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Toppings On Supreme Pizza: What Goes on Your Pizza?

Supreme pizza is one of the most popular types of pizza. It combines some of the most delicious flavors and ingredients that create a unique, mouthwatering meal. What toppings on supreme pizza?

This article will tell you the common toppings on a supreme pizza. We’ll also touch on how Pizza Hut and Domino’s like their supreme pizzas.

Sliced cooked supreme pizza on top of the wooden board.

What Is Supreme Pizza?

Supreme pizza can be any pizza with at least two types of meat and two types of vegetables. That said, the definition of a supreme pizza is not clear. It can have any topping as long as it has more than one meat and one vegetable.

Because of this, it is not surprising that every pizza chain will have its version of a supreme pizza.

You can order a supreme pizza from different pizzerias and get a different version. The only common denominator would be the presence of sauce, cheese, and of course, the pizza dough.

Most Common Supreme Pizza Toppings


The most common cheese you’ll find in a supreme pizza is mozzarella. Putting this cheese on your pizza will give it that stringy, satisfying pull.

Any cheese brings a mix of slightly salty and sweet flavors to a pizza, lending a complex taste. And while shredded mozzarella cheese is the top option, you may also use other cheese.

You can opt for gorgonzola, white cheddar, or Monterey Jack.

Cheese adds texture and creates a bubbly topping that makes your pizza more enticing.

Green Bell Peppers

Another common topping for a supreme pizza is the green bell pepper. Sliced into strips, green peppers are also as iconic as pepperoni as a topping. These peppers add a nice pop of color to your dish.

The zing from green bell peppers also creates an extra layer of flavor to the pizza, making it tastier.

Like the other toppings, you can directly add green bell peppers to the pizza before baking. However, if you want a richer taste, you can sautee it first.

Roasting them in the oven for a few minutes also works. Doing so reduces their natural bitter flavor and makes their sweetness shine.


Another mainstay in supreme pizza is the well-loved kitchen staple: the onion! Onions, specifically red onions, are present in Pizza Hut’s Supreme Pizza.

These onions, like green bell peppers, add color to the pie. You can add them raw and bake them with the rest of your other toppings. Or, you can choose to saute them lightly for added sweetness.

Nevertheless, onions will give a slight kick of spiciness to your pizza.

If you find the flavor of red onions too strong for your liking, use white or Vidalia onions instead. These onions are milder but also pack a delightful flavor.

Black Olives

Unlike green olives, black olives ripen on the tree. Because of this, black olives are less bitter.

Therefore, manufacturers need less salt to counter its bitterness. As a result, black olives do not contain as much sodium and make a great addition to supreme pizza.

There is just something missing when you don’t see the black rings in your pizza, right? Plus, the salty taste of black olives makes the cheese and the sauce’s flavors shine.

And don’t forget that these olives also have some earthiness, which adds depth to your dish.


Just like black olives, mushrooms lend an earthy flavor to your pizza. Aside from that, mushrooms are great sources of umami. Having them on your pizza is definitely a must.

You can use baby portobello or button mushrooms as a supreme pizza topping.

One thing you should remember about mushrooms is that they have high water content. In fact, they are 80-90% water. That said, adding them raw as a topping can make your pizza a bit soggy.

For best results, it is best to saute mushrooms lightly before allowing them to bake on top of the pizza.


People hail pepperoni as the #1 pizza topping in the US. This classic pizza topping is salty with a bit of spice. This flavor profile complements almost every other topping in your pizza.

Pepperoni is a cured Italian sausage made from ground pork and beef. When sliced across, you’ll get thin, dark red meat rounds that boast just the right acidity.

Because of the curing process, you need not cook pepperoni before putting it on the pizza. The curing process makes it safe to eat raw. But if you’re having second thoughts about it, you’ll be glad to know it gets cooked as your pizza bakes.


If you’re looking for another kind of meat for your homemade supreme pizza, ham is a great option. Ham comes in three types: fresh, city, and country ham. And while you can choose which one to use, the most common ones used in pizzas are country and city hams.

Country ham is an uncooked ham that is typically very salty. These hams are usually cured and hung to dry. Using this type of ham requires a bit of prep time, though. It would be best to soak it first because it can be too dry.

City ham, on the other hand, is commonly sold cooked. All you need to do is to cut it into paper-thin slices before placing it on top of your supreme pizza.


Bacon is a staple in the Supreme pizza topping list. Any bacon will do, but the most common type that people use is Canadian bacon.

Canadian bacon is leaner as it comes from pork loin. On the other hand, American-style bacon comes from the pork belly, which has way more fat.

The sure thing is, you’ll definitely notice if you forget to put the good ol’ bacon on your pizza.

After all, the bacon’s smoky notes add complexity to your pizza’s taste. Its crispy texture gives you a crunchy bite. Of course, the salty flavor helps create a balance between all the other toppings as well.

Ground Beef

Yet another important topping in a supreme pizza is flavorful and rich ground beef. Ground beef offers a delicious meatiness you won’t get with other toppings. Choose among chuck, round, or sirloin, and you’ll never go wrong.

To prepare, finely grind the beef and then cook it with some seasonings of your choice. Once cooked, sprinkle bits of ground beef on top of your pizza.

A coarser grind on the beef will work, too, if you want chunky bits of meat on your pizza.

Then, allow them to cook more as you bake the entire pizza. They say the meatier, the better it is for a supreme pizza.


Even today, there is still an ongoing debate about whether pineapples belong in a pizza. Some people like a juicy and sweet topping on their pizza. Meanwhile, some people cringe at seeing them on top of a pizza. Well, some Domino’s version of the supreme pizza has them.

Pineapples give your pizza a nice sweet touch. In addition, it adds contrast to the otherwise purely savory dish. And, of course, their lovely bright yellow hue also creates a feast for your eyes.

Visual Gude for Toppings On Supreme Pizza

Infographic showing different toppings on Supreme Pizza.

When To Add Toppings To The Supreme Pizza?

The type of topping determines when you should add them to your supreme pizza. For mushrooms, a light saute before adding them is highly recommended.

The same goes for ground beef, which needs to be pre-cooked before adding to the pizza.

As for bacon, onions, and green bell peppers, a light saute will give them a slightly different flavor. But adding them raw also works as they’ll get cooked as the pizza bakes anyway.

Ham and pepperoni are usually bought pre-cooked. You may or may not saute them, as you can add them directly on top of your pizza.

What’s The Difference Between A Deluxe And A Supreme Pizza?

A deluxe pizza has fewer toppings compared to a supreme one. The selection of toppings for a deluxe pizza is also more basic as it can only have one meat and one vegetable. Meanwhile, a pizza should have at least two meats and two vegetables to qualify as supreme.

What Toppings Are On A Supreme Pizza At Pizza Hut?

The meats included in the supreme pizza by Pizza Hut are pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, and ham. Other toppings include Mozzarella cheese, black olives, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and red onions.

What Toppings Are On A Supreme Pizza At Domino’s?

According to their official website, Domino’s version of the supreme pizza has pineapples, mushrooms, oregano, and green onions. In addition, their version also includes bacon, crumbled beef, pepperoni, and Italian sausage.

What Is On A Loaded Supreme?

Domino’s Loaded Supreme has the following meats: Italian sausage, pepperoni, rasher bacon, smoked ham, and ground beef. Additional toppings include pineapples, baby spinach, mushrooms, spring onions, and oregano. All these toppings rest on a tomato sauce.


There can be a variety of toppings on a supreme pizza. Each pizza place might have a different version. Plus, homemade ones allow you to choose your toppings on a supreme pizza.

What’s clear is that each supreme pizza should have at least two kinds of meat and two kinds of vegetables. The most common toppings include pepperoni, bacon, onions, and black olives. Of course, a supreme pizza would not be complete without pizza sauce and cheese.

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