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Baked Potato Toppings (25+ Flavorful Options)

Baked potatoes are highly customizable; you can truly make them your own. You can mix and match your baked potato toppings. In this article, we will list the best ingredients you can use to fill your baked potato bar.

Baked potatoes are a delicious and versatile comfort food. The best thing about it is that it is very easy to make. You only need to wash and dry the potatoes, rub them with olive oil, and season. Then, you let the oven do its job. Once the baked potatoes cool, you can slice them up, fluff their insides, and choose your toppings.

Dish served with loaded baed potatoes with different toppings.

List Of Baked Potato Toppings

Here is a curated list of irresistible baked potato toppings that will take your dish to the next level. From indulgent and savory options to healthier alternatives, there’s something that will suit your taste.

These toppings will transform your baked potatoes into a mouthwatering culinary delight.

1. Ground Beef

Skillet with cooked ground meat.

A top protein choice for a baked potato topping is ground beef. It does not fall short in providing your dish with a meaty and savory taste.

Of course, ground beef also makes your baked potatoes more filling.

2. Pulled Pork

Cooked pulled pork on top of chopping block.

Another addition you should try is pulled pork. Its savory and juicy flavor will surely add a meaty taste to your baked potatoes.

This topping will also add much-needed protein to your dish.

3. Taco Meat

Skillet with taco meat and fresh herbs.

Give your baked potato a Tex-Mex twist by topping it with seasoned taco meat. You may use ground beef or ground turkey for this recipe.

Both will add a robust flavor, so ensure that your other toppings will not take a back seat to these meats.

4. Pot Roast

Tin foil dish filled with shredded pot roast.

Use a tender and juicy pot roast as your topping for a hearty and comforting option. The succulent meat offers a rich flavor thanks to its slow cooking process.

5. Cream Cheese

Stack of different packages with cream cheese.

For a classic touch, smear a generous dollop of creamy and smooth cream cheese on your baked potato. The cream cheese gives your dish a luxurious and velvety texture.

Its flavor also complements the potato’s natural sweetness.

6. Sour Cream

Spoon filled with sour cream.

Sour cream is among the most favorite baked potato toppings. The creamy and tangy taste of sour cream adds a cool and refreshing element to your dish.

In addition, its velvety texture perfectly pairs with the warm and fluffy potato.

7. Bacon Bits

Slices of smoked bacon on top of serving board.

Bacon is an incredibly tasty ingredient that can improve the overall flavor of many dishes, including baked potatoes. This processed meat’s salty and smoky flavor will lend dimension to your dish.

As a bonus, the bacon bits also add a pleasant crunch to your recipe.

8. Grated or Shredded Cheese

Cutting board with block of shredded cheese.

The classic choice for baked potato toppings is grated or shredded cheese! The perfect option is grated Cheddar cheese, but any melty cheese you choose will do.

Shredded cheese will add a satisfyingly gooey element you will love.

9. Roasted Vegetables

Dish with roasted vegetables on top of the table.

Try using a medley of roasted vegetables as your baked potato toppings for a healthy and flavorful touch. Zucchini, carrots, and bell peppers are top choices for your recipe.

These veggies give your dish a nutrition boost. They also add color, making your meal more appealing.

10. Chopped Tomatoes

You can never go wrong with chopped tomatoes as toppings when it comes to baked potatoes. They add a fresh, juicy touch and create a rich and satisfying culinary experience.

11. Chives

Bunch of chives  on top of wooden cutting board.

Sprinkle finely chopped chives on your baked potatoes for a fresh, mild onion flavor. Its vibrant green color adds a visual appeal, making your dish more interesting.

12. Green Onions

Add a pop of color and flavor to your recipe by adding chopped green onions. Green onions provide a delightful crunch and a hint of zing, too.

They can improve the overall taste and presentation of your dish.

13. Chopped Broccoli

Skillet with roasted broccoli.

If you want to make your baked potatoes healthier, top them with chopped broccoli. This green vegetable also provides crunch and mild bitterness to balance the potato’s richness.

14. Black Beans

Glass dish with black beans on top of wooden surface.

Black beans are earthy and slightly creamy. They can enhance the taste and texture of your baked potatoes. These legumes also offer a protein and fiber boost, so they are not only filling but also delicious toppings.

15. Chopped Black Olives

The salty and savory taste of black olives makes it a great topping option for baked potatoes. Their unique flavor adds complexity and depth to the dish, making it tastier.

16. Greek Yogurt

Bowl filled with greek yogurt.

Another great source of protein, Greek yogurt also makes a great topping for your dish. It is a healthy option that will give your baked potatoes a nutrition boost.

Greek yogurt also adds a refreshing and slightly tangy element to your recipe.

17. Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce is a fantastic choice for those who crave a spicy kick. The sauce’s fiery vinegar and red pepper blend is a tasty addition to the classic baked potato recipe.

18. Chicken Alfredo

Plate served with creamy chicken Alfredo bake.

Make a loaded baked potato using alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, and crispy bacon bits. This topping easily transforms your baked potatoes into a quick but satisfying meal.

19. Ranch Dressing

You can drizzle your baked potato with ranch dressing for another quick option. Its creamy and tangy taste gives your dish a burst of flavor.

The herby flavor profile also complements the warm potato. You’ll get a refreshing and zesty element with every bite.

20. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce bottles on the shelf at the store.

If you want to add heat, look no further than hot sauce. Whether it’s a fiery habanero sauce or a smoky chipotle variation, the hot sauce will offer a spicy kick that will add depth to your dish.

21. Garlic Butter

Small dish with garlic butter and herbs.

The combination of garlic and butter is a match made in heaven. Add a spread of garlic butter to your baked potato dish.

It’s rich, creamy, and aromatic, so it will work wonders for your recipe and bring it to the next level.

22. Pico De Gallo

Bowl served with Pico De Gallo.

Brighten up your baked potatoes with some pico de gallo. This traditional Mexican salsa combines tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and cilantro.

It will add spicy and herby flavors that will elevate your dish.

23. Refried Beans

Use refried beans as your toppings to give your baked potato dish a Mexican flair. Their smooth texture and savory taste offer a delicious twist to your classic recipe.

24. Scrambled Eggs

Plate with cooked scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs are so versatile you can use them as baked potato toppings! The fluffy scrambled eggs quickly transform your potatoes into a filling breakfast meal.

They’re also perfect for baked sweet potatoes.

25. Chili

Skillet with chili sauce.

If you have some leftover chili, you can also use it as a quick topping. The rich and meaty chili will amp up your dish, infusing the potato with delicious flavors and a hint of spiciness.

26. Hummus

late served with hummus.

Make a Middle Eastern version of baked potatoes using hummus as your topping. This smooth and garlicky chickpea dip brings creaminess and a hint of spice.

Hummus will make your dish deliciously unique.

27. Blue Cheese

Large spoon with a serving of blue cheese.

If you feel a little extra, use blue cheese crumbles as your baked potato toppings. This cheese’s creamy texture and strong flavor make it a good choice for those who appreciate intense flavors.

Should I Poke Holes In Baked Potato?

Yes, it is best if you poke holes in a baked potato before baking it. Holes allow steam to escape and keep the potato from exploding during baking. Poking holes ensures that your potatoes cook thoroughly as the heat is distributed evenly.

Should You Oil Potatoes Before Baking?

It depends. Oiling the potatoes before baking enhances their texture. The potato skins become crispy and golden brown as a result. On the other hand, skipping the oil results in a softer potato skin. That said, you may choose whether or not to oil the potatoes depending on your preferred skin texture.

What Kind Of Meat Goes On A Baked Potato?

Depending on personal preference, different kinds of meats can go on a baked potato. Top choices include ground beef or turkey, pulled pork, chicken, and steak. Season and cook the meat before adding it to your baked potato for the best results. Note that the choice of meat is flexible, so you can choose which one suits your taste and dietary preferences.

Should I Cover My Potatoes While Baking?

No. Some recipes tell you to wrap your potatoes with aluminum foil as they bake. However, doing so traps the moisture inside and gives you soggy potatoes. To get the best texture, arrange the potatoes on a baking sheet so they get even air circulation during the baking process.


Baked potatoes offer a versatile and delicious canvas for many toppings. A lot of indulgent options and healthy choices can take your baked potatoes to the next level. From ground beef, pulled pork, and taco meat to creamy additions like cream cheese and sour cream, each topping brings its own qualities to complement the warm and fluffy potato. Bacon bits, grated cheese, and roasted vegetables add depth and variety to your dish.

Whether you want a classic, comfort food experience or are eager to explore different flavors, the possibilities for baked potato toppings are endless. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different combinations.

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