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Top 7 Triple Sec Substitute Choices.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the triple sec substitute options you can choose from. We will also provide some tips on using them in your favorite recipes.

If you love cocktails, you’re probably familiar with triple sec.

This sweet and citrusy liqueur is a staple in many popular mixes.

What if you don’t have triple sec or want to try something different?

Fortunately, there are several alternatives you can use.

Glass with triple sec drink garnished with lemon.

What Is Triple Sec?

Triple sec is a colorless, orange-flavored liqueur.

This alcoholic drink dates back to 1834.

Still, it is popular among bartenders and mixologists worldwide until today.

People make triple sec by soaking bitter and sweet oranges in alcohol first.

Then, manufacturers distill the mixture multiple times.

They then add sugar and water to give it a sweet taste and take down the alcohol level a notch.

As a result, the triple sec has a sweet flavor and strong notes of orange flavor.

Triple sec is the ingredient of choice in many classic cocktails.

It is in Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan, and Sidecar mixes.

Its citrusy taste helps balance the other ingredients in these drinks.

Triple sec creates a complex and well-rounded flavor profile.

While triple sec is a popular mixer, it is also a great digestif you can enjoy after meals.

Triple sec is available in most liquor stores if you’d like to buy a bottle.

The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of this liqueur can be anywhere from 20-40%, depending on the brand.

Best Triple Sec Substitute

Plenty of options are available if you need something to swap triple sec with.

There are similar alcoholic ones that are perfect for your cocktails.

Some do not contain alcohol, which is ideal if mocktails are more your type.

Lastly, some alternatives on this list are excellent if you want to add an orange flavor to your baked goods.

1. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

If you are looking for a close substitute to triple sec, Grand Marnier is a top option.

Grand Marnier is a brand of French liqueurs. Among their most famous products is the Cordon Rouge, a blend of Cognac, bitter orange, and sugar.

With these ingredients alone, you’ll know this liqueur shares some similarities with triple sec. After all, people consider it a high-end triple sec.

Still, there are differences that you should know of.

The first is that Grand Marnier is less sweet than triple sec. In that case, it is perfect for cutting down on the sweetness.

However, consider adding a sweetener to make your drink as close to the original as possible.

The second thing you should consider is that using Grand Marnier can change the appearance of your beverage.

Triple sec is usually colorless, while Grand Marnier is amber. That said, the swap will be noticeable in drinks with a light color.

Grand Marnier can be more potent than most triple sec liqueurs at a consistent 40% ABV. You should skip the 1:1 substitution ratio in that case.


  • For the best result, start by using half the amount of triple sec your recipe calls for. You can always add more later if it lacks the kick.
  • As it tastes similar, you may use Grand Marnier in any drink or dish that calls for triple sec.

2. Cointreau

Another orange-flavored liqueur that is among the best triple sec alternatives is Cointreau.

Like triple sec, you can add Cointreau to your cocktails or drink it alone.

This liqueur uses sun-dried orange peels, which boast a strong sweet, bitter orange taste.

For this reason, using it instead of triple sec will not change the flavor of your drink.

Cointreau may make it taste better due to its higher quality.

Use Cointreau to substitute triple sec in Sangria and Golden Margarita recipes.

Of course, with this quality comes a higher price as well. There are better options if you are on a strict budget.

The good thing about this option is that it is colorless, just like triple sec. You don’t have to worry about it changing the appearance of your beverages.


  • Like Grand Marnier, Cointreau always has 40% ABV.
  • If you’re using it in a mixed drink that calls for a less potent triple sec, be careful not to use an equal amount.
  • Use it in your cocktails and even in your desserts. Cointreau will work in just about anything that needs triple sec.

3. Orange Curaçao

Curaçao is the original orange liqueur, making it a good triple sec alternative.

It contains a lot of the same citrus flavor notes as triple sec. However, it can be more bitter, which is where the difference comes from.

This extra bitter flavor can add depth to some recipes. Yet, there are better alternatives if you want a more neutral citrus taste like triple sec has.

Note that there are 2 popular kinds of Curaçao: Orange Curaçao and Blue Curaçao.

You’re probably already familiar with the blue one. It gives cocktails like Blue Hawaii and Blue Lagoon a vibrant blue hue.

What gives it the blue tint is artificial coloring, but in fact, it is the same liqueur as its orange counterpart.

You can use both kinds to substitute triple sec in cocktails if you’re only concerned about the flavor.

If you don’t want your drink turning blue, stick to orange Curaçao.

It’s not colorless, like triple sec, but its effect won’t be as bold as the blue one.


  • Remember that the ABV of Curaçao can vary from one brand to another.
  • If you want to make a direct swap or use a 1:1 substitution ratio, find a brand with the same ABV as your triple sec.
  • If you cannot find one with the same alcohol level, add a small amount to your mix first.
  • Do a taste test and add more if necessary.

4. Brandy

In a pinch, brandy can serve as a substitute for triple sec. After all, it is easily accessible, as you can find it in most liquor stores.

It is also a common household drink. You may already have brandy if you have a mini bar at home or a liquor cabinet. That said, it is a quick option to take the place of triple sec.

Where brandy shines is when you need a swap for cooking.

You’ll find it very useful, especially when using the flambe technique.

Brandy is also suitable for baking recipes.

Another advantage of brandy is that, depending on the brand, you can find bottles cheaper than most alcoholic swaps.

This alternative will work even if you have a tight budget.

Remember that using brandy to replace triple sec will yield a different cocktail.

After all, unlike the other swaps above, brandy does not have an orange flavor.

Still, it can be a swap if you just need a neutral alcoholic substitute.

Brandy has an amber color like Cointreau, which will affect how your beverage looks like.


  • Note that using brandy alone can make your drink bitter.
  • If you want a closer flavor match, add a sweetener to mimic the sweetness of triple sec.
  • Lastly, because of its different taste, it will be best if you start with half the amount of triple sec your recipe calls for. From there, you can add more if necessary.

5. Maraschino Liqueur

While it may seem weird, you may use maraschino liqueur instead of triple sec in cocktails.

Maraschino liqueur does not taste like triple sec or have a citrus or orange flavor.

It has a cherry flavor, a good mix of sweet and sour.

That said, it can provide a fruity flavor that can add depth to your beverage.

Though it tastes sweet, it is not as sweet as triple sec.

If you prefer to cut back on the sweetness, this is perfect.

You won’t miss out on the fruity notes.

The best thing about this liqueur is that it has a lower ABV than most alcoholic swaps on this list.

Some brands offer a bottle with only 24% ABV, which is close to triple sec.


  • Use the same amount of maraschino liqueur as triple sec.
  • Add a sweetener if you want a closer flavor match.

6. Orange Extract or Orange Zest

Orange extract is one of the best non-alcoholic substitutes for a triple sec.

Since triple sec has a strong orange flavor, the concentrated nature of orange extract is a good choice for a swap.

Orange extract is a versatile ingredient. You can use it in beverages if you prefer to have the flavor without the kick.

Similarly, it works in baked goods as it can take heat well.

You may also use it in dessert recipes that call for triple sec to make the desserts kid-friendly.

As mentioned, the orange extract is potent, so a little goes a long way.

Sometimes, a few drops are enough to give you the taste your recipe needs.

Start with a small amount, and add more if necessary.

Another option you have for a triple sec substitute is orange zest.

Since it comes from the peels of the oranges, the zest has a potent orange taste.

Add some zest to your baked goods to impart the same vibrant citrus notes you can get from triple sec.

The zest won’t give your drink any alcohol, so it’s great if you are making mocktails, too.


  • For best results in baked goods and desserts, add 1 teaspoon of orange zest to replace a tablespoon of triple sec.
  • You may also make spirals with the peels and add them as garnish to your cocktails.

7. Orange Juice

Glass filled with orange juice and sliced orange next to it.

Yet another alternative to triple sec you can add to your recipes is orange juice.

This option works best in mocktails and baked goods because it has no alcohol.

Of course, you may also add orange juice to cocktails if you have another alcoholic ingredient.

Obviously, orange juice can give your recipes the citrus flavors you need.

However, it is also usually sweet, especially those juices you can buy from the store.

That said, making your orange juice by squeezing it out from the fruit is best.

If this is not an option, go for unsweetened commercial ones for the best results.


  • As it does not taste as rich and complex as triple sec, use a 1.5:1 ratio of orange juice to triple sec.
  • If you still don’t get the flavor you need, use a 2:1 ratio.
  • Adding too much liquid to your baking recipe might affect its texture.
  • Adjust the amount of your other liquid ingredients to compensate for your swap.

How To Choose The Best Triple Sec Substitute

With the list of options above, you might find it overwhelming to choose which one to pick for your recipe.

Here’s a quick guide to help you in your selection process:

1. Watch Out For Alcohol Content

The first thing you should consider when choosing the best triple sec substitute is the alcohol level.

Decide if you need an alcoholic ingredient or not.

Alcoholic swaps like Grand Marnier and brandy are perfect for cocktails.

If you’re eyeing mocktails for the moment, then orange juice or orange extract are your top options.

2. Look At Your Recipe

Certain ingredients will work best to replace triple sec in specific recipes.

For instance, orange zest is best when baking, and brandy is best for cooking.

Regarding an orange-flavored drink, it is better to stick with orange liqueurs.

3. Check The Flavor

If you want the closest flavor match, go for Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

Orange Curaçao is also a top choice for maintaining that orange flavor in your food and drinks.

However, if straying a little from the original recipe is not a problem, try maraschino liqueur or brandy.

What Is The Flavor Of Triple Sec?

The flavor of triple sec is sweet, with a hint of bitterness. It tastes like oranges but with an alcoholic kick. For this reason, triple sec is a popular ingredient in cocktails and other recipes that call for a citrus tang.

Why Is Triple Sec Used In Drinks?

People use triple sec in drinks to provide a citrus punch and add a sweet flavor. It can balance the earthy and bitter taste that comes with the other ingredients. Triple sec also gives drinks fruity and refreshing flavors, making them more enjoyable.

Is There A Non-Alcoholic Substitute For Triple Sec?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic substitutes for triple sec. You can opt for orange juice, orange extract, or orange oil to replace triple sec. These options will enable you to do so without sacrificing the orange flavor. In mixes where you only need a fruity taste, even grenadine can serve as a replacement for triple sec.


Triple sec is a popular ingredient in many cocktails. If you’re looking to swap it out, there are various alternatives that you can use. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, and Orange Curaçao are some of the best triple sec substitutes. Each option offers a unique flavor profile that enhances cocktails or baked goods.

It’s essential to remember that some replacements may not be as sweet. Other options may also have a higher alcohol content than triple sec. That said, adjusting the amount of your chosen triple sec substitute is important. Ultimately, these options offer versatility and delicious options for you to explore.

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