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Best Crackers For Charcuterie Board (11 Options)

This article is your ultimate guide for the best crackers for charcuterie board. Crackers play a big role in enhancing the flavors of cured meats, cheeses, and other items on your board.

From buttery options to gluten-free ones, we’ll discuss your top choices for crackers here.

Charcuterie board with crackers, fruits, cheese and meats.

What Is Charcuterie Board?

A charcuterie board is a mix of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, and other items that people lay on a serving board.

It stems from the French tradition of preparing and preserving meats.

The appeal of a charcuterie board lies in the blend of flavors, textures, and colors. It should offer a collection of elements to mix and match for unique taste experiences.

The board typically includes prosciutto, salami, or chorizo. Each meat offers a distinct flavor and texture, making them a perfect addition.

Various kinds of cheese, like Brie and Cheddar, complement the meats and add a touch of luxury to the board.

Aside from the meats and cheeses, charcuterie boards usually include other ingredients. They may have fresh or dried fruits like grapes, apricots, and figs. These fruits offer sweetness and improve the board’s appearance with vibrant colors.

Nuts like almonds, cashews, or walnuts provide a crunchy element. Condiments like mustard and chutney offer a contrast of flavors. These items will enhance your culinary experience.

Crackers or a nice and crispy crostini serve as carriers of other foods on the board.

The presentation of a charcuterie board is an art form. You can encourage appetite with the creative arrangement of ingredients on the board. After all, it is true that “the eyes eat first.”

For this reason, charcuterie boards often have garnishes for aesthetic appeal.

Best Crackers For Charcuterie Board

When making the perfect charcuterie board, picking the right crackers is important.

The ideal cracker has to have the right flavor and a delightful crunch. Of course, it should also be able to “carry” meat and cheeses.

1. Multigrain Crackers

Cutting board with multi grain crackers and sliced block of cheese.

Multigrain ones are among the best crackers for charcuterie boards. With grains like wheat, oats, and flax, these crackers boost your board’s nutrition.

Plus, they offer nuttiness and a satisfying crunch. Multigrain crackers are also versatile. For the best results, try it with a soft cheese like Gouda, Havarti, or Parmesan cheese.

2. Buttery Crackers

Butter crackers topped with gouda cheese

Buttery crackers like Ritz crackers are a perfect option for those seeking indulgence.

Their delicate buttery flavor and flaky texture complement the smokiness of cured meats. They are great with pastrami and ham.

These crackers also pair well with Swiss and sharp Cheddar cheese.

3. Artisan Crackers

Bakers craft artisan crackers with unique appearances on top of enticing flavors.

These crispy crackers add elegance to your charcuterie board with their unique shapes.

You also have many options, so you’ll find artisan crackers that pair with the nuts on your board.

4. Whole Wheat Crackers

Stack of whole wheat crackers on top of wooden cutting board.

These crackers, made from whole wheat flour, are a classic and reliable choice. It’s no wonder that they are a staple on charcuterie boards.

They have a neutral flavor, so they are versatile and can pair well with any meat and cheese you may have.

Wheat crackers are a safe bet that will please any palate. These crackers are also perfect pairs for nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pecans.

5. Fruit Crackers

You will never go wrong with fruit crackers for a sweet and savory combination. People make these crackers with dried fruits like figs, apricots, and cranberries.

They offer a contrast to the strong taste of Gruyere and Gorgonzola cheese. Plus, they make a great pair for salty meats like pancetta and prosciutto.

6. Gluten-Free Crackers

Having gluten-free crackers ensures everyone can enjoy them without compromising their dietary needs.

These crackers use rice, almond, or quinoa and bring diverse flavors and textures to the table. Gluten-free crackers also taste great with pistachios, cashews, and walnuts.

7. Saltine Crackers

Charcuterie board served with saltine crackers, meat and cubed cheese.

Of course, saltine crackers are another classic cracker you should not miss on your board. Their light and crispy nature counters the bold flavors of cured meats.

They have a subtle saltiness that complements a variety of cheeses. Saltines are perfect pairs for Cheddar. Plus, it complements pickles, mustard, a wide range of nuts, and dried fruits.

8. Water Crackers

Small sack filled with water crackers.

Water crackers are delicate, but they are incredibly crunchy. They offer a crisp texture without overpowering the other elements on the board.

Pair them with anything on your board. They go well with mild and strong cheeses and meats with salty and robust flavors. Eat them with dried figs or berries, and enjoy.

9. Herb Crackers

Close up shot of herb crackers.

Do you know that crackers infused with herbs can instantly elevate your board? They are fragrant and full of flavor, so they are perfect additions.

Try crackers with thyme, rosemary, or basil to give your senses a great adventure. They’ll go with creamy cheeses like goat cheese or Brie.

10. Cheese Crackers

Close up shot of cheese crackers.

Having a cheese cracker on your spread makes sense if you love cheese as much as most people do.

These crackers will blend well with other kinds of cheese on the board. Plus, we all know that cheese and cured meats are a perfect pair.

11. Pita Chips Crackers

Plate with pita crackers and white dip.

Pita crackers can be a wonderful addition to a charcuterie board. They offer a crunchy texture and are a great vehicle for carrying various toppings, spreads, or dips.

Pita crackers can complement a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables commonly found on a charcuterie board. Their mild flavor won’t overpower the other ingredients and can provide a nice contrast to the other items.

How Many Crackers Do You Need For A Charcuterie Board?

The number of crackers you need for a charcuterie board depends on how many people you are planning to feed.

To ensure that each person will have enough, serve 6 to 8 pieces of crackers for each.

You won’t need as much if you’re just having the charcuterie as an appetizer. An average of 3 to 4 pieces for each person would be enough for them to try different combos.

How Do You Keep Crackers From Getting Soggy On Charcuterie Board?

To prevent crackers from getting soggy, keep them away from moisture as much as possible.

To do this, you should arrange your board so that crackers are far from moist ingredients. Place them away from spreads, jams, or fresh fruits.

Better yet, consider having them on a separate container, a plate on the board.

Lastly, never refrigerate the crackers. If you’re going to keep the board in the fridge to serve at a later time, do not lay out the crackers first.

Instead, put the crackers on the board before serving them to maintain their crunch.

What Crackers Go Best With Cheese Ball?

Cheese balls pair with buttery crackers, so try them with Ritz. Saltines and water crackers are also great options with cheese balls.

What Crackers Pair Well With Salami?

For salty cured meat like salami, opt for crackers with a mild flavor. Water, wheat, and artisan crackers are the best pairs for it. Their subtle taste won’t go against the saltiness of the salami. Instead, these crackers will complement them and offer a wonderful medley of flavors.

What Crackers Go Best With Pepperoni And Cheese?

Pair pepperoni and cheese with healthy crackers. Go with whole grain or wheat crackers for the best results. Pepperoni is high in fats and sodium, so it is better to eat it with crackers that do not have much of these things.

What Kind Of Crackers Go With Brie?

Brie cheese is versatile, so it will go well with any cracker. Yet, if you want to focus on the flavor of the cheese, choose plain and mild ones like water crackers. Pair Brie with herb crackers and an olive oil dip if you want something tastier.


Using the best crackers for charcuterie board is a must for a great culinary experience. Multigrain, gluten-free, saltine, water, herb, and cheese crackers give you many choices.

These crackers serve as “carriers” for the board’s other elements. For this reason, they elevate your culinary experience. Indeed, your choice of crackers can enhance your board’s visual appeal and taste.

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