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Substitute for Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has become a trendy topic in the past few years. What started as an occasional recipe item (usually in vegan foods) turned into a sugar option that many people use weekly or daily recipes. Many people consider this a healthy sugar to consume since it’s natural (derived from plants). Some consumers consider it a superfood that they add to dishes.

Below you’ll find the best substitute for coconut sugar that you can keep in your pantry in case you run out of coconut sugar, want a healthier alternative, or can’t find coconut sugar at the store.

small glass bowl filled with dark colored sugar

What is coconut sugar?

A common misconception for those who haven’t heard of coconut sugar is that this sweetener is created from coconuts. Surprisingly, it’s not! Coconut palm tree sugar is more similarly harvested like maple syrup – as sap from a tree. 

The process continues as the sap is added to water and boiled until it turns into a syrup. Then, the syrup dries and hardens. Here’s where the magic comes in – it’s broken into smaller pieces which are the sugar granules you can purchase from the store.

Many bakers use this sugar instead of standard white sugar as it’s considered a more natural sweetener.

What are good coconut sugar substitutes?

Many excellent sweeteners can be used as a substitute for coconut sugar. Below you’ll find a few different categories – choose the option that works best with your goals and needs.

1. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is the most similar tasting coconut sugar substitute. As far as baking with brown sugar, you’ll find it has the closest taste to coconut sugar. 

If you’re not concerned with the number of carbohydrates in the sugar but are focused just on taste, this one is at the top for a coconut sugar substitute.

2. Raw Honey

Raw Honey is the best natural coconut sugar alternative. If you have a recipe that can easily use liquid sugar, this is a great alternative.

3. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is the second-best coconut sugar alternative.

4. Stevia

Stevia is derived from a South American plant named Stevia Rebaudiana, putting it into the natural sweetener category. Since it is natural, it maintains nutrients through the extraction process.  Another added benefit of this sweetener is that it contains no calories, making it an excellent option for calorie-conscious people, whether that be for weight loss or for other reasons.

Recipes with Coconut Sugar

Here are some recipes made with coconut sugar!

Delicious Spelt Crust Apple Pie

baked apple pie with pastry decorations

Soft Flourless Cookies with Nuts

close up shot of chocolate cookies with nuts

Easy and Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

plate with three cinnamon rolls

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use brown sugar instead of coconut sugar?

Yes, it has a similar flavor, swap the sugar in the ratio 1:1.

Does coconut sugar taste different?

Yes, coconut sugar has a slightly caramel-like taste.

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