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Crepe Filling Ideas (32 Flavorful Options)

This article will discuss creative and delicious crepe filling ideas you can choose from. From classic fillings to something more adventurous, you’ll find plenty of options below.

You can enjoy a crepe anytime, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. One of the best things about this food is the endless possibilities for fillings.

Plate with crepes filled with stuffing.

List Of Crepe Filling Ideas

For your next crepe snack experience, refer to this list of assorted fillings. Mix and match these fillings as you like and make your crepes truly your own.

Whether you are in the mood for sweet or savory, there is something you can fill your crepes with.

1. Cream Cheese

First on our list is cream cheese crepe filling. Cream cheese adds a tangy, velvety touch and is a good canvas for other fillings. Of course, you can have it just by itself, too. It’s tasty and nutritious, after all.

2. Whipped Cream

Plate with crepes with whipped cream and fruits.

The light and airy whipped cream will add a delicately sweet taste to your crepes, aside from offering a pleasant texture. Its mild flavor can also be a good accompaniment for other fillings like fruit and chocolate. You may also use it as a topping.

3. Fresh Berries

Close up shot of strawberries.

For a burst of natural sweetness, use fresh berries as your fillings. Make strawberry crepes, or opt for fresh blueberries or raspberries.

Fresh fruits like these create a vibrant and refreshing filling that melds well with plain crepes. For more variety, use mixed berries.

4. Peaches

Juicy and fragrant peaches offer a luscious filling option. After all, it offers a delicate balance of sweetness and a hint of tartness.

Its floral notes, and soft texture will give you a taste of summer in your crepes. You may opt to use fresh or cooked peaches, depending on your preference.

5. Bananas and Nutella

You can use sliced bananas for fillings for a classic sweet crepe. This tropical fruit is also a great pair for Nutella. Plus, you can add other fruits, so you won’t have trouble mixing and matching your fillings.

The best thing is that bananas are everywhere, and you may already have them at home. It makes a quick option.

6. Mangoes

Another tropical fruit that makes a good crepe filling is mango. It’s sweet, decadent, and nutritious, making it a good choice.

Pair it with homemade whipped cream and top it with vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar for exquisite dessert crepes.

7. Lemon Curd

Lemon curd combines lemon juice, butter, eggs, and sugar. It is tangy, zesty, and sweet, so it is a refreshing addition to your crepes.

Lemon curd’s citrusy goodness will create a delightful contrast with your other ingredients. It will surely enhance the flavor of your dish.

8. Apple Pie Bliss

The combination of apples, cinnamon, and sugar is a classic filling reminiscent of a delectable apple pie.

Sauté thinly sliced apples with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar until tender. Fill the crepe with the caramelized apples and top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

9. Coffee Mascarpone Cream

If you love coffee, here is a great pick. This filling option is rich and aromatic as it combines creamy mascarpone cheese and coffee.

It offers a balance between creamy sweetness and subtle bitterness. Surely, it is a treat you’ll love any time of the day.

10. S’mores

Embrace the indulgence by spreading melted chocolate on the crepe and sprinkling crushed graham crackers and mini marshmallows on top. Fold the crepe and let the residual heat melt the marshmallows for a gooey treat.

11. Brownies

If you want to indulge, try baking your favorite brownies and using them as a crepe filling. The chewy texture and intense chocolate flavor of brownies will be irresistible for chocolate lovers.

Top your dish with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a more decadent treat. Finish with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

12. Peanut Butter

The smooth and creamy texture of the peanut butter makes it a good crepe filling option. Its pleasant flavor also pairs well with various toppings and spreads. For a simple combination, try it with jam or fresh bananas.

13. Chocolate Chips

Crepes served with Nutella and chocolate chips.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without chocolate. Sprinkle chocolate chips inside your crepes before rolling or folding them for a delightful crunch and sweetness to your crepes.

You may also opt to heat the crepes afterward to melt the chocolate. Use dark chocolate chips for an intense flavor without too much sweetness.

14. Thai-inspired Fusion

Combine cooked chicken or shrimp with bean sprouts, shredded carrots, and sliced bell peppers. Add a sprinkle of chopped peanuts and drizzle with a spicy peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce.

15. Cheese

Among the best savory crepe filling ideas is cheese. The good thing about cheese is that there are so many varieties to choose from. Cheddar and Ricotta cheese are among the top options. However, if you like a stronger flavor, you can also go for goat cheese and even blue cheese.

16. Ham and Cheese

Crepes with ham and cheese stuffing.

Speaking of classics, a ham and cheese crepe filling is also a must-try. The ham’s saltiness and the cheese’s creaminess create a perfect balance of flavors. Plus, this combination tastes great with various sauces, so you can customize your crepes all you want.

17. Scrambled Eggs

For a versatile savory crepe filling, scrambled eggs are a top choice. The soft and fluffy eggs add a hearty taste to your crepes and pair well with bacon to make a breakfast crepe.

Not only are scrambled eggs versatile but they’re also packed with protein – making your dish extra healthy. Sprinkle some Tabasco sauce if you want to add a spicy kick.

18. Chicken and Pesto

Slice the chicken thinly or shred them before adding them to your crepes, and you’ll get a flavorful meal instantly.

Cook diced chicken breast and toss it with a spoonful of pesto sauce. Spread the mixture onto the crepe, and if desired, add some fresh basil leaves or cherry tomatoes for added freshness.

19. Turkey

Plate with crepes stuffed with turkey.

Aside from being a great source of protein, turkey is lean and flavorful. It is a versatile meat choice you can eat with lots of other condiments. Roast, fry, or boil it; the choice is yours. Any way you cook it, you’ll end up with satisfying savory crepes.

20. Beef Stroganoff

If you have some leftover beef stroganoff from last night’s dinner, that will make a great crepe filling. It’s savory, creamy, and rich, so it can bring your crepes to the next level. Plus, it is an incredible source of protein, so it does not fall short of nutrition.

21. Smoked Salmon

Delicate and smoky, smoked salmon filling brings a touch of elegance to your crepes. Pair it with dill, capers, and cream cheese to make a delicious combination of flavors. Seafood lovers will surely enjoy these delicious crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

22. Shrimp and Crab

For more seafood choices, try a medley of shrimp and crab for crepe fillings. Complete the mix with a squeeze of lemon juice or a creamy Mornay sauce. Make sure to use the freshest shrimps and crabs for the best results.

23. Taco Meat

Plate with crepes filled with taco meat, close up shot.

If Tex-Mex is more your style, use taco meat as your crepe filling. Your crepes will surely be delicious with the right seasonings and the slightest hint of heat in the meat.

For a more delightful experience, eat them with guacamole, shredded cheese, or salsa.

24. Prosciutto

To add an Italian touch to your dish, use prosciutto to fill your crepes. Those thin slices of salty, savory, and smoky ham will elevate your dish like no other. Pair it with greens or cheeses to get the most out of your meal.

25. Kale

Try sauteeing kale and garlic in olive oil, then use it as your crepe filling. Kale boasts many nutritional benefits that will make your dish more nutritious. Of course, you can have kale alone, but pairing it with other vegetables and some meat is also an option. Try it with cheese, too.

26. Artichoke

For another healthy crepe filling option, use artichokes. Artichokes are earthy and nutty, but they also have a slight bitterness. For this reason, it is best to saute them first and then have them in your crepes with spinach or cheese.

27. Pumpkin

Do you want warm and comforting crepes? Try a filling of pureed pumpkin with nutmeg and cinnamon. Better yet, combine your pumpkin puree with cream cheese. Throw some toasted nuts as a topping, and you’re all set for an autumn-inspired meal.

28. Mushrooms and spinach

Plate with crepes filled with mushrooms and spinach.

If you’re craving something meaty but want to avoid actual meat, mushrooms are a perfect crepe filling. Saute them with garlic and your choice of herbs to get an even more tasty option. Toss some spinach or caramelized onions to complete the mix.

29. Mediterranean Delight

Fill the crepe with a combination of grilled vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant. Add crumbled feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and a drizzle of tzatziki sauce for a Mediterranean-inspired flavor.

30. Broccoli

Plate with crepes filled with broccoli and cream.

Steam, blanch, or roast broccoli for a pleasant crunch and a health boost in your crepes.

Combine this vibrant green veggie with mushrooms, cheese, or other vegetables for a tastier dish.

31. Mushroom and Brie

Sauté sliced mushrooms with butter and garlic until golden, then add chunks of creamy Brie cheese. The earthy mushrooms complement the richness of the Brie, resulting in a savory delight.

32. Caprese Elegance

Layer slices of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves inside the crepe. Drizzle with balsamic glaze or a drizzle of olive oil for a delightful Caprese salad-inspired filling.

What To Serve With Crepes For Brunch?

When serving crepes for brunch, there are various delicious accompaniments you can opt for. Fresh fruits such as berries and sliced bananas are a top choice. Your best savory options include smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and prosciutto. A side salad or a selection of cheeses is also a great pick.

What Is The Secret Of A Good Crepe?

The secret to a good crepe is hitting the balance of texture and flavor. The batter should be thin and smooth so you’ll have a great texture, tender on the center and crispy on the edges. Even browning is also crucial, so cook your crepes over medium heat. Finally, the filling or toppings should complement the crepe and not overpower it.

Should Crepes Be Rolled Or Folded?

Whether to roll or fold crepes depends on personal preference and the filling. Rolled crepes have a cylindrical shape that works great for moist and saucy fillings. Plus, rolling the crepes makes it a breeze to hold and eat. On the other hand, folded crepes are neat and compact. They are best for drier or delicate fillings.

Are Crepes Just Pancakes?

No. Crepes are not pancakes. They might look the same, but crepes do not have a rising agent, unlike pancakes. As a result, crepes are thinner and wider than pancakes. However, you can use crepe fillings as pancake toppings and vice-versa.


Crepes offer a versatile canvas for a wide range of fillings. They are a delicious option for any meal of the day. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there are numerous creative and mouthwatering options you can explore. Classic options include cream cheese, whipped cream, and fresh berries. On the other hand, coffee mascarpone cream, smoked salmon, and beef stroganoff are creative choices.

With a variety of fruits, cheeses, meats, and vegetables to choose from, you can mix and match to create your unique crepe recipes. So, let your culinary imagination run wild because the possibilities for crepe filling ideas are endless.

Printable Recipe Card

Plate with crepes filled with broccoli and cream.

Crepe Filling Ideas (32 Options)

Natalia-Flavorful Home
Making a filling for crepes opens up a world of possibilities for both sweet and savory creations. Here's a basic guideline on how to prepare a filling for crepes.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course lunch
Cuisine American


Sweet Filling Options:

  • Cream Cheese and Berries
  • Whipped cream
  • Fruit Berries or Compote
  • Nutella and Banana
  • Lemon curd
  • Apples
  • Mascarpone Cream and coffee
  • Brownies
  • S’mores
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Chips

Savory Filling Options:

  • Spinach and Feta
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Ratatouille
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Chicken And Pesto
  • Turkey meat
  • Smoked Salmon and cream cheese
  • Shrimp And Crab
  • Prosciutto
  • Taco meat
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms And Spinach
  • Tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Broccoli
  • Mushroom And Brie


  • Fruit Compote: Cook your favorite fruits with a bit of sugar, lemon juice, and spices (such as cinnamon or vanilla) until they soften and release their juices. You can use berries, apples, pears, or even tropical fruits like mangoes or bananas.
  • Nutella and Banana: Spread a layer of Nutella (chocolate-hazelnut spread) on the crepe and add sliced bananas on top. Roll or fold the crepe for a delicious combination of flavors.
  • Cream Cheese and Berries: Mix softened cream cheese with a bit of powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Spread this mixture onto the crepe, then add fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Roll up the crepe and enjoy the creamy and fruity filling.
  • Spinach and Feta: Sauté fresh spinach with garlic and a pinch of salt until wilted. Crumble feta cheese into the pan and mix it with the spinach. Spread the filling on the crepe and fold it over or roll it up.
  • Ham and Cheese: Layer slices of cooked ham and your preferred cheese (such as Swiss, cheddar, or Gruyère) onto the crepe. You can also add some mustard or mayonnaise for extra flavor. Fold the crepe to enclose the filling and warm it in a pan or oven until the cheese melts.
  • Ratatouille: Prepare a flavorful ratatouille by sautéing diced vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes with herbs like thyme and oregano. Once the vegetables are tender, spoon the mixture onto the crepe and fold it over.


Once you’ve prepared your desired filling, place it in the center of the crepe, leaving some space around the edges.
Fold the crepe over the filling or roll it up, depending on your preference.
You can serve the crepes as is or give them a finishing touch by dusting them with powdered sugar, drizzling with chocolate or caramel sauce, or topping with whipped cream or fresh herbs.
Consider adding some garnishes like sliced fruit, a dollop of yogurt, or a sprinkle of nuts for added texture and presentation.
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