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Best pineapple juice substitute (11 options to try)

There are many reasons you might need a pineapple juice substitute. Perhaps you’re making a recipe that calls for pineapple juice, but you don’t have any on hand or are not able to find pineapple juice. The good news is, that finding a pineapple substitute isn’t difficult; it’s only a matter of finding the right one that will suit your needs.

So, how do you do it? In this post, we will discuss some best pineapple substitutes and offer alternatives that you can use without compromising your overall dish.

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What Does Pineapple Taste Like?

Pineapple juice is a type of fruit juice made from the flesh and juice of pineapples. It has a unique and exotic flavor that many people enjoy. It is usually sweetened and has a tart, acidic taste. Pineapple juice is one of the most popular fruit juices in the world.

The taste of pineapple juice can vary depending on the type of pineapple used. It is generally a sweet and sour taste with slightly tart notes. Many people also notice a hint of citrus flavor in pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice is a popular ingredient in cocktails and other mixed drinks. It can also be used as a marinade or dressing for meats and vegetables. Pineapple juice is a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.

What are the Best Substitutes for pineapple juice?

Now, let’s move on to the pineapple substitutes you can use today:

1. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice may be slightly different from pineapple juice, but trust us on this—it’s an excellent substitute for pineapple juice. This fruit belongs to the citrus family, which shares many similarities to the pineapple.

Like pineapples, grapefruit has many other varieties, but the pink one is the most recommended. Some types can be sweet, while others can be extremely sour. Therefore, you need to adjust your recipe to keep the resemblance close to the pineapple.

Another thing to keep in mind is that grapefruit juice has a stronger acidic level compared to pineapple plus, it offers some bitter notes, but you can fix this easily by adding a bit of sugar or mixing another sweet fruit juice.

2. Lime Juice

Lime juice is a popular dish enhancer, and you can use it as a substitute for pineapple juice. This substitute has a more sour taste compared to pineapple juice. It’s high in acidity, which makes it perfect for savory baked dishes.

The high acidity allows for a more positive culinary reaction, and it can also extend the shelf life of the dish.

3. Lemon Juice

If you need a pineapple juice substitute in a recipe, lemon juice is a good option. However, this will only work as a pineapple substitute if you need a dash of sourness to your recipes. Use the same amount of lemon juice as you would pineapple juice.

The acidity of lemon juice will give the dish a similar flavor to pineapple juice would have. You may also want to add a little sweetness to the dish if needed.

4. Mango Juice

Mango juice is one of the best alternatives when substituting pineapple juice for marinading meat and other food items.

You might also want to try mixing mango with some acidic component (lemon juice, lime, or apple cider); this combination will work wonders if you don’t have any pineapple juice on hand. It will create a balance of sourness and sweetness.

5. Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit is known for its juicy flavor, and it has a unique trait when it’s ripe; instead of looking shiny and smooth, passion fruits look wrinkly.

Passion fruit is one of the best pineapple juice substitutes because of its sweet flavor. This is also why pineapple and passion fruit are often combined in fruit juices.

6. Apple Juice

Apple juice has a sweet and tasty flavor, which is why it’s one of the best pineapple juice substitutes today. It has a lot of health benefits, which are similar to pineapple juice as well. However, some recipes might not work well with apple juice as a substitute for pineapple juice.

7. Papaya

Papaya has a bitter note, but its sweetness outweighs it. The fruit tastes sweet and melts in the mouth, making it a great alternative to pineapple juice. Another interesting fact about papaya, similar to pineapple, is that it also has a bromelain enzyme.

8. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is a mixture of sweet and sour flavors. Therefore, it’s also a suitable pineapple juice alternative. Moreover, it has several health benefits that will be perfect for when you just don’t have pineapple juice on hand.

9. Guava Juice

Guava juice is also a good pineapple substitute. However, if you want the sweet and sour flavors, go for unripe guava. On the other hand, if you only need the sweetness of the fruit, go for a ripe guava fruit. When ripe, this fruit tastes similar to grapefruit or pear.

10. Honey

Honey is known for its sweet flavor, making it a great pineapple substitute. One of the best things about this is that it’s accessible, so you can easily get it for your recipe. There are also a lot of health benefits you can get out of raw honey.

11. yogurt

It might sound a bit weird, but plain yogurt is a great substitute for pineapple juice in recipes. It has a similar consistency and can be used in the same proportions. Yogurt also adds a healthy boost of protein and calcium to your dish.

How to Substitute Pineapple Juice

It’s best to follow a 1:1 ratio when using any of these pineapple juice substitutes below. On the other hand, if you will use yogurt or honey, follow a 1:2 ratio  

How to use Pineapple in cooking

Whether you’re new to this or not, you might be wondering how to use pineapple in the recipes:

  • Pineapple helps tenderize the meat due to the bromelain enzyme that softens muscle fiber. Bromelain reacts with the meat’s protein, which breaks it down and allows the meat to absorb more moisture. This, alone, is one of the reasons many people prefer pineapple as a meat tenderizer.
  • It is used as a sweetener for many dishes. It has been known as a natural sweetener and it’s preferred choice for those who want to stay away from processed foods. Pineapple is a healthier sugar alternative, and it will add more richness to the dish.
  • Pineapple is used to add a splash of color to any dish. Its distinct color and hue induce vibrancy in plain or dull dishes. In fact, dishes with pineapples look more appetizing and juicier.
  • This fruit adds more texture to almost any dish. Being one of the unique fruits in texture and feel, pineapples add some crunch and chewiness to the dish. Moreover, the fibrous nature of the fruit makes dishes juicier and fresher.


Can you swap fresh fruit for canned or frozen?

Almost always. However, canned fruit is submerged in some type of sugar, which means that the nutritional value is lower; therefore, the sugar content will be higher. You should always check the label, so you know exactly what you’ll get. If you’re making smoothies, canned fruit isn’t a great choice. Instead, use frozen fruits.

What can you do with pineapple juice?

You can try many recipes, but you can also add pineapple juice to popsicles and other fruit salads. You can also add it to other dishes as well as breakfast meals.

pineapple juice vs Pineapple nectar

Pineapple juice contains 100% fresh fruit juice, while nectar contains less fruit and comes with additional ingredients, like preservatives and sugar.


Don’t fret when you don’t have pineapple juice around! You can use any of these substitutes above, and you’ll be able to get the most out of what you’re making. It all comes down to what you’re making. When choosing the best pineapple juice replacement, it all comes down to the type of dish that you are making.

Many citrus fruits come from the same family, which means they are already sweet and sour. If you need to replace pineapple juice when making a marinade, you can use papaya juice instead because of its meat tenderizing enzyme.

When you need to substitute pineapple in a drink; you can use orange juice because it has similar textural consistency and taste. You can also use pomegranate juice because it has the same tart and sweet flavor notes you’ll get out of pineapple juice.

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