advantage of using minced garlic is its fresh and intense flavor.

Using freshly minced garlic lets you control the flavors to your liking. You’ll also get more nutrients by cooking this way.

Cons of using Minced Garlic

Using minced garlic involves many steps. You must peel, slice, and chop garlic cloves into small pieces. This may take several minutes and can be messy.

If you’re unfamiliar with cooking garlic, it burns quickly and leaves a bitter flavor.

While this may be convenient, there’s a disadvantage to buying jarred minced garlic. Pre-made minced garlic may contain extra preservatives.

Taste and Flavor

Minced garlic has an intense garlic flavor. It also has a distinct aroma and a spicy aftertaste. Fresh garlic does well in infusing its flavors with other ingredients. With its taste, even one garlic clove can make a difference in your recipe.

When To Use Minced Garlic

We recommend using only fresh garlic if you wish to use this herb to its full potential. When cooking, tomato is the best pair for minced garlic. The fruit’s acidity perfectly compliments the herb’s sharp and spicy flavors.

Minced Garlic in Recipes

Minced garlic is the backbone of almost every recipe. Whether you mince your own or use pre-made minced garlic, there are many ways to use the herb.

Here are a few tips on how to use freshly minced garlic in your dishes.

Stir Fries.

Regarding Asian stir-fries, minced garlic is not far away from the recipes. You can use it for fried rice, noodles, or vegetables. In Filipino cuisine, locals have a special fried rice recipe. In this dish, they specifically use minced garlic to season the cooked grains.


Minced garlic is essential in any dish that needs sautéing. In fact, the first step in the recipe is always to fry garlic. Doing so both mellows out and enhances the flavor of garlic. Plus, the intense aroma of garlic is mouth-watering.


When cooking steak, you’ll also need garlic. Now, most recipes would only need crushed garlic cloves. However, you can use minced garlic if you want a more robust garlicky flavor in your beef. Other herbs that pair deliciously with garlic are rosemary and thyme.


Minced garlic is also perfect for roast recipes. You can coat the herb on top of the meat to give it an extra crunch. You can also stuff fresh garlic inside the turkey or baked chicken. You can use the roasted garlic for gravies, dippings, or spreads on bread.

Benefits of Using Minced Garlic

Fresh or minced garlic have many health benefits. Garlic is generally known for its antioxidant properties.

Eating garlic may also help regulate hypertension and boost your immune system.

The vitamin C content may also prevent viral infections.

Is Garlic Powder Better Than Minced Garlic?

When it comes to nutrients, minced garlic is healthier than garlic powder. But garlic powder is a better option for dissolving garlic flavors.

Can You Use Garlic Cloves As A Substitute For Garlic Powder?

Yes, you can use garlic cloves to substitute garlic powder. Remember that one garlic clove equals 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder.

Is Garlic Powder Less Flavorful Than Minced Garlic?

Yes, garlic powder is less flavorful than minced garlic. This is because it’s already processed and contains other flavoring agents. We recommend minced garlic if you want a more potent garlic taste.

How much garlic powder is to use to substitute garlic?

You’ll need 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder when substituting for one garlic clove.


Today’s food guide settles the garlic powder vs. minced garlic debate. Garlic powder is a dehydrated version of fresh garlic. Although it’s a more accessible option, it’s less flavorful than minced garlic.

On the other hand, minced garlic offers a solid and spicy garlicky taste. But it may add texture to recipes that don’t need it. Garlic powder works best when paired with other species. Meanwhile, minced garlic is a foundation for many savory dishes.

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