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5 Ideas for Best Burrata Cheese Substitute

Here is a list of tasty options so you can pick the best burrata cheese substitute for your cooking needs.

Burrata cheese is a decadent and luxurious Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. It can be hard to find in some places or too expensive for some budgets.

From store-bought favorites to homemade options, there’s something for everyone. So let’s get started on finding the perfect substitute for your next dish!

large dish served with burrata cheese, grape tamatoes and olives.

What Is Burrata Cheese?

Burrata cheese is an Italian cow milk cheese. Its creamy texture, mild taste, and versatility make it a great addition to any dish.

The original recipe for this fresh cheese calls for buffalo milk, but the modern versions use cow’s milk.

On the outside, the burrata looks like an ordinary ball of mozzarella cheese. But the real magic happens when you cut it open. It combines firm and creamy textures and does not lack flavor. The experience of slicing one up and finding creamed cheese inside is satisfying.

Burrata has a mozzarella shell or casing and a creamy filling. People call this filling stracciatella, a mixture of fresh curds and fresh cream.

Many restaurants serve burrata on top of Italian bread and drizzled with olive oil. Burrata also finds its way as a pizza topping or a pasta ingredient.

When it comes to flavor, burrata cheese tastes like creamier mozzarella cheese. It is milky, creamy, buttery, and just the slightest bit tangy. The filling inside adds a slightly sweet flavor due to the cream.

As mentioned, burrata cheese is less common than cheddar or mozzarella. You’ll have a better chance of finding it in Italian specialty stores or online retailers.

Best Burrata Cheese Substitutes

Here are the top 5 burrata cheese substitutes that are close in terms of flavor and texture.

1. Mozzarella Cheese

Black plate served with three mozzarella balls.

A no-brainer alternative to burrata cheese is, of course, fresh mozzarella cheese. After all, burrata cheese is just like a modified and upgraded version of this Italian cheese.

Flavor-wise, mozzarella lacks the sweet undertones from the cream of burrata. Other than that, it is a close match.

Note that most mozzarella cheeses are made from cow’s milk, but some cheesemakers mix in some goat’s milk too.


The biggest difference is that mozzarella lacks the filling, so it does not have the same appeal. And, of course, burrata is creamier than mozzarella, so there is a difference in texture.

2. Cream Cheese

Stalk with different varieties of packaged cream cheese.

Among the best substitutes for burrata cheese is classic cream cheese.

It has all the lovely flavors of burrata because cream cheese has a subtle sweetness and a slight tang. This cheese has a spreadable and creamy texture, too.

Cream cheese is also incredibly versatile. You can pair it with sweet and savory dishes alike. It is perfect for making dips as well.

You’ll miss the chunks of cheese curds, though. But that pales compared to the flavor match you’ll get.

And cream cheese is such a common cheese you can find it anywhere. That is if you don’t already have it in your fridge.


Take the cream cheese out of the fridge and let it reach room temperature for the best experience. After all, you should always eat burrata cheese at room temperature.

3. Cashew Cheese

Serving board with cashew cheese and fresh herbs.

One of the many reasons you’d need a burrata cheese substitute is that it is not vegan. Plus, it is a dairy product from cow’s milk.

So, vegans and people with sensitivity to lactose cannot have burrata cheese.

The good thing is that people have already discovered cashew cheese. And it is a suitable burrata cheese substitute for people with strict diets.

The thing is that there are very few commercial versions of cashew cheese available.

Cashews have some tang, and it gets a texture reminiscent of cream cheese when blended. For these reasons, cashew cheese indeed makes a great burrata cheese substitute.


You’ll have to whip this substitute up on your own. The process is easy; you just have to throw softened cashews into a blender. Add spices and seasonings of your own and blend away.

4. Ricotta Cheese

Blue dish with white ricotta cheese.

Ricotta cheese is a by-product of cheese production. Its main ingredient is leftover whey, which is naturally high in protein.

Regarding texture, though, it is close to the insides of the burrata. That said, ricotta is a better substitute for recipes focusing on stracciatella cheese.

Ricotta has the same flavor profile as burrata. It is mild and fresh, so there will be little or no flavor shift in your recipe.


Do note that ricotta cheese does not melt as mozzarella cheese does. And for this reason, it does not make a great swap for recipes that call for baking or cooking the burrata.

5. Queso Fresco Cheese

wheel of Queso Fresco Cheese on top of wooden serving board.

Another great alternative resembling the cheese curds inside the burrata is queso fresco. Because of this, you can also choose this fresh cheese as a burrata alternative.

Like burrata, it comes from cow’s milk, so there are similarities. For instance, queso fresco is also a white and creamy cheese.

Despite being fresh, queso fresco has a bolder and tangier flavor than fresh mozzarella and burrata. This flavor is great if you find the burrata cheese lacking in flavor.

You can opt for aged queso fresco cheese for a more intense taste.


Remember, though, that queso fresco does not melt well. So, if you need something melty, you are better off with other swaps on this list.

How To Choose A Burrata Cheese Substitute?

When choosing the best burrata substitute, you need to consider some factors.

1. Pay Close Attention To The Flavor

Choose something slightly tangy and sweet but buttery and milky at the same time.

For this factor, the top choices are cream cheese and ricotta.

2. Consider The Melting Property

Burrata melts beautifully. So, the alternative you should choose must also be able to do that. That is, of course, if the recipe needs melted cheese.

Opt for fresh mozzarella in this case, as it will never disappoint when it comes to melting.

3. Watch Out For Dietary Requirements

Some people follow strict diets, making burrata a no-no for them. If you need something vegan and dairy-free, look no further than cashew cheese. You’ll need to make it yourself, though.

What’s So Special About Burrata?

What’s special about burrata is that it is cheese within a cheese. It has a mixture of cheese curds and cream inside a mozzarella shell. To enjoy it, you’ll have to slice the shell open and watch as the stracciatella cheese ooze out – pretty special!

Is Burrata Cheese Similar To Mozzarella?

Yes. Burrata cheese is similar to mozzarella because it is essentially the same cheese. The shell of the burrata is mozzarella cheese. And the cheese curds inside are mozzarella strands blended with cream. Regarding flavor, they taste pretty close. Burrata is just more decadent than mozzarella due to the added cream.

Is Mascarpone The Same As Burrata?

No. Mascarpone is not the same as burrata. They are both fresh cheeses. But burrata has a shell and a filling, while mascarpone is a spreadable cheese. Nevertheless, they both have a slightly sweet and tangy flavor. For this reason, mascarpone can also be a burrata cheese substitute in some recipes.


Burrata cheese is a unique type of cheese. It has a fresh mozzarella casing and a creamy inside that flows out once you slice the cheese apart. Burrata cheese is not that common, so finding it is challenging.

You’ll most likely need to opt for a burrata cheese substitute. Mozzarella cheese is the best alternative that can work in all recipes. Feta cheese made from goat’s milk is a decent swap other than the abovementioned ones. For a vegan option, cashew cheese is unbeatable.

large dish served with burrata cheese, grape tamatoes and olives.

5 Ideas for Best Burrata Cheese Substitute

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Burrata cheese is a decadent and luxurious Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. Here is a list of tasty options so you can pick the best burrata cheese substitute for your cooking needs.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
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  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Cashew Cheese
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Queso Fresco Cheese


  • Pick the cheese from our list that will work for your recipe.
  • Adjust the recipe if needed.
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