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Easy Substitute for Beef Broth (8 Options)

While it’s easy to see why many recipes use beef broth, it’s not always readily available. Maybe you don’t want to whip up a homemade beef stock. Or, maybe you’re not a fan of the taste of beef. Whatever the reason, there is a substitute for beef broth that fits into your diet and agrees with your taste buds.

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Many recipes include beef broth, ranging from soups to roasts, gravies, and even pasta dishes. It’s a versatile ingredient that adds richness and flavor to any dish it’s added to. It can easily take a roast from good to great.

Best Beef Broth Substitutes And Alternatives

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best substitutes and alternatives for beef broth. This list includes notes on the flavor profile and benefits that vary for each.

1.Beef Bouillon

A bouillon cube is the perfect beef broth substitute in a pinch. They’re convenient and budget-friendly. You can find bouillon easily on store shelves if you don’t have any in your kitchen.

It will have a very similar taste to the beef broth as it’s a dehydrated meat stock. You can also add a more robust meaty flavor to dishes by using a more concentrated amount of beef bouillon cubes. This can be done by decreasing the amount of water used in conjunction with the powder/cube.

They’re easy to use as well – heat one cup of water, add the cube in, mix, and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately, a lot of brands of bouillon use MSG in the recipe. Keep an eye out for that and avoid if possible.

2. Bone Broth

This is one of the best alternatives for beef broth and will make an excellent beef stew. You’ll still get the rich flavor with an additional health boost to the dish. It has a good amount of protein and smaller amounts of calcium, iron, and potassium. The difference between bone broth and beef broth is in the way it’s prepared. 

First, the ingredients used are different. Beef broth uses meat (and sometimes vegetables/herbs) as the flavor provider, while bone broth uses joints and bones. Beef broth also takes about 4-5 hours to cook, whereas bone broth takes about 8 hours (or a few days depending on who you ask!).

3. Fish Stock

Fish stock is another good choice as a beef broth alternative. You’ll still get protein and some benefits from fish broth. However, the flavor will be vastly different. Typically, the fish stock tends to be saltier than other stocks and has a light fish or seafood flavor. If this is not a flavor you enjoy, opt for a different option. 

The fish stock also tends to be on the lighter side colorwise, so expect your final dish to have a white, off-white, or light yellow color. This will depend on the other ingredients and spices added to the dish.

4. Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth provides a lighter flavor even than fish stock. It will also offer a lighter colored broth than beef broth. This can easily substitute in for any dish that usually requires beef broth. You can use vegetable broth for sauces, soups, roasts, and pasta. It’s an excellent way for vegetarians and vegans to add flavor to dishes without the meaty taste of the beef broth.

The best part about vegetable broth is how easy it is to recreate it at home. You won’t need to boil it for hours to pull the flavors from the herbs and vegetables into the broth. Plus, you can use nearly any available vegetable you have in your pantry.

5. Mushroom Broth

The mushroom broth is an excellent choice to use as a swap for beef broth. It provides an umami taste, aka “meaty,” without using any meat sources. For those seeking a vegan or vegetarian alternative with a similar flavor, this is a great option. Plus, if you make a homemade version, you can season it as you would like.

The main ingredients are mushrooms, vegetables like carrots, herbs, and seasoning. Most people have these items in their homes already. You will notice a vegetable taste, and the broth’s color will be different from the beef broth. However, this option is both easy to find at the store and easy to make at home.

You can use mushroom broth in any recipe that calls for beef broth – even those that also have beef or other meat. The flavor of this broth is not overwhelming; it provides a lighter flavor than beef broth since it is veggie-based. Because of this, you may need to add some additional flavoring, like a small amount of steak sauce. If you decide to create your homemade version of mushroom broth, be prepared to add an hour of wait time to your recipe.

Use this replacement in a 1:1 ratio.

6. Liquid Aminos

Liquid aminos are another option that provides a “meaty” taste to dishes. Expect a similar consistency as soy sauce with this choice. Liquid aminos have a salty, slightly sweet taste. This replacement works best when recipes call for small amounts of beef broth (1-2 tablespoons).

Don’t use liquid aminos alone to replace beef broth as a soup base; you’ll find them to be much too salty. You can also use liquid aminos in conjunction with other soup bases like vegetable broth. This swap will add flavor to your vegetarian soup broths.

Otherwise, you’ll find it best to utilize liquid aminos for replacing beef broth in sauces, rice dishes like risotto, and pasta.

Use liquid aminos to add flavor to your favorite recipes. If you can’t find liquid aminos at your local grocery store, this replacement is purchasable online.

For flavoring, use liquid aminos in a 1:1 ratio. When using liquid aminos as a replacement for soup, add one tablespoon for every two cups of vegetable broth. Adjust as needed to meet your taste preference.

7. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce will provide a similar flavor as liquid aminos, without sweetness. Expect an umami taste from this option as well. Soy sauce is created from fermented soybeans, while liquid aminos are amino acids extracted from soybeans. This choice is also not ideal for use in replacing large quantities of beef broth. Instead, use soy sauce to replace beef broth when flavoring dishes.

As the flavor of soy sauce and liquid aminos are pretty similar, you can use the two in the same ways. Either combine soy sauce with vegetable broth for a meatier broth taste or use it in rice dishes, sauces, and pasta dishes.

You will notice that soy sauce has a much bolder taste than liquid aminos. Because of this, it is necessary to use soy sauce in smaller quantities to avoid overpowering the taste or making a dish too salty.

Start with ½ tablespoon to replace one tablespoon of beef broth for flavoring. When using soy sauce in combination with broth, use ½ tablespoon for every two cups of vegetable broth. Add more for a more robust flavor or until you reach your taste preference.

8. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is another excellent option that also provides a “meaty” taste. You’ll want to use this replacement in a similar method as soy sauce and liquid aminos – mainly for flavoring.

As Worcestershire sauce also errs on the side of salty, you’ll want to avoid using this as a swap for beef broth in soups. There will be a taste difference as this sauce is known to be sweet, sour, and spicy. While it may be pescatarian friendly, it is not vegan or vegetarian due to the usual inclusion of anchovies. There are some vegan and vegetarian versions, though they are typically on the pricier side.

You will notice a taste difference when using Worcestershire instead of beef broth. Keep this in mind when choosing which recipes to pair it with.

Use a 1:1 ratio when swapping Worcestershire for flavoring. This replacement is another sauce that you can combine with vegetable broth. When using in a soup, use a 1:1 ratio in combination with vegetable broth. For example, if the recipe calls for two cups of beef broth, you will want to use one cup of Worcestershire and one cup of mushroom broth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some additional commonly asked questions surrounding a beef broth substitute.

Can I use chicken broth instead of beef broth?

It’s quite common to have chicken broth available in most people’s kitchens. This could be in the form of a prepared broth in a carton or even a homemade broth. So, can it be swapped out for beef broth?

Yes – you can swap out beef broth for chicken broth. The flavor will be lighter, and the dish will be less rich tasting. However, it’s an excellent alternative in a pinch. It might not be the perfect beef stock substitute, but it works well in soups, pasta dishes, or even white gravies/sauces.  

What can I use if I don’t have broth?

Sometimes, the store is closed, and you don’t notice that you’ve run out of broth or bouillon cubes until the last minute. There are still a few options you can choose from to add flavor to your dishes. 

One such item is white wine or cooking wine. This is ideal for dishes like soup or gravy – anything that maintains a more liquid consistency.

When in a bind, you can even use French Onion Soup. Keep this option for roasts or saucy dishes. Stay away from soups or stews with this alternative. While you can make a delectable soup from this, it won’t be close to the consistency of beef broth in that manner.

Can I use water instead of broth?

Surprisingly, yes. You can use water as a substitution for beef broth. It is advised to add either oil or butter to create a similar consistency. This will offer a similar “fattiness” to the water that you would encounter in beef broth.

Also, you’ll want to add seasonings to it as well. Essentially, you can create your quick broth by adding dried herbs and butter. Choose your favorites like thyme, rosemary, basil, and bay leaves for a tasty flavor combination. 

Is beef bouillon the same as beef broth?

No, it’s not the same as beef broth. It is similar, except for the final format. While beef broth is kept as a liquid, beef bouillon is stored as a powder, cube, or paste. It’s a very concentrated version that is intended to be diluted in hot water.

Can I use gravy instead of beef stock?

It depends entirely on the application. If you’re planning on making a pot roast, go ahead and use that gravy. Ensure you add some extra liquid to it not fully dissipate or become too thick. For soups, stews, and sauces, gravy is a no-go. Opt for other types of broth, bouillon cubes, or even water instead.

Can I substitute Worcestershire sauce for beef broth?

Yes, you can use Worcestershire sauce instead of beef broth. Here’s the caveat, you can not use this for soups or stews as it lacks the amount of liquid needed for such dishes. Again, you’ll need to add some fat source (butter, oil, etc.), but it will add some flavor to dishes. It’s also possible to use soy sauce to alter the taste. You should also add some additional seasoning, depending on the dish you intend to make.


Next time you’re in the middle of making your favorite dish and run out of beef broth, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there are options to replace it in a recipe easily. The above list makes it easy to avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store. 

Each option is flavorful and provides a different taste experience than the one before it. They all contain nutrients or a way to flavor your meal. The beef bouillon, in this case, is the best alternative for beef broth due to its taste and convenience. Ultimately, any of the above options will provide an excellent experience.

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