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What Does Oat Milk Taste Like? We have a Detailed Answer!

The vegan movement has sparked many new products into the market, including oat milk. This particular type of milk is dairy-free and gluten-free. But what is oat milk? And what does oat milk taste like? We’ll review in details this popular drink in this food guide below.

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What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a type of plant milk that comes from grains, specifically whole oats. Contrary to other kinds of milk, oat milk is a recent invention. It was first produced in the 1990s by a Swedish scientist named Rickard Oste. He then co-founded the largest manufacturer of oat milk called “Oatly.”

Oat milk was not as well-received when it was first launched. However, the growing love for veganism and cruelty-free products has boosted its popularity. Nowadays, Oatly distributes oat milk worldwide in different types and variations.

This plant milk is available in most grocery stores and usually comes in four types. There are unsweetened, sweetened, vanilla, and chocolate oat milk. There are also oat milk variations in the form of creamers, yogurt, or even ice cream.

It’s important to note that oat milk isn’t the only vegan milk alternative. There is also rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk, which are the most commonly used. Companies name each plant-based milk based on the plant, but the production process is more or less the same.

How is Oat Milk Made

The easiest way to get oat milk is to buy a commercially produced carton. As we mentioned earlier, Oatly is the most popular brand. These manufacturers first mill the oat grains to remove the outer shells to make oat milk.

The grains are added to warm water and ground until they become slurry. The slurry is then simmered until it creates a thick oat base. This base then goes through a repeated process of soaking and straining. Then they separate the liquid milk from the drained oats. 

After this step, they add flavoring, sweeteners, vitamins, and minerals. And because this is a plant-based milk, it’s lower in calcium. This is why added nutrients are essential. You’ll still get the proper nutrition of milk without the dairy.

The good news is that you can also make oat milk at home. The only downside is that you won’t be able to add nutrients on a micro-level. However, you can still pair the milk with other healthy foods to get a complete set of nutrients.

To make homemade oat milk, add 1 cup of rolled oats and 4 cups of water to a blender. Blend the mixture at the highest speed for at least 45 seconds. If you want a more delicate texture, blend it for another 30 seconds.

You’ll see the oats and water combine to create an oat slurry. Pour this mixture through a towel or cheesecloth and strain generously. Catch the liquid with a bowl or container, and voila: you have oat milk.

It’s simple and easy, so it’s no wonder many people are straying away from regular milk. Another point worth mentioning is that oat milk has many health benefits. If you’re thinking of adding it to your diet, now is a perfect time.

Oat Milk Health Benefits

Even as late as 2020, more and more people are switching to oat milk. It’s the best option, especially if you’re lactose intolerant or diabetic. If you’re just after a healthier diet, you’re welcome to try oat milk too.

One of the many benefits of oat milk is that it’s dairy-free. To vegans, this is the most crucial aspect. The fact that it’s dairy-free means no animals were harmed to create this product. Many people also opt for oat milk because its production process is greener.

Dairy-free is also an advantage for people with lactose intolerance. They get to enjoy the flavors of milk without worrying about stomach problems. If you have celiac disease, you’ll also enjoy oat milk because it’s gluten-free.

Another health benefit of oat milk is its rich fiber content. Since it’s a plant-based milk, it has twice the fiber of dairy milk. It also has a unique fiber called “beta-glucan,” which is vital to the immune system. 

Oat milk is also rich in B vitamins and folate, which are essential to the body. It also contains lower fat and lower calories compared to dairy milk. Perhaps the most important benefit is its minerals.

Even though dairy milk has more calcium, the mineral is still present in oat milk. It also has potassium, magnesium, and zinc. All of these minerals are important to growing and developing healthy bones.

Is Oat Milk Healthy?

Yes, oat milk is incredibly healthy. Due to its plant-based quantities, it’s an excellent dairy alternative. This is especially helpful for people with lactose intolerance, diabetes, or celiac disease. 

Oat milk is also rich in fiber, vitamin B, and folate. These are all significant to the boosting of our gut and immune systems. Oat milk also has minerals that are important to growing bones. If you’ve never tasted oat milk before, now is a perfect time.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

Since it’s not as common as dairy milk, it’s only normal to ask, “what does oat milk taste like?” The answer might surprise you. Contrary to what you might think, oat milk tastes like regular cow’s milk. However, there are subtle differences.

One crucial difference is that it’s sweeter compared to dairy milk. It also has a slight hint of the oat flavor, but this depends on where you bought your oat milk. Commercially produced oat milk has little to no aftertaste of oats.

Regarding texture, oat milk is richer, creamier, and thicker than dairy milk. This is why many coffee lovers prefer oat milk as a creamer instead of regular milk. Baristas also opt for oat milk because it has a nice foam and complements the acidity of espresso.

Does Oat Milk Taste Like Cinnamon?

No, the oat milk’s taste isn’t like cinnamon. However, there is cinnamon-flavored oat milk, so if you buy that one, you’ll get a taste of the spice.

Does Oat Milk Have an Aftertaste?

Although the taste of oat milk isn’t that strong, it does have an aftertaste. Fortunately, it isn’t an overwhelming taste. Many people have said that oat milk leaves a hint of oats on the tongue after you drink it.

Does Oat Milk Taste Creamy?

Many people wonder what oat milk tastes like, but others are more curious about its texture. Generally speaking, oat milk is very creamy. It’s creamier than dairy milk. It also has a rich texture that evenly coats the mouth.

Does Oat Milk Taste Like Milk?

If you’ve ever wondered if oat milk tastes like milk, the answer is yes. This is why it’s a popular alternative to dairy milk, even for non-vegans. Is oat milk sweeter than regular milk? Yes, it’s the only noticeable difference.

Does Oat Milk Taste Good in Coffee?

Yes, oat milk tastes good in coffee. It’s a go-to favorite for coffee drinkers and baristas alike. As we mentioned earlier, oat milk has a rich and creamy texture. This perfectly balances the firm acidity of the espresso.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like in Cereal?

Another question to answer is if oat milk tastes good with cereal. The answer is a definitive yes. Since oat milk is sweet and creamy, it pairs well with any cereal.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like in Hot Chocolate?

If oat milk goes well with coffee, it will definitely taste heavenly with hot chocolate. Oat milk makes any drink, especially hot cocoa, extra creamy. Due to its natural sweetness, it will complement the rich, dark, and strong flavors of cocoa.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like in Tea?

Oat milk in tea tastes sweet and refreshing. It’s an excellent sweetener if you’ve run out of sugar or honey. You can pair oat milk with teas like English breakfast tea, green tea, or chamomile tea.

What Does Bad Oat Milk Taste Like?

Spoiled oat milk will taste sour. If it tastes how it usually tastes, then it’s probably still good to drink. Another sign of spoilage to look out for is discoloration and mold growth.

How to use oat milk

Aside from its flavor and texture, oat milk is celebrated for its versatility. There are many ways to use oat milk in the kitchen, not just for coffee or tea. Here are 5 of the best uses for oat milk:

Coffee Creamer

The best and most popular way to use oat milk is as a coffee creamer. We had to include it on this list, or otherwise, it would be incomplete. There’s no denying that oat milk is the perfect pair for a hot cup of coffee.

If you’re fond of lattes or want to spice up your espresso, then oat milk is the way to go. This rich and creamy milk will sweeten your drink and your mornings. Another tip is to ask your barista for extra foam.

Hot Chocolate

Another perfect pairing for oat milk is hot chocolate. There’s no way that you could go wrong about this. The rich, strong, and slightly bitter cocoa flavors complement oat milk. 

The added creaminess will definitely give your drink the boost it needs. For added flavor, we suggest including marshmallows and a dash of cinnamon.


If you’re slowly switching to a vegan diet, we recommend trying out oat milk for your smoothies. It will still have the same creaminess and richness as dairy milk. However, you’ll have all the benefits without the added fat or calories. Oat milk is best paired with smoothies like bananas, mangos, or strawberries.


You can also substitute oat milk for all your dairy needs regarding desserts. Milk is a necessary ingredient when making brownies, cookies, or other baked goods. However, with oat milk, you can be healthier, and it won’t make any difference to the overall taste.

Creamy Soups

Oat milk is also an excellent addition to creamy soups. Use it as a base for tomato soup, pumpkin soup, or mushroom soup. Using this plant-based milk will help make your soup creamier and richer. It will also add depth and structure to the soup and give you a better savory flavor.

Frequently Answered Questions

Why Does My Oat Milk Taste Sour?

All types of oat milk taste like sour cream when it’s spoiled. If you sniff a strong sour smell, dispose of the milk immediately.

What Is The Texture Of Oat Milk?

The texture of oat milk is rich, creamy, and thick enough to cover the tongue.

How Will You Know If The Oat Milk Is Fresh?

You can answer this question with another question: “what does oat milk taste like?” Oat milk has a sweet, rich, and creamy taste. If your oat milk checks the above, it’s still fresh.

Is Oat Milk Gluten-Free?

Oats are naturally gluten-free, so oat milk should be gluten-free. However, ensure your oat milk isn’t produced with other gluten grains.

How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Once opened, oat milk lasts 7 to 10 days in your fridge.

Is Oat Milk Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, it’s good for weight loss because it doesn’t have as many calories as dairy milk. Plus, it’s low in sugar and fat as well.

Can I Use Oat Milk In Baking?

Yes, you can substitute or use oat milk in baking. All types of oat milk taste like regular cow’s milk. You don’t have to worry about the difference in flavor.


Oat milk is a type of plant-based milk. It’s one of the many popular milk alternatives available on the market. Other vegan milk types include almond, coconut, and soy milk.

When it comes to flavor, all types of oat milk taste like dairy milk, except it’s sweeter. It’s also richer and creamier in texture. Others report a hint of oats as an aftertaste, but it’s a welcome flavor.

Drinking oat milk has many health benefits. It’s rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All of which are necessary for a growing and developing body.

When it comes to uses, oat milk is trendy among coffee lovers. Oat milk tastes just like any other creamer. You can also use oat milk for hot chocolate, smoothies, desserts, and soups. If you’re looking for the perfect cereal milk, then oat milk is the way to go.

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