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Foods That Start With U

If you are a foodie, you will definitely appreciate this list of foods that start with U. We have prepared this list for you, and we included everything we could think of. It includes simple, everyday things like unsweetened chocolate to more exotic foods such as uunijuusto which is a Finnish food.

You’ll surely love this list because it features so many cuisines from Indian to Japanese and German. So, without further ado, let us begin our delicious list of foods that start with u.

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Food that Starts with U

Unsweetened chocolate

The first thing on this list is unsweetened chocolate. Its flavor is bitter because this chocolate contains absolutely no sugar, and 100% cocoa. Unsweetened chocolate is used for baking and cooking. At this point, you might be thinking ‘but people eat it too’. However, you would be wrong. The kind of chocolate people eat, which also has a bitter taste, is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is semi-sweet.

Most recipes, when speaking of chocolate, call for unsweetened chocolate. This is because baking needs that chocolaty flavor, not sweetness. That sweetness is imparted from sugar if needed. Unsweetened chocolate is sometimes also called baking chocolate. Thanks to this unsweetened chocolate, we enjoy the rich, melt-in-the-mouth chocolatey flavor in our desserts!

Ube Halaya

This dessert from the Philippines is the next thing on our list of foods beginning with the letter U. You might be familiar with the other names of this dessert. Ube halaya is also called halayang ube, purple yam jam, ube jam, and nilupak na ube. The base of the dish is a small purple yam named ube, which is boiled and then mashed for use in this ube halaya. Ube is also from the Philippines.

When making ube-flavored pastries, cakes, and ice cream, ube halaya is the main base. You can also use ube halaya in other desserts, like hala-halo (also known as haluhalo). Ube halaya has a mild nutty flavor, and it is described as either like vanilla or like coconut. It is quite creamy.


The next item on this list of foods starting with U is udon. Udon is a Japanese type of noodle that is springier and thicker than regular spaghetti. You can use the noodles in a variety of dishes, the most common being a simple hot soup known as kake udon, made with a broth, kakejiru. This soup has been likened to ramen, but it is lighter in color, thicker, and can be served either hot or cold, while ramen is a hot dish only.

Other dishes in which udon noodles can be used are zaru udon (served cold), kamaage udon (served hot), tanuki udon (hot or cold), kitsune udon (hot or cold, and tsukimi udon(hot). This list is by no means comprehensive. In a pinch, Japanese soba noodles, Chinese egg noodles, or spaghetti can be substituted. However, be warned: none quite compare to the original thing.

Unsalted nuts

You have certainly heard of this food on the list of foods beginning with U before. Unsalted nuts are simply fresh nuts. This snack is an easily overlooked one. People tend to buy salted nuts in bulk, ignoring the unsalted ones every time. Some people might not have ever had unsalted nuts. They have simply heard that salted nuts can be stored longer than unsalted ones, and bought in excess for the future. Try out unsalted nuts too. You might even like the flavor better when there’s no salt in it!


The nest food on our list is ubatzda. This German food beginning with U is also called obazda, obatzda, and obatzter. This Bavarian cheese delicacy is made by mixing aged soft cheese and butter, two and one part respectively. Traditional seasonings include salt, sweet or hot paprika powder, and pepper. A small quantity of beer is also added. Optional seasonings include onions, garlic, cloves, horseradish, caraway seed, and cream cheese or cream. It is a rich and flavorful dish and is quite spicy.

Those unused to spices might want to skip out on some of the hotter optional seasonings. All the ingredients are mixed to create a spread that is put on either pretzels or bread. A similar recipe is Liptauer, which uses fresh curd cheese instead of butter and aged soft cheese. The spices used in it are also quite similar.


Next, we have urap. This is an Indonesian (specifically, Javanese) food beginning with the letter U, and it is also known by other names such as urab, or urap-urap. It is a salad dish, consisting of steamed vegetables dressed in spiced grated coconut. Urap may be eaten as a main dish or as a side dish, as is the case with salads. Javanese foods tumpeng and nasi kuning specifically serve urap alongside the main dish. It can also be eaten alongside plain rice.

The vegetables mostly used in urap are water spinach, cassava leaf, spinach, papaya leaf, bean sprouts, cabbage, and Chinese longbeans. The coconut gratings are seasoned with garlic, ground shallot, red chili pepper, galangal, salt, tamarind juice, and coconut sugar.

Urap is also a suitable dish for vegetarians as no meat (or by-products of meat) is added. In Balinese cuisine, the same dish is known as urab suyar or lawar.


Now, let’s talk about ugali. This is an African food starting with U. It food is also known as nsima, vuswa, fufu, kuon, gima, gauli, obokima, pap, posho, and many other names. Ugali is a type of porridge made of maize flour. Apart from maize flour, sorghum or millet four may be used. Cassava flour is sometimes mixed with maize flour to add its own properties. All of the previously mentioned flour varieties are naturally gluten-free. No meat or animal products are present in this dish, so vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy.

Ugali is not eaten alone; a side dish such as a meat or vegetable broth may be used. Different regional varieties include different side dishes with it. For example, in the African Great Lakes region, ugali is eaten alongside sweet potatoes, bread, ripe bananas, Irish potatoes, stew, kale, or vegetables.

Ugli fruit

This Jamaican fruit is a food that belongs to the category of fruits starting with U. it is also called Jamaican tangelo, and uniq fruit. It is a citrus fruit and has the associated citrusy taste, sweet and tangy. However, as this fruit is a bit like a grapefruit too, it also has some notes of bitterness. Ugli fruit also looks like an orange from the inside; it has the same kind of segments. Its rind is less like an orange, though.

The outside may be yellow, green, or tinged with a touch of orange. The segments inside are orange or orangey yellow in color. This fruit is also quite easy to peel.
The look of the fruit is not very appetizing, but you should definitely follow the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ philosophy here. You are going to love this juicy fruit.


This food seems to be the perfect food for the list of foods beginning with U, as it has four U’s in its name. Its name is uunijuusto, the Finnish food we mentioned before. It is a dessert. The main ingredients in it are colostrum (the first milk produced a calved cow produces) and salt. The dish may also be made without colostrum. In that case, milk and eggs are used as a substitute.

In Sweden, the same dish is called kalvdans. As the milk is baked in an oven for preparation, uunijuusto is sometimes called a cheese. However, this dessert is not a proper cheese. After the milk has been baked for 30 minutes, some salt is added for flavoring.

Uunijuusto is normally eaten alongside berries, specifically cloudberries, jam, or mehukeitto (a sweet liquid, a cross between a juice and soup in terms of consistency).

Upside-down cake

And now we’re back from exotic foods to those we might be more familiar with. This dessert beginning with U is a cake, as is apparent from the name. Upside-down cake is a cake that has been baked upside-down. Its toppings, which could be sliced or chopped fruit such as pineapples, apples, peaches, or cherries, or butter and sugar, are put at the very bottom of the pan after oiling. After this step, the batter is poured in and the cake is left to bake.

When the baking process is complete, the cake is removed from its container. It is then simply flipped right side up, and served after cooling. You can of course top it with frosting or topping of your choice. However, when made properly according to tradition, no frosting is added or needed.

Traditional upside-down cakes include the American pineapple upside-down cake, the Brazilian-Portuguese bolo de abacaxi, and the French Tarte Tatin.

Ulava charu

The next food on our list is Ulava charu. This Indian food beginning with U is translated as ‘horse gram seeds soup’. Horse gram seeds belong to the legume category of plants. This soup originates from the state of Andhra Pradesh specifically. It is particularly popular in the Krishna and Guntur areas of the state. In the native tongue, Telugu, it is also called Ulava.

This dish came second in a state competition held to identify the signature dish of Andhra Pradesh. As always with these Indian foods, this is super spicy, and you’re going to adore this from the depths of your heart. We’re so excited to have you try this out!

Urad Dal

The name of this dish does not refer to the urad bean or the black lentil bean. Instead, the dish made with these lentils is also known by the same name, urad dal, and that is what we’re going to be telling you about. This Indian food beginning with the letter U also has a couple of other names, including maash ki dal, ulundu paruppu, uzhunnu parippu, and mungo bean. This bean is mainly grown in South Asia, and it is related to the mung bean.

For cooking, there are many different methods. One method uses de-husked urad dal, then known as white urad dal. The dal is washed and soaked for some time. In a pot, prepare a mixture of onions and tomatoes, called a masala, and spice it. Popular seasonings include garlic, ginger, salt, red chili powder, coriander, cumin, and turmeric. Mix the masala and the dal, dry out water until the dish is to your liking.

You can garnish this inviting dish with a sprig of coriander or a couple of wedges of lemon. The spice along with the tinge of lemons makes this dish one of the best Indian foods that you must not miss out on.

Ukrainian rolls

Up next, we have another delightful food starting with U. If you haven’t tried Ukrainian rolls, you’re in for a treat – a delicious treat that will leave you licking your fingers and smacking your lips in delight. In Ukraine, these rolls are called pampushki. They are traditionally served with Ukrainian Borsh or Kharcho.

The most comparatively difficult part of making these rolls might be the dough. It must be at the perfect range to cook well. Too soft, and there won’t be a good shape. Too hard, and they won’t have the same texture in your mouth. Soft, melt-on-the-tongue, and delicious, these rolls feature a delicious garlic and herb sauce on the bread.

To serve these rolls, drizzle them with a generous amount of garlic and herb sauce, to make them saucier and more buttery. Try these rolls next instead of your regular ones!


Urava is the fruit, also called mangrove apple. This fruit is small, green-colored, sour in flavor. The flesh and leaves are edible. You can find growing on the the trees in the tropical climate.

Umami burger

Are you bored with the same old burgers? Now, let’s talk about the ever-scrumptious umami burger that starts with u. Try this one out; you’re in for a real treat! This epic burger features ground beef, anchovy paste, and soy sauce, along with a handful of sautéed mushrooms. You can add a layer of Parmesan cheese for the delectable cheesy flavor.

The anchovy paste adds a flavorful punch to your umami burger. As soon as you will sink your teeth into it, your mouth will explode with an assortment of delicious flavors – a savory meaty taste with a cheesy finish and just the right amount of spice to it. Ooh yum!

The Bottom Line

Some other foods that start with U include urda cheese, uni, unagi, umbrella fruit, and utthappam. We really enjoyed writing this list of diverse cuisines from all over the world. It was truly a unique challenge! With this colorful list of foods starting with u, we’ve traveled to Ukraine, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, the Philippines, and so many other places! But can you believe that we found even more foods beginning with X than U? Go check out that list too! Try cooking some of these foods beginning with U when you have time! With one of these recipes, you can enjoy delicious cuisines from all over the world! We know you’ll love them.

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