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What Do Apricots Taste Like?

In today’s food guide, you’ll learn about apricots. We will answer the question, “What do apricots taste like?” and offer more information about this juicy fruit.

Apricots are seasonal and are the perfect summer fruit. You won’t see them in grocery stores all year round. So it’s not surprising that only a few people know about the fruit.

ripe apricots growing on the tree

What Are Apricots?

Apricots are fruits, and they are part of the stone fruit family.

Other fruits from this family are cherries, plums, and nectarines. They are highly seasonal.

If you want to eat fresh apricots, it’s best to buy them during harvest season, which is from June to August.

Since apricots spoil quickly, producers dry more than half of the harvest. Only a quarter of apricots make it to the fresh market.

The good news is that you can buy dried apricots all year long. Apricots are also available canned, preserved, or in jam form.

Apricots are usually sold off to the fresh market before they ripen. This way, while they are still firm, it helps reduce the shipping damage.

The fruits are already near maturity when they reach the stores.

When buying apricots, always look for fruits with no green shades or spots. Any sign of greenness means that it’s still unripe.

When you hold an apricot in your hand, it should be slightly firm yet form under pressure. The fruit is overripe or spoiled if it’s too soft or mushy. 

Apricots differ in looks when they’re fresh or ripe. So, what should apricots look like when they’re ready to eat? We’ll answer that in the next section.

How Do Apricots Look Like?

Most fresh apricots are small in size with oval shapes.

At first glance, they look almost identical to small peaches and are often mistaken for them. When nearing maturity, they have pale yellow to greenish skins with little fuzz. But what does an apricot look like when it’s ripe?

Ripe apricots will have a deep orange or reddish fuzzy skin.

They have smooth skin that is firm under pressure.

When you cut the fruit open, there should be an orange and juicy flesh with a brownstone pit. The pit is inedible, and it has a strong bitter almond taste.

What Do Apricots Taste Like?

Infographic showing sliced peach with notes about this fruit.

Apricots maintain their sweetness whether they are nearing maturity or are already ripe. However, the texture, juiciness, and colors will vary.

What Does a Ripe Apricot Taste Like?

When eaten fresh, ripe apricots taste like peaches.

They have a sweet flavor with a distinct tarty taste. They are also juicier compared to younger apricots.

Regarding the texture, ripe apricots are soft and firm. If you’re looking for a good apricot, look for one with orange or reddish velvety skin.

If you want a fuller apricot flavor, we recommend getting canned apricots. It may sound illogical, but it actually makes more sense.

This is because they let apricots mature longer on the tree before canning them.

Meanwhile, they harvest fresh apricots earlier before shipping them to stores. It may not be fully ripe yet when it reaches the market.

How Does Dry Apricot Taste Like?

Apricots are highly perishables, so you’ll see a lot of dried or preserved apricots on the market.

They are usually produced commercially and are orange or brown.

Dried apricots taste similar to fresh apricots. They offer tangy, sweet flesh except with a stronger sour flavor.

The texture changes, too, given that it’s in dried form.

Without the water, the fruit becomes chewy, with its texture almost like jerky. But it’s still enjoyable, and you still get the same flavor.

What Do Apricots Taste Good With?

Aside from dried apricots, there are many things you can do with this summer fruit.

Its sweet and tarty flavors go with almost any kind of dish. You can even serve apricot wild rice stuffing for Thanksgiving.

From the breakfast table to desserts, here are 5 ways to dress up your fresh apricots: 

1. Breakfast Food

Apricots are a popular breakfast food. They are eaten raw in cottage cheese and fruit jars or paired with a bowl of oatmeal.

You can also add them to your morning juice or breakfast smoothie bowl.

Apricot juice is great for a morning detox. Its sweetness is a perfect way to jumpstart your day.

2. Baked Pies

You’ve heard of peach and apple pies, but did you know that you can also bake an apricot pie?

Since they’re similar to peaches, you can substitute pie filling for apricots.

We recommend buying them fresh and preparing them as you would with apples.

The secret to good pie filling is caramelizing your fruits and adding a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon.

3. Trail Mix

If you have dried apricots, you can add them to a bowl of trail mix.

This dried fruit pairs well with nuts and fruits like almonds, pecans, or walnuts. This makes for perfect appetizers or snacks when hanging out with your friends. 

4. Fresh Salad

Apricots also taste incredible when they’re served fresh in a salad. Whether a fruit salad or veggie salad, they’re a sweet addition.

We recommend slicing them up and using them as toppings.

Drizzle a bit of cream or chocolate syrup, and you have an indulgent fruit bowl.

In vegetable salad, we recommend a dressing like balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses to compliment the sweetness.

5. Frozen Treats

If you have extra apricots left, feel free to slice them up and save them for later.

You can blend them into a smoothie and pour them into popsicle molds.

So when it gets too hot, you can grab a frozen apricot as a fresh and sweet treat.

What Does Apricot Smell Like?

Before maturity, apricots have a subtle perfume-like smell. Are apricots sweet-smelling like peaches? Yes, it grows more fragrant when it ripens. After harvest, apricots have a lush and juicy aroma. 

What Fruit Is Similar to Apricot?

Apricots are often mistaken for peaches.

This is a common mistake since they have many similarities.

They have the same velvety golden orange skin, almost the exact size, and almost the same flavors.

The key difference is that apricots are smaller and less fuzzy.

They also have a tarty taste, while peaches don’t. 

Nutritional Benefits of Apricots

Apricots are incredibly beneficial to your health.

They are highly nutritious and low in calories. For example, two pieces of apricots only have around 40 calories.

So you can eat more and feel full faster without worrying about extra calories.

They’re also rich in vitamins C and A. Both vitamins are essential to our immune system.

They also help fight off radical cells from our bodies.

Since the skin is edible, it’s recommended to eat it due to its high fiber content.

Apricots are also very hydrating.

Due to its juiciness, it is no surprise that this fruit is high in water content.

This helps regulate your blood pressure and your body temperature. If you feel dehydrated and don’t have water, you can opt for eating apricots instead.

How Do You Store Apricots Properly?

When buying apricots from the market, it’s still not as ripe as you would want them to be. That’s perfectly okay, though, because this will give you time to extend its shelf life.

When storing apricots on the counter, ensure they’re far away from direct sunlight or heat.

Don’t store your apricots in the fridge before they are ripe.

Before placing them in the refrigerator, you want them to be full, juicy, and sweet.

If you store them too early, this will slow down the ripening process.

Once the apricots are ripe, place them in a plastic bag or container and keep them in the fridge.

This way, you’ll ensure their sweetness and juiciness last longer.

You can store them in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.

You can also freeze apricots for up to 12 months.

If you want to eat a piece, ensure it reaches room temperature first to maximize flavor. 

Where Are Apricots From?

Apricots originally came from Asia.

They are prevalent in Middle Eastern countries.

Iran and Turkey are two of the biggest apricot producers in the world.

It’s believed that apricots came to the United States through Spanish missionaries.

They introduced the fruit in California and cultivated it on the lands.

The states of California, Indiana, and Washington are three of the biggest producers in the U.S.

Facts You Don’t Know About Apricots

Apricots may seem like a simple fruit, but there are a lot of fun facts surrounding them. For one, did you know that astronauts ate apricots during the Apollo mission to the moon?

Apricots and peaches actually belong to the rose family. These fruits are also related to almonds.

Another fun fact is that an apricot tree can bear fruit for up to 25 years. That’s a very long time, significantly compared to other fruit-bearing trees.

Do Apricots Taste Like Orange?

Yes, apricots taste like oranges. They have the same sweet yet tart flavors. However, you may say that oranges are definitely more sour than apricots.

Do Apricots Have Fuzz On Them?

Yes, apricots have a light fuzz before they ripen. When they’re ripe, they lose their fuzz and have smooth skin.

Are Apricots Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, apricots are good for weight loss because they are low in calories.

Are Apricots And Nectarines The Same?

No, they’re not the same fruit, but they come from the same family.

When Should You Use Apricots?

You should use apricots if you’re looking for a sweet summer fruit to freshen your dishes.

What’s The Difference Between A Peach And An Apricot?

The main difference lies in the flavor. Peaches don’t have the same tarty taste as apricots.

What Spices Go Well With Dried Apricots?

Warm spices go well with dried apricots. This includes ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

What Fruit Goes Well With Dried Apricots?

Any dried fruit goes well with dried apricots. We suggest dried pineapples, oranges, mangoes, or raisins.


Apricots are stone fruits similar to peaches and plums. They are seasonal fruits and are only available from June to August. They have varying colors depending on whether they’re nearing maturity or ripe.

Apricots can have light yellow to orange or reddish skin. They are oval-shaped and have light fuzz on their skin. They have a subtle fragrant smell that is lush and sweet. Ripe apricots are soft and firm on the hand. Apricots are also available in canned or dried forms.

So, what do apricots taste like? When you cut open an apricot, its flesh is orange and juicy. Apricots are sweet and incredibly hydrating. They are rich in vitamins A and C. Apricots are best eaten raw or enjoyed in juices, shakes, or salads.

To store apricots, ensure they are ripe before putting them in the fridge. Wrap in a plastic bag and container and only store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days to ensure freshness.

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