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Fantastic Substitute for Brie Cheese in Your Recipes.

Everybody loves brie cheese. The soft, creamy, buttery goodness pairs well with almost any dish. But brie cheese isn’t easy to come by. What do you do if a recipe calls for it? In today’s food guide, you’ll learn about the best substitute for brie cheese

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What Type of Cheese Is Brie?

Brie cheese is a type of cheese made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk. It’s originally made in France and is usually sold in slices. Brie cheese has an off-white color with a soft texture and dusty rind. Locals consider it as a soft-ripened cheese. Brie cheese’s taste is rich, creamy, and buttery with fruity and earthy hints.

Uses of Brie Cheese in Recipes

The best part about brie cheese is that you can serve it in many ways. You can even eat it on its own. Since the aroma isn’t too strong or overwhelming, the cheese can be an excellent quick, and tasty snack.

Brie cheese is also a popular choice for cheese boards or charcuterie boards. It’s a perfect complement to cured meats, crackers, fruits, or vegetables. You can also make baked brie cheese and serve it as a dip with fruits. This is often called cheese fondue.

Speaking of melted brie, this type of cheese also works with flatbreads or pizza. The creamy and runny cheese is delicious paired with the sweet and tangy taste of the tomatoes. It may not have the same stringy texture as mozzarella, but it adds an extra boost of flavor.

The bottom line is that brie cheese is versatile. You can use it for any recipe or serve it on its own. It can be a perfect addition to a simple grilled cheese sandwich or a hearty casserole.

Reasons to Substitute Brie Cheese

One of the disadvantages of brie cheese is that it’s not easy to come by. This is especially true if you’re talking about authentic French brie cheese. 

Since brie cheese comes from raw milk, it must be at least 60 days old to allow importation. Unfortunately, the cheese will become overripe at that point. 

Luckily, many places in the United States produce brie cheese. It may not have the same appeal as a slice of authentic French brie cheese, but it still works as an alternative.

Another reason would be that brie cheese is too expensive or there’s no stock. Fortunately, there are many options for brie cheese substitutes. Head over to the next section to learn the best options for brie.

Best Substitute for Brie Cheese

If you’ve run out of brie cheese, there’s no need to worry. There are many cheese alternatives that you can easily buy at grocery stores. Here is a list of where you can choose the best substitute for brie cheese:

1. Camembert Cheese.

Camembert is one of the best brie cheese substitutes. When it comes to looks, it has a similar profile to brie cheese. It has an off-white rind with a soft and gooey interior. 

One of the key differences is that stores usually sell brie in slices. But you can buy Camembert wheels. This is because Camembert cheese is often bigger than brie cheese.

Another difference is the flavor. While Camembert tastes like brie cheese, it has a more robust aroma and flavor. Its flavors range from hints of mushroom, garlic and earthy tones. The overall appeal is more overwhelming than brie cheese.

2. Goat Cheese.

Goat cheese is a good brie substitute. True to its name, goat cheese comes from goat’s milk. Brie is sometimes also made with goat’s milk. So, you can substitute goat cheese with brie directly.

Goat cheese has a similar off-white color, but its texture is different. The older it is, the more chalky and crumbly goat cheese becomes. It also has an intense grass-like aroma that comes across as funky.

Regarding flavor, goat cheese has a stronger flavor than brie cheese. It has a mild yet sharp earthy flavor that grows stronger as it ripens. In recipes, you can use goat cheese as one of the substitutes for brie cheese.

3. Reblochon Cheese.

Reblochon cheese is closer to Gruyere cheese, but you can still use it to replace brie. It’s a mountain cheese with a light yellow rind and a soft texture, and a creamy interior. 

Compared to brie cheese, Reblochon is creamier. Its flavors are also fruitier and nuttier. Compared to brie’s buttery and earthy tastes, this type of cheese has a more intense taste. The downside to Reblochon is that it’s not readily available and can be expensive. 

4. Chevre Cheese.

Chevre cheese is essentially another type of goat cheese. The main difference from goat cheese is its texture. Chevre is creamier and acts more like cream cheese. You can use it as a spread or dip for bread and meat.

However, the flavors still remain true to goat cheese. It has a subtle earthy flavor that compliments most side dishes. You can’t use it for grilled cheese, though, because chevre doesn’t melt like brie cheese. Still, you can add it to your list of substitutes for brie cheese.

5. Coulommiers Cheese.

Coulommier cheese is another type of French cheese like brie. It’s also made with cow’s milk and has a soft and creamy rind. It’s smaller than brie cheese, but its texture is thicker.

You can use Coulommiers cheese as an option for brie cheese, but expect a difference in flavor. This cheese has a more pungent, nutty taste, yet the buttery and fruity tastes remain the same with brie.

6. Paglietta.

You can also substitute brie cheese with Paglietta cheese. This is a fresh cheese made from Italian milk, specifically from the Piedmont region. It’s smaller in size with a whiter rind color.

When it comes to flavor, Paglietta has a sweet yet delicate taste. Its taste is similar to the milk used, so that you can expect a modest amount of flavor. Feel free to use Paglietta if you’re after the mild, buttery, and milky tastes.

7. Cantal Cheese.

Cantal cheese is another worthy option. This is an uncooked cheese that’s also produced from cow’s milk. Contrary to brie cheese, it has a natural rind and is more yellow in color.

Regarding the flavors, Cantal cheese has sharp and tangy tastes. It’s closer to cheddar than it is to brie. However, you can still use Cantal as one of the substitutes for brie cheese in most recipes.

8. Mozzarella Cheese.

Did you know that you can substitute brie cheese for mozzarella cheese? This is especially true if you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s because both brie and mozzarella are the best soft cheeses.

Mozzarella cheese has a mild milky and acidic flavor compared to brie cheese. However, it’s great because of its stringy texture. You can cut the sandwich in half and still achieve the soft, creamy, and runny cheese. After Camembert cheese, mozzarella is one of the best substitutes for brie cheese.

9. Explorateur Cheese.

This is one of the most expensive and luxurious replacements for brie cheese. Explorateur cheese is a triple-cream cheese with mild, creamy, and earthy tastes.

You can use this in place of brie cheese, but due to its premiere quality, we recommend eating it on its own. You can also pair this cheese with red wine.

10. Fromage D’affinois.

Another type of cheese that is often confused for brie is Fromage D’affinois. This is a double-cream cheese with a similar look and texture to brie. It’s often used as the centerpiece for cheese boards, and for a good reason. This cheese is ultra-rich, creamy, and buttery compared to brie.

11. Fontina Cheese.

If you’re looking for another substitute, Fontina cheese is a good option. It’s a semi-hard cheese with a natural rind. It’s yellowish in color and has a more structured cheese interior. 

Regarding the flavors, Fontina has mushroomy, earthy, and woody tastes. This is a stark difference compared to brie’s buttery and creamy flavors. However, Fontina cheese melts well so you can exchange it in brie cheese recipes.

12. Triple Cream Cheese.

Triple cream cheese is like brie cheese, except it has a higher fat content. When looking for triple cream cheese in grocery stores, it usually looks like brie cheese. It has an off-white rind with a gooey cheese interior.

The flavors for triple cream cheese are also similar to brie. It has a buttery and fruity flavor that melts quickly. You can opt for triple cream cheese if you don’t have brie cheese.

13. Saint-andré Cheese.

Another triple cream cheese is Saint-andré cheese. However, you can consider this as a luxury substitute for brie cheese. It’s because this is one of the most famous gourmet cheeses around the world.

Saint-andré is famous for its silk and velvety texture. When it comes to flavors, it has an ultra buttery yet sweet taste. Only substitute it for brie when serving on cheese boards.

14. Toma Cheese.

Another famous cheese is Toma cheese. It’s an Italian cheese, which means it’s produced by the farmers themselves. It has a natural rind with a pale yellow interior.

Although its flavors aren’t similar to brie cheese, you can still use it as a replacement. Toma cheese has subtle flavors that go well with any dish. Like brie, it has a creamy and smooth texture. It has a buttery flavor, but its tangy kick at the end is what separates it from most soft cheeses.

15. Cambozola.

Lastly, on this list, we have an experimental option. If you’re feeling more adventurous, we suggest Cambozola cheese. This type of cheese is a mix between triple cream cheese and Gorgonzola. 

When it comes to flavor and aroma, it’s like delicate blue cheese. Its scent isn’t as strong but has earthy and tangy flavors. The texture is soft and creamy, so it makes well for spreads. Feel free to use it as a brie substitute in recipes.

What Other Cheese Can I Use To Substitute Brie Cheese?

Aside from Camembert cheese, goat cheese and mozzarella are the next best substitutes. This all depends on the flavor and texture that you’re after. Each type of cheese will give you different results.

How Do You Freeze Brie Cheese?

You can freeze brie cheese by wrapping it with wax paper and placing it in an air-tight container. You can freeze brie cheese for up to 3 months though there is a slight difference in flavor.

How Long Will Brie Cheese Last In The Fridge?

Brie cheese can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge as long as it’s stored properly. When frozen, it can last up to 3 months.

Can You Eat Brie Cheese While Pregnant?

No, it’s not safe to eat brie cheese while pregnant. It may contain listeria that can cause flu-like symptoms and affect your pregnancy.

Is Brie Cheese Keto-Friendly?

Yes, brie cheese is keto-friendly. In fact, most cheeses are, so you don’t have to worry about eating them if you’re on a keto diet.

What Is The Difference Between Brie And Camembert Cheese?

The main difference is in their flavor. Brie has a fruity and earthy flavor. Meanwhile, Camembert cheese is more mushroomy and garlicky. Still, it’s the best substitute for brie cheese.

How Do You Store Brie Cheese Properly?

To ensure your brie cheese lasts, keep it in an air-tight container and store it in your fridge. This will extend your brie’s shelf life for up to 2 weeks.


Brie cheese is a type of soft cheese that originated in France. It has an off-white rind with a smooth, creamy, and decadent cheese interior. Its flavors are mild with sweet, buttery, fruity, and earthy tastes.

One of the best brie cheese substitutes is Camembert cheese. This is because it has the closest similarities regarding texture and flavors. It’s readily available in grocery stores, so you won’t have trouble looking for options.

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